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provides high refrigeration capacity while delivering up to 20 percent          RAIL
greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, says Fragnito.

                                                                            The Value Menu
   “Customers can control the performance of the reefer in terms of
how tightly or loosely temperatures need to be maintained. Our digital
data recorder provides access to verify performance and, using data
transfer tools such as a PCMCIA card, customers can extract informa-

tion for a better understanding of equipment performance,” he says.                 ail continues to be
   A new feature available on the control system—Intelliset—allows                  the value choice for
customers to configure reefers for several different food products.                 shippers transporting
Customers can set parameters such as the required set-points, the                   certain food products.
amount of temperature drift, and the required air flow for each product.    According to Andrew Fuller,
“These are all pre-programmed into their equipment and the driver just      director of marketing for
picks products from the list and the rest is done by the control system,”   Toronto-based CN (Canadian
adds Fragnito.                                                              National Railroad), intermo-
                                                                            dal rail continues to grow in the food and beverage industry.
Future Vistas                                                                  He notes that the grocery segment represents about 18 percent of
   Food companies will continue to need advanced products that are          CN’s overall business and annual growth in this segment grew year
user-friendly, that enhance temperature optimization, and that provide      over year by about 5.9 percent from 2006 through 2009.
information to assure products are maintained at the right temperature         “We are finding that as food customers examine and redesign their
throughout the cold chain.                                                  distribution networks, they are evaluating using rail over truck to
   “You can think about this
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