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     DOCK TO DOOR                                                          concerned than ever about maintaining food quality and food safety to
                                                                           earn this loyalty. This means that when they take delivery of food prod-

Cool It!
                                                                           ucts, they demand assurance that they are receiving them at the right
                                                                           temperature and that temperature set-points have been maintained
                                                                           throughout the cold chain.”
                                                                               The cost of damaged food products is dramatic. In 2008, total shrink
                                                                           at the retail level was about 2.4 percent of retail sales, reports Elizabeth
                                                                           Darragh, director of food strategic marketing for Sensitech Inc. in
                                                                           Beverly, MA. This includes inventory problems, theft, and perishable
                                                                           shrink. “So when you consider that 1 percent of that 2.4 percent could
Technology keeps pace with food companies’                                 be caused by perishable shrink, this equates to about $7 billion based
                                                                           on total supermarket sales for 2008 at $547 billion.” She adds that these
need to optimize cold chain maintenance.
                                                                           figures are pretty much stable for the industry, year over year.
Proper temperature maintenance equates to                                      Quality is a huge driver in the competitive world in which the food
higher-quality products and consumer loyalty.                              industry participates, states Darragh. “By aiming to control end-user
                                                                           quality, companies have to begin monitoring very early in the cold
By April Terreri                                                           supply chain so they can understand the treatment their products are
                                                                           being subjected to. It is not just about making accept-reject decisions;

         oday’s consumers want only the highest-quality foods to be        it is more about companies wanting help in understanding where their
         available to them when they shop at their local supermarkets.     processes might be breaking down so they can make the appropriate
         They don’t think ab
Description: [Randall] offers new user-friendly products for truck doors. "Side-door curtains are not new, but over the years we have made them easier for users," says [Chuck Carey]. For instance, on very cold days, the strips can freeze and slap workers in the face as they pass through the doors. "Sometimes they would just push them out of the way, leaving the interior of the truck open to the weather. The answer to this problem is the Randall 40-inch wide curtain made with four 10-inch-wide strips.
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