The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program by ProQuest


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									GENERAL INTEREST PROGRAMS                                                                      PRODUCTS         @   SCHOOLS


The Student Bullying and                Content/Features: The Student Bul-         youth, factors that influence vio-
                                        lying and Violence Prevention Pro-         lence, statistics related to school vi-
Violence Prevention Program             gram includes a student bullying re-       olence, and characteristics of safe
Company: PublicSchoolWORKS/             porting system, a student safety           schools. The program provides
WORKS International, Inc., 2010         reporting system, short online videos      schoolwide and classroom interven-
Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH            for students, and online training          tions. Suggestions for managing con-
45208. Phone: (866) 724-6650; Inter-    courses for staff.                         flict and tactics to de-escalate situa-
net:                                                    tions are provided.
                                        The student videos include “Bully-
Price: The cost of an annual sub-       ing - Beat Bullying” and “Bullying -       The Teen Dating Violence section of-
scription begins at $1,000. For larg-   Tell Someone.” These videos, featur-       fers information on statistics, defini-
er districts, the cost is 33 cents      ing middle and high school stu-            tions, and types of dating violence;
per student.                            dents, address responses and cop-          violence dynamics and effects; and
                                        ing mechanisms for dealing with            how to recognize teen dating prob-
                                        bullying. The materials emphasize          lems. The material provides ideas for
                                        that students should tell someone          school interventions and information
                                        about these situations and that bul-       on laws and liability.
             REPORT CARD                lying can be beaten. The audio com-
                                                                                   The Positive Youth Development
Installation                    A       ponent of the online materials will
                                                                                   segment focuses on building student
Content/Features                A       benefit ESL (English as a second
                                                                                   strengths. The course explains the
                                        language) students.
Ease of Use                     A                                                  concept of positive youth develop-
Product Support                 A       The videos can be used to provide an       ment, shares information about fos-
                                        introduction to the topic of bullying      tering healthy development, and of-
                                        to begin a discussion—either before        fers ways to incorporate youth
                                        or when issues arise in the classroom      development into the classroom.
                                        or school. After viewing the videos,
                                                                                   The educator training modules
                                        students can create their own “prod-
                                                                                   provide excellent strategies for
Audience: Grades 6–12                   ucts” to develop the topic and per-
                                                                                   developing a bull
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