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Study Island SAT/Study Island ACT


The mathematics portion of Study Island SAT helps students master both computation problems and word problems similar to those used on the test; the verbal portion includes practice for the critical reading and writing sections of the SAT. To the left of the screen, a menu offers choices including School Stats, Class Manager, Benchmarking (an add-on at an extra cost), Create New Topic (to generate new practice exercises), New Message, My Attributes, and My High Scores. (The Custom Assessment Builder is currently available for math and reading in grades 3-8; not all subjects and topics have unique question banks available.) The Live View feature provides a real-time monitoring system that allows teachers to observe the students' progress as they work.

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									HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS                                                                           PRODUCTS         @   SCHOOLS

Recommendation: Early World of            and build vocabulary. The games           reading and to build vocabulary and
Learning provides leveled stories         and activities reinforce sequenc-         fluency as they begin to read.
with colorful pictures and word-by-       ing, ordering, phonics, fluency, and
word highlighted read-aloud fea-          comprehension.                            I highly recommend that teachers
tures. The stories can be assigned                                                  explore this program and consider
for independent reading or as lis-        The many printable activities             using it in the classroom. Highly rec-
tening lessons.                           will enrich learning centers;             ommended.
                                          the downloadable listening files add
This program should be an enor-           another resource to the classroom.        Reviewer: Susan W. Hixson, Educa-
mous help for educators trying to         The nursery rhymes and songs help         tional Consultant; (480) 837-7803;
get students to practice reading          students to learn the rhythms of


Study Island SAT/                                      REPORT CARD                  ers must enter student names and
                                                                                    make a few easy adjustments. Gen-
Study Island ACT                           Installation                   A         erally, getting started is very easy.
Company: Archipelago Learning,             Content/Features               A         Installation Rating: A
3400 Carlisle St., Suite 345, Dallas,      Ease of Use                    A
TX 75204. Phone: (800) 419-3191;                                                    Content/Features: Study Island SAT
                                           Product Support                A         and Study Island ACT are two of many
                                                                                    test preparation programs offered by
Price: The cost begins at $25 per stu-                                              Study Island for various—often state-
dent for an annual subscription to                                                  specific—tests for grades 2–12.
Study Island SAT or Study Island
ACT. Volume discounts are available.      Reviewer Comments:                        The Study Island SAT and the Study
                                          Installation: No actual installation      Island ACT programs were exam-
Audience: Students in grades 10–12        is needed for this internet-based         ined for this review; they are very
preparing to take the SAT or              program. Users should make sure           similar programs with test-specific
ACT tests.                                all of the needed plug-ins are in-        differences. Both programs are web-
                                          stalled on the computer. Before us-       based subscription services that can
Format: Web-based test prepara-           ing the program with a class, teach-      be used by students or teachers at
tion program.

Minimum System Requirements: A
computer with an internet connec-
tion and a recent version of Internet
Explorer, Netscape, Safari, or Hot-
Java Browser. A Java plug-in is re-
quired to play the games; some of the
documentation requires Adobe Acro-
bat Reader software. As is usually
the case, the newer the computer,
the faster the internet connection,
and the more recent the browser, the
better the programs will w
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