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Electronic Resources for Schools

REPORT CARD                                This section provides concise, original reviews of new or important hardware,
                                           software, websites, and electronic media that relate to the K–12 curriculum. All
           = Highly Recommended            reviews are written by practicing educators who, in most cases, have used the
           = Recommended                   software in a school environment. Where grouped into broad, age-appropri-
           = Good                          ate categories, these categories should not be viewed as prescriptive. To
           = OK in some cases              facilitate “comparison shopping,” these reviews are highly structured. Reviewers
           = Don’t consider                prepare a “report card” based on a five-star scale.


Early World of Learning                                REPORT CARD                          preschool and early reading educa-
                                                                                            tion. The online program supports
Company: World Book, Inc., 233 North      Installation                           A          educators as they help students
Michigan Ave., Suite 2000, Chicago, IL                                                      build vocabulary, comprehension,
60601. Phone: (800) 975-3250; Inter-
                                          Content/Features                       A
                                                                                            phonics, and reading fluency.
net: www.worldbookonline.com.             Ease of Use                            A
                                          Product Support                        A          Reviewer Comments:
Price: Annual subscriptions begin                                                           Installation/Setup: No installation is
at $199.                                                                                    needed for this online program.
                                         A printer will be useful for the class-            Users log in with a username and
Audience: Preschool through early        room; headsets to control noise would              password. I had no difficulty access-
elementary school students.              be helpful. Most of the nursery                    ing the site. Installation Rating: A
                                         rhymes, songs, and classic stories can
Format: Web-based early language         be downloaded to an MP3 player and                 Content/Features: The Early World
arts learning resource.                  played independently of web access.                of Learning homepage provides ac-
                                                                                            cess to three interactive learning en-
Minimum System Requirements: A           Description: Early World of Learn-                 vironments: Trek’s Travels, Welcome
computer with a current internet         ing, the newest addition to the World              to Reading, and Know It. Each
browser and an internet connection.      Book Classroom series, focuses on                  section features many activities
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