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									THE PIPELINE                                                                             by Stephen Abram
                                                                                                  Vice President,
                                                                     Strategic Partnerships and Markets for Gale,
                                                                                     a part of Cengage Learning

                            Ebooks Part 2: Trends and Standards

           A week doesn’t LAST time,                 I wrote about           als will be sought even more reg-
                                 some of the issues facing us in the         ularly as our organizations strug-
        go by without an         transition to a new and much more           gle to adapt and be compliant
                                 complicated ebook ecology. I noted          with changing laws and practices.
                                 that things were happening fast,            With small battles over Apple’s
     announcement about          and even more has happened since            App Store censorship of some
                                 writing that column. In Part 1, I ex-       books and the ability to limit or
      new e-readers, new         plored our too shallow understand-          deny access to some apps, there
                                 ing of ebooks and how they differ           are real concerns being expressed
                                 from traditional books. There is a          about the impact on our freedom
       ebook stores, and         wealth of difference in how we ex-          to read. It’s getting warmer and
                                 perience a book electronically de-          more complex out there.
     new ebook apps for          pending on the kind of book it is: fic-        As educators, we wish there
                                 tion, nonfiction, a scholarly work,         could be just one ebook standard.
     readers, phones, and        an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a            We can dream, but it seems that
                                 textbook, or, indeed, not a book at         every new technology evolves for
                                 all but rather a magazine or news-          many years in several directions at
     devices. It’s the Wild      paper. That said, we need to devel-         once. We can all recall when PC
                                 op a better understanding of a few          software wouldn’t run on Apple ma-
 West all over again in          other things regarding what is hap-         chines and when there were com-
                                 pening in ebooks. This
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