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									                                           sanity fair                                                                     By Ed GrIffIn-nOlan

                                           Fast Company
                                           Our obsession with Internet speed and quick downloads reeks of entitlement

                                                ’m starting to like the guy on the Time            There are images and videos and songs
                                                Warner commercials. He’s the likable           galore, not to mention the expanding uni-
                                                bumbler in the baseball cap who can’t          verse of social networking sites, the bloating
                                           figure out how to set up a pup tent, can’t          popularity of which indicate that somebody
                                           remember his mother-in-law’s birthday, and          out there has some extra time on their hands.
                                           ranks as his grandmother’s third favorite,          Isn’t it reasonable to ask why a Facebook
                                           right behind Kevin. But he likes his Internet       lover who has time to solicit my involvement
                                           really really fast.                                 in Farmville is in need of the blazing speeds
                                               I guess I find it kind of refreshing to know    promised by the new barons of broadband?
                                           that even in this high-tech era the phone com-          Unless you’re operating a remote control
                                           pany thinks that a guy like this is capable of      surgical unit or a predator drone, what makes
                                           leading them into battle against the evil empire,   you think that you really need all the speed?
                                                                                                   I’m not advocating a return to dial-up. I

                                           in this case, Verizon Fios. This unnamed every-
                                           man may not be as                                                       remember well the annoy-
                                           memorable as Cath-                                                      ing clicks and beeps of
                                           erine Zeta-Jones in             unless you’re                           modems connecting, then
                                                                                                                   disconnecting, and spent my
                                           the T-mobile ads, but
                                           then, who is?                operating a remote                         share of days hunting for a
                                               He is endearing,                                                    fax machine or a phone to
                                           which is countercul-         control surgical                           send in a story after dead-
                                           tural in the world of                                                   line, because I had counted
                                           advertising today,           unit or a predator                         on e-mail when it was far
                                           a world in which                                                        less reliable than it is today.
                                           many brands have             drone, what makes                             I found that annoying,
                                           decided that annoy-                                                     and I don’t advocat
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