The author shares an unbelievable true story of a monkey on a building's elevator.

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Unbelievable or outrageous true stories about everyday experiences in
real estate management bY bARbARA HOLLAND, CPM® | ILLUSTRATION bY PAUL LUKAS

                 MonKEY MoVEs
                 one day we receiVed a call from
                 a reSident claiminG Someone had
                 accidentally left a monKey in the
                 eleVator. When we first received the call,
                 we thought the resident was joking around with      Before animal
BarBara L.
                 us and did not take his call seriously (and no it   control reached
hoLLand, CPm®,   was not April 1). After receiving five additional   the apartment
is President     calls, we reluctantly sent our maintenance tech-    community, the
and PrinCi-
PaL owner of     nician to check out the elevator. Sure enough,      resident had already
h&L reaLty &     there was a monkey. Our maintenance techni-         called to report
ComPany in Las
                 cian did not want to touch the monkey (you          that his monkey
veGas.           would not want to try to pick up a screaming        was missing.
                 monkey, either).                                       “Father     and
                   Since how to handle monkeys is not in our         son” were soon
                 operating manuals, we contacted animal control      re-united. We then
                 to assist us. We placed a sign by the elevator      reviewed our lease agreement to confirm that
                 door on each level that the elevator was out of     a monkey was not an accepted animal under
                 service due to the monkey inside. Of course that    the pet section and sent a letter informing the
                 caused more calls to come to the main office.       resident that he had a choice to continue living
                                                                     at our apartment community or vacating. The
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