ON THE ROOFTOP: Maintain Your Building Roof with Regular Inspections and Maintenance by ProQuest


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on thE rooftoP               maintain your Building roof with
regular inspections and maintenance

                 when waS the laSt time yoU were                     picking up any loose screws, wire and other
                 on the roof of one of yoUr BUild-                   small, sharp debris.
                 inGS? do yoU thinK yoU coUld                           Schedule and complete an annual cleaning if
                 inVite people Up there and haVe                     the above items are not included in your roof-
                 a picnic? Or would your party have to dodge         ing contractor’s annual inspection. A thorough
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                 bottles, cans and trash, along with abandoned       cleaning, performed at least annually, will more
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(linda@texas-    equipment, nails, tools and other hazards?          than pay for itself. By cleaning your roof annu-
Roof.com), is      The roof is often the most ignored and            ally, you should save at least one leak repair
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deveLoPment      forgotten property component. But unfortu-          expense per year. Failure to take this step can
direCtor for     nately, it is one of the most expensive items to    quickly shorten the life of any roof.
texas roof
                 replace. Routine, annual inspections are critical      Following the roof inspection, get a detailed
inC.             to mitigating damage. Some roof manufactur-         inspection report from your roofing contractor,
                 ers suggest scheduling at least two inspections     including an overall assessment and report of
                 a year—one in the spring and one in the fall.       all roof conditions. Obtain photographs of any
                 But at minimum, a qualified roofing contractor      conditions requiring maintenance or immedi-
                 should be called in once a year.                    ate repair. An estimate of the roof ’s remaining
                                                                     service life, and a separate description and cost
                 inSpect & protect                                   breakdown by tenant of all tenant-related repair
                 This inspection should cover the entire roof—       items should also accompany the report.
                 flashings, sheet metal and drainage compo-             If your roof has less than five years of remain-
                 nents. Look for leaking or missing condensation     ing life, your roofing contractor may also pro-
                 lines, as well as loose or missing equipment        vide you with replacement cost estimates. This
                 access panels that can blow off, puncture the       will help you prepare ownership well in advance
                 roof and causes leaks or discharges. Also check     of the looming replacement.
                 for improperly installed equipment, antennas
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