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   arMEXM // arm Certification exam

   asM603 // investment real estate financing and valuation -
                                                                            Awards & Recognition
             Part one                                                       In January, irem chicago chapter no. 23 featured a panel
                                                                            discussion at the Illinois Real Estate Journal’s 8th Annual
   asM604 // investment real estate financing and valuation -
             Part two                                                       Commercial Real Estate Forecast. The panel, made up of
   asM605 // investment real estate financing and valuation -               CPMs and industry experts, was a Q&A session that high-
             Part three                                                     lighted the strategies top property managers are employ-
   bdM601 // maximizing Profit: Growth strategies for real estate           ing to help their commercial real estate owners maintain
             management Companies                                           stability at properties in the current economy.
   bdM602 // Property management Plans: the irem model                         Moderated by Chicago Chapter Vice President of
             (international only)
                                                                            Communications, Yvonne Jones, CPM®, the discussion
   CPMEXM // CPm Certification exam                                         covered such topics as the types of changes needed to
   CPM001 // CPm Certification exam Preparation seminar                     adapt to changing market conditions, the differences
   Eth800 // ethics for the real estate manager                             in negotiation tactics and style based on location, lease
   EE800 // real estate Professional ethics (international only)            clauses that may be incorporated during tenant negotia-
                                                                            tion, how property managers are being trained to negoti-
   fIn402 // investment real estate: financial tools
                                                                            ate in today’s market, and what challenges lie ahead for
   hCPEXM // hCCP exam
                                                                            property owners and managers in commercial real estate.
   hrs402 // human resource essentials
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