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                                                                                                        Shinya Uesaki, CPM®

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 IrEM IntErnatIonal MEMbErs rECoMMEnd
 stratEgIEs bEforE and aftEr dIsastErs
 Recently, devastating earthquakes in Chile and Haiti have heightened the awareness of
 emergency preparedness for property managers around the world. Based on their expe-
 riences, some of our international IREM Members shared their thoughts:

                    Japan                                     chile
                     Japan is a very earthquake prone         On February 29, 2010, a massive earth-
                     country, so being prepared for natu-     quake hit the cities of Concepción and
                     ral disasters is essential to property   Santiago, Chile. All the formal emer-
                     management. First, property owners       gency systems failed, so there was no
                     should purchase earthquake insur-        alarm issued for the later tsunamis that
 ance because fire insurance does not cover any damages       demolished the remains of the villages. After a quake you
 caused by earthquakes. Earthquake insurance is the only      should cut off gas and water, stop elevators, air condition-
 tax deductible insurance for residential and commercial      ing, and check electrical wiring. It is important to do a
 buildings. Secondly, property owners should only buy         thorough review of the whole building in order to declare
 properties that meet the appropriate seismic standards.      it safe or evacuate it. Remember that tsunamis are not the
 Though most buildings in Japan are generally earthquake-     only events to come after large quakes, but also hundreds
 resistant, some of them were built before 1981 and were      of aftershocks, some of which can be similar in magnitude
 based upon old seismic standards. Finally, owners and        to the initial quake. An immediate inspection should be
 managers need to periodically check the status of the        performed, but further and detailed ones should be left
 property. Maintaining the property in good condition will    to the experts. Your team, as well as all the workers at the
 prevent the property from any serious damages caused by      building, should have access to all contacts, in case commu-
 any type of natural disaste
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