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   “The SBLF is not another TARP
program,” MacPhee emphasized,
saying the new bill would target
community banks and include
incentives for small-business lend-
ing, including agricultural lend-
ing, without the TARP-associated
restrictions. Community banks
can leverage $30 billion in SBLF
                                                                                              ICBA Says
capital into $300 billion in new
loans, he noted, “so the SBLF         preferred-share losses, reducing   ICBA Chairman        “The banking agencies have
                                                                         Jim MacPhee
would have tremendous bang for        the regulators’ exam aggression,                        moved the regulatory pendulum
                                                                         talks with Rep.
the buck.”                            extending the FDIC Transaction     Gary Peters          too far in the direction of over-
   On behalf of ICBA, MacPhee         Guaranty Program to 2013 and       (D-Mich.) before     regulation at the expense of lend-
also offered support for the State    extending small-business stimu-    testifying before    ing,” Greg Ohlendorf, president
                                                                         the House
Small Business Credit Initiative      lus aid. To read the testimony,                         and CEO of First Community
                                                                         Financial Services
as well as for restoring the value    look under the Advocacy tab on     Committee.           Bank and Trust in Beecher, Ill.,
of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac                                               told the House Financial Services
                                                                                              Subcommittee on Oversight and
                                                                                              Investigations in May. “We need
                                                                                              a balanced regulatory environ-
                                                                                              ment that promotes lending, eco-
                                                                                              nomic recovery, and bank safety
                                                                                              and soundness.”
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