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            and New South Wales
Korea Market Overview
There were 244,000 arrivals from Korea to Australia       With the help of a sophisticated nationwide broadband
year ending March 2007, of which 85% visited NSW.         network, distribution channels are now more
                                                          diversified and consumers rely heavily on the internet
Korea is in the top 10 tourist markets for NSW and is
                                                          for travel information. On-line based travel agents
recognised as one of the key markets that will bring
                                                          such as Nextour, Tour Express and Interpark are
high yield and dispersal to the Australian tourism
                                                          growing rapidly in the market (recording around 70%
industry. The political environment has stabilised.
                                                          growth rate every year.) These online booking sites
The Honeymoon segment is a key barometer for travel       have facilitated strong growth particularly for the FIT
trends. If a destination becomes popular in the           market.
honeymoon segment, then other segments such as
general package and Fully Independent Travel (FIT)
will typically also benefit. Destinations that are safe
and beach oriented have been regarded as the perfect
fit for the honeymoon segment.

Activity Name          Royal Easter Show 2008
Activity Type          Trade education, trade events
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Experience seekers, 20’s – 40’s
Contribution           Value add-on offers or special industry rates for
Required               participating partners to increase package options and
                       tailored itineraries. Itineraries will have a minimum of 3
                       nights in Sydney
Timing                 March 2008
Maximum Partners       4–6
Distribution Partner   Airlines, wholesalers and sub-agents
Supplier Partners      Attractions, accommodation, restaurants, adventure-
                       based tours
Airline Partner        Asiana
Background             As the Korean travel market is maturing, Korean travellers
                       want to experience the culture/art of the destination as
                       well as sight-seeing.
                       The Sydney Royal Easter Show showcases the Australian
                       culture and spirit.
                       After the successful partnership with Hana Tour last year,
                       the second Sydney Royal Easter Show promotion will be
                       expanded to the entire Korean market.
Campaign Detail            Trade activity
                       –   Co-op tactical campaign with agents and airlines will
                           be supported by the Royal Agricultural Society.
                       –   Mega trade famil after the tactical campaign to attend
                           the show during the event period

                           Public Relations activity
                       –   Consumer event with one of the major portal sites
                           ( or - prize donations invited

Training Seminar       February 2008 in Korea
Flyers / Brochures     February 2008 - Product itineraries produced by the travel
Trade Publicity        February to April 2008, advertorials/PR and agents’ own

Activity Name          Best of Australia (BOA) Promotion
Activity Type          Tactical campaigns
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Fully Independent Travellers (FITs) - 20’s-30’s
Contribution           Exclusive offers such as discount coupon, value added /
Required               benefits for walk-in customers
Timing                 Launched in May 2008
Maximum Partners       No limit
Distribution Partner   Tourism Australia, selected wholesale & retail agents,
                       Online Portal – or
Supplier Partners      Various products ready for FIT market
Airline Partner        Cathay Pacific
Background             The Korean outbound trend is rapidly changing from
                       general package travel to FIT. Online agents or
                       backpacker agents are a growing business and some of
                       the general package agents are developing new
                       departments to manage the FIT market. Tourism Australia
                       has been running the FIT promotion campaign called
                       ‘Best of Australia’ for the past two years and will continue
                       their promotion again in 2007/2008.
                           To encourage FIT agents to develop FIT program
                           To position NSW as the ideal destination for individual
                           To expand the potential FIT market by delivering
                           knowledge and references

Campaign Detail        Activity/Event/Promotion elements
                       Tactical campaign will be designed to have a famil, online
                       consumer promotion, public relations support, an incentive
                       promotion and collateral.
                          Tactical campaign with promotion partner agents
                          FIT agent famil. or self-drive famil in 2008
                          Consumer online promotion with major portal site
                       Development of FIT program module with FIT agents
Flyers / Brochures     Value Added discount produced, April 2008
Trade Publicity        April 2008

Activity Name          South Coast Promotion
Activity Type          Trade education
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Honeymoon, young FIT
Contribution           FOC or special industry rates for participating agents for
Required               product inclusions in itineraries
Timing                 September 2007
Maximum Partners       8 - 12
Distribution Partner   Airlines, wholesalers and sub-agents
Supplier Partners      Attractions, accommodation, restaurants, tours, car rental
Airline Partner        Asiana and Korean Air
Background             The Honeymoon segment is very important in the Korean
                       Market. Korean honeymooners prefer beach-oriented
                       destinations. Port Stephens, Central Coast and
                       Wollongong are all popular honeymoon destinations. This
                       campaign will introduce the South Coast including Jervis
                       Bay products and interactive activities to enrich the NSW
                       honeymoon itinerary.
                       The FIT market is also growing with young travellers
                       becoming more confident, a Wollongong and beyond self-
                       drive itinerary will be further developed.
Campaign Detail        Develop tour program for GIT and FIT with airline partner
                       and travel agents
                       E-Newsletter to trade and media
Training Seminar       August 2007 to October 2007
Flyers / Brochures     August 2007
Trade Publicity        September to December 2007

Activity Name          Tweed Coast & Byron Bay Promotion
Activity Type          Trade Education
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Honeymoon, Beach life experience seekers (FIT)
Contribution           FOC or special industry rates for participating agents for
Required               product inclusions in itineraries
Timing                 April 2008
Maximum Partners       8 - 12
Distribution Partner   Airlines, wholesalers and retail agents
Supplier Partners      Attractions, accommodation, restaurants, tours, car rental
Airline Partner        Asiana, Virgin Blue, Korean Air, Jetstar
Background             Tweed Coast and Byron Bay have been newly introduced
                       to the Korea market. A Tweed Coast and Byron Bay
                       honeymoon itinerary has been developed by travel
                       agencies in the past year and Korean honeymooners are
                       now visiting the region. Tourism NSW will promote this
                       region for the honeymoon market as well as the FIT
Campaign Detail        –   Develop further tour programs for the honeymoon
                           market with airline partners and travel agents
                       –   Brochure exposure
                       –   Trade famil and media famil.

Training Seminar       February - March 2008
Flyers / Brochures     April - June 2008
Trade Publicity        April - June 2008

Activity Name          Tourism Australia - Korea Travel Mission 2008
Activity Type          Trade famils, trade education, trade events
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Decision makers, product planners at key Korean travel
Contribution           Participation fees are yet to be announced by Tourism
Required               Australia
                       Venue to be announced by Tourism Australia
                       (Cost for 2005 was A$3800 on Jeju Island)
Timing                 February 2008 (in conjunction with JAM)
Maximum Partners       8 - 10
Distribution Partner   Top travel agents in Korea
Supplier Partners      New products, FIT and Honeymoon focus
Background             The Korea Travel Mission 2008 is organised by Tourism
                       Australia to educate and motivate Korean travel agents. It
                       is a great opportunity to exchange information, provide
                       product updates and build and sustain relationships.
                       Tourism NSW will deliver general destination information
                       as well as advise on what should be included in tour
                       itineraries by travel agencies.
Flyers / Brochures     February 2008
Trade Publicity        February 2008

Activity Name          Trade Famils.
Activity Type          Trade education
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Product managers, planners
Contribution           (In-kind) coach transfers, accommodation, meals, tours
Required               and activities
Timing                 September 2007
                       March and April 2008
Maximum Partners       No maximum depending on level of support by operators
                       and regions and suitability to the market
Distribution Partner   Top-tier agents with potential to develop new products in
                       respective markets
Airline Partner        Asiana, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific
Background             Trade familiarisations are the most effective way to
                       increase the knowledge of NSW destinations among tour
                       operators and travel agents
Campaign Detail        Targeting product managers from key tour operator
                       partners and prospective new partners, the objective of
                       these famils is to increase knowledge of the Sydney &
                       Surrounds products.
                       Tourism NSW North Asia facilitates familiarisations for
                       Aussie Specialist Program agents, product managers and
                       senior decision makers as part of its trade education
Flyers / Brochures     Possible inclusion of products in the new itineraries after
                       the famil
Trade Publicity        Yes

Famil Details

Date                   Region                                        Group

September 2007         Sydney and South Coast                        Major honeymoon agents and wholesalers
March 2008             Sydney Royal Easter Show and new              Major wholesalers in Korea
                       product in Sydney & Surrounds
April 2008             Sydney, South Coast                           Aussie Specialists Program

Activity Name          Independent Media Visits (IMV)
Activity Type          Media
Market                 Korea
Target Market          Media, consumers
                       FOC accommodation, tours, activities
Timing                 September 2007 – March 2008
Maximum Partners       Unlimited
Distribution Partner   Media outlets – magazines, newspapers and online
                       consumer and trade publications
Supplier Partners      NSW export-ready product experiences
Airline Partner        Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Asiana
Background             The IMV program aims to increase awareness for holiday
                       travel to Sydney and NSW destinations. Tourism NSW
                       facilitates a number of independent media visits
                       throughout the year.

Media Visit Details

Date                   Publication                               Region/Story Angle

September 2007         - Wedding 21                              Honeymoon destinations – South Coast
                       - My Wedding
                       - La Sposa

March 2008             - Tour De Monde                           Sydney international events including
                       - AB Road                                 Royal Easter Show
                       - Beetle Map
                       - METRO
                       - Repere
                       - S magazine
                       - KBS

Terms and Conditions
In the event that more than one       Participants are also encouraged to       Tourism NSW cannot promise any
partner expresses interest in this    approach Tourism NSW with ideas           results or benefits from your
opportunity, preference will be       for other similar initiatives at any      participation in any initiatives and
given to the partner who can          time.                                     other offerings contained in this
provide the highest level of value                                              document. You are responsible for
                                      At any time and for any reason,
added benefits to the campaigns.                                                any decisions or actions you take
                                      Tourism NSW may withdraw any
                                                                                based on this document and for
Tourism NSW has prepared this         initiative or other offering and may
                                                                                determining any further
proposal in good faith and has        decline to allow any person or
                                                                                investigation, information and
sought to ensure that its contents    organisation to participate in any
                                                                                consideration that might be
are true and correct at time of       initiative or other offering. Potential
                                                                                required. To the extent legally
preparation. However, to the extent   partners should also note that
                                                                                permitted, Tourism NSW accepts
legally permitted, the accuracy,      some or all of the campaign
                                                                                no responsibility or liability in
completeness and currency of this     initiatives and other offerings
                                                                                contract, negligence or otherwise,
document are not guaranteed. In       contained in this document may be
                                                                                arising in any way out of this
particular, the prices, dates,        subject to required minimum levels
                                                                                document or your use of it.
schedules, descriptions and other     of participation. Offerings that do
information contained in this         not meet this minimum participation
document may vary and are             level may be withdrawn at any time
subject to confirmation at the time   without any liability on the part of
Tourism NSW receives any offer        Tourism NSW and even after you
from you to participate.              have confirmed your participation.
Additional initiatives or offerings
may arise after the date of