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Second Circular


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									                              Second Circular
The 9 International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of
                      Soil Science Societies (ESAFS9)

    Soils as a Convergent Technology in Tandem with Human and Ecosystem Health
                               October 27~30, 2009
                            Seoul Olympic Parktel Hotel
                                   Seoul, Korea

                                   Organized by
                Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer (KSSSF)
                      Rural Development Administration (RDA)

    ESAFS9 Website: http://www.esafs9korea.org (will open in early June)

   Venue: Seoul Olympic Parktel Hotel (http://www.parktel.co.kr)

                     View of Seoul Olympic Parktel Hotel

                         Aerial View of Olympic Park
  Call for Papers: Preregistration and Extended Abstract for Oral and

The deadline for submitting the two-page extended abstract plus the one-page
preregistration form is August 14 (Friday), 2009. There is no restriction on the number
of abstracts an author can submit. Registered participants only can deliver oral or poster
presentation. See guidelines in website for details

  Registration for Conferences and Accommodation

    -   Deadline for the early-bird registration is Sept. 11, 2009
    -   On-line payment (US Dollars)
    -   Cancellation with refund (less 35% administrative fee) until September 30
    -   Visit website for details

                                                      Before                After
               Programs                               Sept. 11             Sept. 11

Full Conference (professional)                         $170                 $200

Full Conference (students)                              $80                 $100

Single Day Attendance (Oct. 27)                        $150                 $170

Single Day Attendance (Oct. 28)                        $150                 $170

Field Tours (Oct. 29-30)                               $250                 $300

Spouse/Guest Registration                              $100                 $100

Spouse/Guest Seoul Tour (Oct. 27)                      $100                 $100

Spouse/Guest DMZ Tour (Oct. 28)                        $100                 $100

Seoul Olympic Parktel (Oct. 26)                        $100                 $110

Seoul Olympic Parktel (Oct. 27)                        $100                 $110

Seoul Olympic Parktel (Oct. 28)                        $100                 $110

Seoul Olympic Parktel (Oct. 30)                        $100                 $110
        Scientific Programs

                                          [Program Outline]
               Date                                     Programs                                   Venues
                                  Opening ceremony                                         Olympia Hall
            October 27
                                  Plenary and Invited Lectures
                                  Welcoming Reception
                                  Poster Presentation
                                  Symposia I (invited and volunteer)                           Seoul Hall
            October 28
                                  Symposia II (invited and volunteer)                          Tokyo Hall
                                  Symposia III (invited and volunteer)                        Athens Hall
                                  Symposia IV (invited and volunteer)                         Athens Hall
                                  Symposia V (invited and volunteer)                          London Hall
                                  Symposia VI (invited and volunteer)                         London Hall
                                  Symposia VII (invited and volunteer)                     Olympia Hall
                                  Symposia VIII (invited and volunteer)                       Atlanta Hall
                                  Poster and Oral Presentation                                nd
                                                                                         2 and 4th floor
       October 29 (Thursday)      Field Tours                                             Seoul→Jeonju
        October 30 (Friday)       Field Tours                                             Jeonju→Seoul

            Joint Symposia                  Symposia Titles                     Convenor                Co-
                                                                                 Kim, J.J.          Chen, Z-S.
  I        KSSSF and RDA       Plant Nutrition and Human Welfare
                                                                                  (Korea)            (Taiwan)
                                                                                Hong, S.Y.          Zhang, G.L.
 II        KSSSF and RDA       Asia-Centric Soil Informatics
                                                                                  (Korea)             (China)
           IUSS Div. III       Soil Engineering and Technology for Human        Kim, K.H.             Ok, Y.S.
           Comm. 3.4           and Ecosystem Health                               (Korea)             (Korea)
           IUSS Div. III       Challenges to Soil Degradation Towards           Kosaki, T.           Choi, W.
           Comm. 3.5           Sustain Life and Environment                       (Japan)             (Korea)
           IUSS Div. II        Soil Biology as a Catalyst for Bridging         Inubushi, K.           Sa, T.M.
           Comm. 2.3           Production and Human Well-being                    (Japan)             (Korea)
                                                                               Haefele, S.M.         Kim, W.I.
 VI        IUSS WG Paddy       Paddy Soils: Better Performances          for
                                                                               (Philippines)          (Korea)
           Soils               Human and Ecosystem Health
                                                                                 Ando H.
                               Climate Change: Impacts and Future                Lee, D.B.           Roh, K.A.
 VII       KSSSF and RDA
                               Paradigm for Agriculture, Human and                (Korea)             (Korea)
                               Ecosystem Health
                               National    Soil Testing   Consortium            Zhang, Y.S.          Sonn, Y.K.
VIII       KSSSF and RDA
                               Conferences                                       (Korea)              (Korea)
    Field Tours
   October 29-30, 2009
   Registration: Before Sept. 11th (US$250); After Sept. 11th until Oct. 26 (US$300)
   Transportation, accommodation (Oct. 29 only) and boards are included with
   Tour schedules will be updated in the website if any changes in contents occur.

       Date                                      Interesting Visiting Points
      Oct.29          Soil Survey pit I (Representative Korean paddy soil series)
    (Thursday)        Soil Survey pit II (Reclaimed tidal soil series)
                      RDA Rice/Grain Research Center: Rhizotron/Lysimeter facilities
                      Saemangeum Tidal Reclamation Project Exhibition Center: World longest sea
                      dike and sluice gate
                      (Korea traditional house) village, Jeonju
       Oct.30         Soil survey pit III (Representative upland soil series)
      (Friday)        Gongsanseong Fortress built during Baekje Dynacity, Gongju city
                      Samsung Electronics Co., Suwon
                      RDA Headquarters: Cyber Agric. Exhibition Hall

                       Saemangeum Tidal Reclamation Projects

                 Gongsanseong Fortress                        Hanok Village
     Key Dates

                              Programs                                      Deadlines

          Preregistration and Extended Abstract Submission        August 14, 2009
          Conference Early-bird Registration                      September 11, 2009
          Conference Late and On-site Registration                Until October 26, 2009
          Field Tour Early-bird Registration                      September 11, 2009
          Field Tour Late and On-site Registration                Until October 26, 2009
          Seoul Olympic Parktel Hotel Reservation (Early-bird)    September 11, 2009
          Seoul Olympic Parktel Hotel Reservation (Late and On-   Until October 26, 2009

          Spouse/Guest Conference Registration                    Until October 26, 2009
          Spouse/Guest City and DMZ Tour Registration             Until October 26, 2009
        Cancellation of registration, Field Tours and Accommodation with refund (less 35%
 administrative fee) is available until September 30, 2009 with only written notice to

 Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer (KSSSF): http://www.ksssf.or.kr
 Rural Development Administration (RDA): http://www.rda.go.kr
 Incheon International Airport: http://www.airport.kr/eng
 Korean Airlines: http://www.koreanair.com

 Dr. Chung, Doug Young (Chair of Organizing Committee: dychung@cnu.ac.kr)
 Dr. Yang, Jae E. (Secretary General: yangjay@kangwon.ac.kr)
 Dr. Kim, Kye-Hoon (Chair of Scientific Program Committee: johnkim@uos.ac.kr)
 Dr. Kim, Won-Il (Chair of Conference Operation Committee: wikim@rda.go.kr)
 Dr. Ha, Sang-Keun (Chair of Technical Tour Program Committee: ha0sk@rda.go.kr)
 Dr. Hong, S. Young (Chair of Public Relation Committee: syhong@rda.go.kr)
 Dr. Zhang, Yong-Sun (Deputy Chair of Organizing Committee: zhang@rda.go.kr)

If you have important issues to address with priority on the ESAFS9, please contact Dr.
Yang, Jae (Secretary General: yangjay@kangwon.ac.kr). Otherwise all interested in the
9th ESAFS conference, please address your inquiries to esafs9korea@hanmail.net
    General Information
   Strongly recommended to visit the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)
    homepage (http://www.visitkorea.or.kr) for various useful information about
   Language: The official language of the ESAFS9 is English
   Letter of Invitation: Participants requiring a formal letter of invitation to enable
    them to make their arrangements to participate in the ESAFS9 Conference may
    contact Dr. Hong, S.Y. (syhong@rda.go.kr). Please note that this letter can in no
    way be regarded as a commitment regarding scheduling or financial support from
    the Symposium organizers.
   Clothing: Clothing is informal for all occasions during conferences. In September
    and October, long slacks, long-sleeved shirts, and cardigans or jackets are ideal.
    The average temperatures and rainfall in Seoul in October are 14℃ (58F), 66%
    humidity and 14mm rainfall.
   VISAS: Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a
    valid passport and obtain a Korean visa if necessary before coming. Check it out!
    -   KTO homepage: http://www.visitkorea.or.kr → Getting to Korea →
   Currency: The Korean currency is the Korean Won (\). The current exchange
    rate is approximately \1,200/US$ and \1,300/Japanese(100Yen) (as of May 22,
    2009, subject to change).
   Electricity: 220 Volt AC/60Hz

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