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      DISPENSERS & RECEPTACLES                                         FEMININE SANITARY PRODUCTS

              Sanitary Napkin Vending Dispenser – K20                         Tampax Tampons
              25-cent vending mechanism, all metal. Holds 15 pads.            Original Regular, 100% Flushable.
              ITEM# 13957                                                     Regular, 500ct
                                                                              ITEM# 13953

                                                                              Gards Sanitary Napkins #4
              Tampax Tampon Vending Dispenser                                 Sanitary napkins offer comfort and protection
              Tampax Vendor will hold 42 Tampax Tampons.                      with wide adhesive strips that hold the pad in
              Dispenses one product per 25-cents deposited.                   place. Features super soft cover and moisture-
              ITEM# 13956                                                     proof barrier to protect against staining. Folded.
                                                                              ITEM# 13950

              Dual Sanitary Napkin Vending Dispenser                         Gards Sanitary Napkins #8
              25-cent dual vending Holds 15 #4 napkins and 23                Sanitary napkins offer comfort and protection with
              Tampax tampons Separate locks for supplies section             wide adhesive strips that hold the pad in place.
              and coin box.                                                  Features super soft cover and moisture-proof
              ITEM# 13955                                                    barrier to protect against staining. Unfolded.
                                                                             ITEM# 13952

              Rubbermaid 6140 Sanitary Napkin                                Health Gards Necessities Courtesy Bag
              Receptacle with Rigid Liner                                    For individual sanitary napkin disposal. White with
              Space efficient and easy to service. Tight-fitting lid         blue design. Not waxed. 8”x3”x2” 500ct.
              helps contain odor. Removable rigid liner is easy to           ITEM# 15701
              clean and maintain.
              ITEM# 51301

              Impact 1102 Sanitary Napkin Receptacle                     TOILET SEAT PROTECTION
              Unit empties from the bottom so hands never
              touch the contents. Prevents exposure to and the
              spread of disease or cross-contamination.                      Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
              ITEM# 51300                                                    Holds two packs of 250-count, half-fold seat cover.
                                                                             ITEM# 13656
              Metal Floor Sanitary Napkin Receptacle
              Baked-on white enamel finish, spring-closing doors.
              Floor unit fits between stalls and has opening on
              both sides. Galvanized inner container.                        GP Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
              ITEM# 51299                                                    Seat covers for increased protection against germs
                                                                             at an economical cost. Half-fold.
                                                                             ITEM# 13658

          SANITARY WAX LINERS                                                Premium Toilet Seat Covers
                                                                             Half fold seat covers, 250ct. or 20/250ct. case
            Sanitary Wax Liners HS6141                                       ITEM# 13655
            Kraft waxed liners for use with feminine hygiene
            receptacles. 9”x10”x3.25” 250ct.
            ITEM# 15700                                                      TC CleanSeat
                                                                             Toilet Seat & Handle Cleanser Dispenser
                                                                             Toilet seat and handle cleansing system features an
            Sanitary Wax Liners KL260                                        alcohol based antibacterial foam solution that
            Kraft waxed paper liners for Convertible Sanitary                quickly evaporates on seats and handles. Mounts to
            Napkin Receptacle. 7.5”x3.5”10.25” 500ct.                        restroom stall.
            ITEM# 15702                                                      ITEM# 10919

                                                                             TC CleanSeat
     TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS                                                Foaming Cleanser Refills
       Fraser                           Rochester Hills                      Dispenses up to 1000 shots. Pleasant scent and
  32637 Groesbeck Hwy.                 1837 Enterprise Drive                 biodegradable, alcohol-based solution. Fits dispenser
     586.293.2840                         248.299.9400                       shown above. 12/case.
                                                                             ITEM# 10920

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