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									                           Events & Deep Experiences
               This is a rough draft and will be edited completely with time… ….

                    Palikedidi Bhagavantamata | Palikinchedivadu Ramabhadrundata
           Ne palikinadi Bavaharamagunata | Palugaka Verondu Gatha Pulukuta Ela || - Potana

These are the deep experiences of the touching human moments where the expansion of the mind is
felt. It is very difficult for me to think with a small mind in general, as life made me see some deeper
sides, which very few would have gone through. Also this life is self-made by many, not just by my

This posed a challenge always for me, as I didn’t know with how many people I could keep in touch
for all the kindness they poured on me. So I pray Kamakshi and think that they are She at that

So it became very difficult even for parents to understand “who I am”, because they were not there
with me althrough these experiences. These experiences have made me live under tough conditions,
see the mystical side of life, to see GOD, not ignore the spiritual Gurus who quickly identified the
depth of me. They are making sure I keep that awareness alive and wouldn’t be too casual with life,
rather make the best quality of it to benefit self and others.

Sure, I am very easy for broad minded and kind hearted, sincere people and they understood me
best through any of these times.


GOD felt first time: Begging 1 st time

I was 16 years old. Rarely got into buses, as we are from Machilipatnam, a small town. My parents
preferred to join me in a college very close to our house, St.Ann’s college. (Even to this day I avoid buses
and prefer to get into less crowded transportation! )

It was 10.00 pm in the night. My father and my self went to a doctor and returning home. Hyderabad
Abids center used to be more or less deserted in the past, just had drunkards and dark dressed people more.
Things have changed now for good.

Suddenly two buses came and my father hinted just get into the bus and ran to the bus. Actually he got into
the 2nd bus from the back i.e. gents side and I got into 1 st bus from the front i.e. the ladies side. I presumed
my father to be in the same bus I was in.

I had no money, I was shy to talk or turn back and look at all the people to check if father is there. There
was only one lady sitting next to me. I turned back scared to see lot of rowdy like people also. It was 10.30

The conductor came and I pointed my finger to the back hoping my father was there. He went all around
the bus and said where is the ticket? Who took it? Only then I stood, really to check that father was not
there in that bus, people were staring into my eyes … what to do now?? Conductor started shouting saying
“because of people like you India is spoilt “… well I would have taken it easy, if I were a true Hyderabadi
girl at that age. but first of all I don’t know buses, don’t know to handle rude people too … …

10.45 pm.. I started slowly telling the lady sitting next to me that my father by confusion got into the next
bus and I miss him. I asked where she was getting down, and she said Vijayanagar colony …

The stop came I got down the bus with them something flashed. I begged with both hands out .. Amma !
can you please give me 1Rs , I am lost, her husband joined her from the back nothing he asked in a flash
they put 1 Rs coin in my hand .. in a flash I am into the bus again and gave 1 Rs to the TC , took
a ticket to Mehdipatnam.. Then I told him blushed that there was some confusion as fat her was missing
and he should have in this bus.

That is the first time I saw GOD. There was very less time, the blessing came. Thanks to the couple
wherever they are May GOD bless them.

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa from the bus stand I reached home, all were in chaos, brothers left out to
search.Finally every thing was cool and all felt happy that I am there safe home.

Lesson-1: After that I rarely moved around without money, always had the purse. I worked very hard to
make sure to be in a position to give as far as possible

GODly Auto Driver -

I was 25 years old. I was working in Computer Vision. I used to work till very late. Work was my worship.
Nothing else I know. The mistake is, I didn’t even think what for I was working so hard. Just the financial
hardships seen younger made me move very blindly to make sure all that is needed is at home and we
didn’t struggle for basics.

Pune is a very safe place for women. It was 10 pm. I was returning from office. Usually I jump into auto
and go home. But that day there were no autos. A group of rowdies suddenly surrounded me and started
laughing. They may be doing it about some thing else, but I didn’t feel comfortable. Started prayer.

In flash some auto driver came from no where, “get in” he said, that’s all I am in the auto! He told me on
the way he saw his daughter, wanted to get me to safety. I didn’t quite follow all he was saying. But he
never took money from me but had tears in his eyes, leaving me at Deep Bunglow Chowk. GOD is great..
I prayed in silence. After that I rarely worked that late. Well, I won awards there; I wasn’t clear about
some of the goals. Definitely didn’t have a rounded personality.

Lesson-2: What should be life overall I didn’t quite know then. I was lacking proper guidance.
Thank GOD I have it now and so guide many people and see 90 % them benefit in front of my own
eyes. That gives me lot of satisfaction.


People who fed me in Trains

I was 21 coming from IIT, Bombay to home for vacation. I didn’t get to catch evening Tea and went
rushing to Bombay central.
I was asleep at 7.30 pm was very hungry. Not so many sales used to happen in the trains. At 8.30 pm some
one woke me up, the lady down asked if I had dinner, I said no and told her I am coming from hostel and
so may buy something.

One can’t believe, within five minutes, I got down .. people arranged a plate, one fa mily gave two “theplas
– gujju “ , “two idlis from south Indians” , “mangoes from Mumbai walas” and sweets from some
stranger. I had a very full meal. This was the beginning … so many people gave me food with very kind
heart when I needed later many times in this life.

Lesson – 3: The moment I wish for food, when I need it is there. GOD made sure of it many a time.
So I definitely do Annadana whenever I can.

Burning Train:

I was 26 years old. Going towards Bombay from Hyderabad. It was dark in the night. At Sankarapalli ..
people in our bogie started running from other side , towards our side of the bogie. They were shouting
help , help … I couldn’t follow what was going on. Our coup people also got up in agony. We came to
know that the other end of the bogie caught fire.

Two guys came running to the point where I was sitting, all started pulling the chain. I was also pulling
their hand or chain, I didn’t know. Some people jumped out of the train in agony into the fields. The train
slowly came to halt.

We have no clue who is passing whom, small kids crying, ladies fainting on some ones shoulder we
through out all the luggage. Jumped out of the bogie one after the other.

The jute link in-between the bogies is flaring ablaze.. After 45’ the fire is put off and the train restarted.
No body slept in the train. The kids who slept woke up suddenly cried …

Lesson – 4: This taught me at times of crisis never look for who is mine, who is not.. I don’t have this
sense a number of other times also, just jump into the show and save people. It made me see the
delicate human emotions after crisis.

Portland man – GOD in the dark

It was in 1997 April. I used to fly every weekend from Boston to Portland. My flight arrived very late and
I had to check into the hotel and I was planning to take a cab to the hotel.

It was close to 12.00 am. I got into the airport cab, into which usually other passengers also get in. The cab
driver said it costs $20. Alas I had only $10 note, some of them take American Express card. But this guy
doesn’t I didn’t know that . What to do then .. these people are usually very rude and it is hard to talk to
them to convince. Some faint voice spoke from the back, there was an Indian man, bald headed puts forth
$10. Don’t worry take it, he says. I asked for his address to send the money back. He smilingly said don’t

But I reached safe definitely thanking GOD.

Lesson 5: Never get into the flights, which reach an unfamiliar place at 10 pm or later.
MYSTIC Mysore Swamiji and My Dear Brother

1997-2001, Mysore Swamiji has a major role in deciding several aspects of my life. He simply made sure
to catch me even if run away. I went to him because I love my second brother who works for his Peetham,
it has been hard for me not to see him. He is more than my parents. Slowly I learnt to dissociate my self
from my brother to a great extent mentally. I prayed a lot to GOD to get this liberty. Even now when so
many deep moments happen, when I give upon him, the events get us closer. Game of life is strange.

Swamiji called me in 1998 in st.louis , I said bye bye .. he started walking towards me through the lawns
… in St.Louis., He sat on the lawn saying something is in his leg. I went running towards him..just with a
human concern not that I wanted to meet him at all . I sat down next to him the lawn, he started speaking
to me.. as though nothing happened to the leg. It was clear to me that it was a trick. All the devotees started
running towards him with a chair. He sat in the chair, told all others to go away. He queried our welfare
and lot more.

 I would disagree with him, but he was hyper keen on GC and lot of personal matters. I would avoid, but
some one in family dragged me to him. I sincerely never understood his logic, or his angry approach only
Datta knows. I never felt happy with him either. He is abusive, tough and if he says something it has to
happen. Until then he is on the head. I worked hard, finally managed not to see him after 2003! Nor he is
also bothered. I got wild that he gave up … anyway this is better. I don’t feel cool at all with him.

But I have very high regard to him for his Bhajans, his hard work, non-stop improvement, his struggle for
some things …. Oh ! my GOD .. at such moments . one would see a GOD in him

Lesson 6: Mystics are very difficult to interact with. GOD only knows why they get into some lives.
That mystery has to be solved by GOD only. But simply they can’t be ignored.


Aug 28 I flew back to US. Life went into complete chaos in 15 days. I landed with high fever in CA. I
went to a cousin, a devotee of Baba, driving. I stayed there while they left on a trip searching for an
apartment. Yes, I found one in FloraVista , Santa Clara, close to where I stayed earlier.

I was to shift on Sept 6, I pulled my entire luggage from garage with the help of movers and I placed the
entire luggage in the main hall. Suddenly, the thunderbolt fell. The lady of the house came in the evening
and told they are not vacating because of some change in the project! I just recovered from fever.I
requested please give 4 days of time and I’ll see what I can do ! I dumped the entire luggage in the front

Sept 7 next day I get a notice from my previous apartment about carpet cleaning, they put an unfair
amount of $850 on me. Well any case life necessarily is not fair to all.

Sept 8 I came down to go to office. I come down to see, my car was not in the parking lot. It was one of
those normal white Toyota corolla, nothing fancy. I saw glass pieces at the place where I parked. I kept my
mind calm and walked around parking lot. I see that the car is yet the end.. the back window had been hit
by rod .. Nothing is stolen but the duplicate key, Manu (with whom I left the car before I left the parking
lot) , a devotee of Mysore swamiji got it done left in the car at the registration rack was missing.

Action Time:

1. I called the police! First thing that came to my mind was could there be bomb inside. in which case I
can’t even ignite the car. I drove the car in front of the police and they registered the detail. No blast, I am
alive, didn’t die, thank GOD!

2. I got the car jack from K-mart and locked it. I have to take it for repair.

3. I notice that some of the documents from the car were missing which included a Xerox to some of my
old credit cards, I put in the car just in the previous night while I was just shifting the luggage. The police
suggested I should leave the place right away , go to some safe destination for 3-days. They said freeze all

4. In deep agony that I could’t speak with any one, I went upstairs. I made a small place in the front room
it self to sleep in between my luggage.. ..…where to begin life again, research for everything house, people
and more. I put down my credit cards to call up the credit cards and freeze them .

*** Well, the lady of the house came she said “Gomata ! I see you in pain .. what is it.Looks like some
thing happened she said … with deep pain inside I told her what happened”. .she turned very kind and said
you can adjust in my room with me until things settle down . But I want you to do Lalita Sahasranama for
11 days! She is an American turned Indian woman. What made her say GODDESS only knows. This I
think is a call from the GODDESS.

5. I thanked her, told her what the police said, I went and stayed on the remote end of SanJose with a good
friend Dr.Sarada, a psychiatrist from Stanford Medical School and her husband a kind man , from IIT,
Madras. They are also Mysore Swamiji devotees. They gave me food and shelter. I froze the bank
accounts, parked the broken car on the hilltop. They own a great house in a secluded place.

6. I called up my second brother, gave him a brief idea and sent him copy of the properties/amounts I own,
I wrote my will also . That is the first time I realized no body had a clue of what I have. I helped many but
never discussed what I have in what bank and no one asked. Some how we are self-made, so my father
also never bothered. He just cautioned be careful. That’s all.

At last I breathed, when I was with Sarada’s kids watching cartoons. The small kid was crying.. once a
while. Well, finally Sarada came .. gave me food. It was heavenly I needed it so badly. She was kind.

7. Sept 10 - I gave car for repair, next day in Fremont and went to Gayatri, to my best friend forever. When
I told her, she was in awe and scared. Well, I told her life is like that .. we got to be bold .

8. Sept 11 – I woke up and go down at 7.30 am. Her husband left for work. Gayatri in the kitchen. I switch
on the TV …can’t imagine, the twin towers and the flights shooting. America in chaos, pain, crying .. I
was almost watching almost with a feeling when is my turn.

9. Sept 12 – Pulled car repaired, went to office … all were tears .. some lost their best family , friends !

10 . Sept 14 - Stocks crashing. Companies getting shut down.. Uncertainty of future … professionally,
personally, psychologically, physically …….I was mentally completely exhausted and torn !
11. Sept 15 – Went home greeted the “lady of the house” , she told me the good news that she is shifting as
her project is confirmed but in afew more days.

12. Sept 16-27 - Every day I used come back from office, pour water from head to toe , wear the silk dress
.. started my Lalita Pooja. I was completely dedicated .. nothing else on my mind. I became one with the
GODDESS , praying non-stop !

13. Oct –1 : The lady moved out . I got the room. Peace !

14. Oct-15: I felt very shy through out this time to face my management, who thought I went to India to
settle some personal issues and get back with flying colors. Instead I am in more mess. To ask frequent
permission from an excellent manager was also unfair of me. Inside my deep desire to spend time teaching
and researching was burning!

15. I told my father first time after all these days what happened. I didn’t want them to panic and rush to
anything. My father said, “Gomata , come and stay with me” ! This was the first time I heard my father
say this .

16 .Oct 25 – I made up my mind, with deep pain that I haven’t completed JPEG-2000 project , some
places my publications are accepted. My connection with Stanford University to be broken too. But life
seems to demand something else .. I need rest again .. in an affectionate surrounding. I submitted my
resignation at Cadence with a heavy heart. Management was kind they said .. hang on .. take leave for 3
more months , work on your performance. But I know what all reasons .. my mind and heart both have
been out of America.

17. Dec-2 was the last working day at Cadence. I felt sad, but had to be done. I wrapped my work. .. with
a heavy heart .. I reached home. I have to look into the other problems one by one.. I was wishing to get
back to India before Dec 15.

18. I got rid of more luggages and got into Korean air . My mind was all disturbed. I felt completely dead.
Where the future is going now only Devi knows. My ankles are swelling .. I was angry on Mysore
swamiji .. and all who are responsible for my present plait.

19. But I am getting some life from Devi .. Lalita Sahasranama , Hanuman are felt some where in my guts.

20. This is beginning a journey of a different type of journey, as you will see form my other experiences.
Mother GODDESS in various human forms has taken me into Her lap and the instructions to this order
coming from Gurus.

Lesson –7 : There are points in life, even tears refuse to accept the pain. It is so deep.. ! No body can
even comprehend; even own family may have the least clue! Instead the branding comes on you as
an “unlucky person” from narrow minds of society! Very few will make the time to help you, most
have comments or gossip that is of no help rather more hurting!

Take it easy, when difficulties pour on you there is a helping hand, be patient. At times for me too to
keep this faith, connection/awareness is a BIG challenge. Once I have got it to completion, I know I
have left to heavens alive or otherwise.
The start of more miracles? I am writing only some of them here …

Every instance seems to have been taken the Almighty’s lap, although I seem to ignore He
didn’t … I felt some blessing clearly …

It all happened the moment I realized how I roamed around the world but I never went to
meet Paramacharya by my self , out of my own earnings and will !

Feb 2002: Going to Kanchi

I felt a sudden pang to go to Kanchi. I know I was reading intensely books on Guru Tatva. Some felt a
deeper connection to Paramacharya. I had a feeling he is the only one who can give me peace at this point
of time. I also felt very sorry , that I roamed all around the world but I forgot the very saint who named me
?? I wish I had a closer connection with him earlier in my life.

Feb 9 : Anyway I had to go to Madras to download my luggage from Madras . I requested my second
brother and booked the ticket 2 days in advance. I was already feeling guilty that I had to bother him and
pull him out of his family interests to my needs.

My brother asked why I booked the ticket one day in advance! Well I felt sad, I told him it is OK if it is
not suitable we will cancel and postpone. When we went to railway station on Kinentic Honda. I filled the
form stood in Ladies queue and about to submit the form. My brother came close and asked why the hell
did I book the ticket a day in advance!

OK ! I told him I wish to go to Kanchi .. then immediately he said “don’t cancel the ticket , and we
decided to go on Feb 10 it self.

On the way back the vehicle got punctured and we felt happy that it happened in our hands than fathers
hands. We moved vehicle. He got it repaired while I got my purse repaired just to give Rs 50 to an honest
old man. No change in ticket, it was a trip for other people. I was happy that I could give the old man ..

Feb 10 : We got onto the train and left on Feb 10. Who started the next day Feb 11 , they got stuck train
for 24 hours due to some derailment but we are off to Kanchi already. Sitting in the crowd at the back at
Puja .


Meeting Bala Periyava

Curtain opened it was Harati time .. a bright young monk picks up Harati and looks at me. I felt it
interesting as I seem to like the surrounding in the Mutt.

And so H.H calls and we were given a message eat food. This is not an unusual message to many that
come to Matham.

He came and asked me 3 questions. And the third question was what was bothering me ! He said please
tell me, then I told him go away there is nothing much to say ! He said he is listening and I must say. I told
him in pain go away … but he didn’t move and instead smiling! I also felt a laughter because I didn’t
really mean because it I like this monk. He looks very familiar. He is like a sudden friend. who says I am
there to listen .. I closed both my eyes and raised both the hands on the head and said I am troubling my

He went inside and asked my brother some detail, calls me inside, what is your opinion about what
happened .. I told him Bhagavannirnayam (God’s will to prevail ) .. and an unsual word came out of my
mouth and I uttered that I want to do “SEVA” ! I had no idea why something like that has been out of my
mouth. It was a term I was not much familiar with.

He asked in case I knew KVRamarao garu at IITMadras. I was just then in IIT, Madras only. I took a guest
house in IIT, Madras. He said I should update the matter to Dr.K.V.Ramarao garu.

Well. I felt very happy to eat food in Kanchi Mutt. Nothing felt new, just very joyful more than home. This
feeling of bliss has been always there. I prayed in Paramacharya Brindavanam, met with Sri.Jayendra
Saraswati Swamiji and went to Madras. Mysore swamiji was waiting in the morning .. as soon as he saw
me with my brother he said … “I am waiting for you only” ! ( Well that was my B’day .. felt cool )

April 2003 - Sathya Sai Baba

I was helping my cousin, who came to join the SathyaSai general Hospital . I went on April 24 th and sat in
the line. I wished I could go close to Baba. I felt inside come on 26 th.

Eager to meet him, I tried many times to go on 25 th , some or the other hurdle came. Finally 25 th after
noon I sat in the bus and old couple from Shimla University ( I have a very close connection with
Academia .. where ever I sit there will be Academic people in trains, buses .. it is very very common ) sat
at the back. I rested my head on the rod in prayer … the couple from the back asked where I was going …
when I told them … whitefiled to Baba! They felt in heaven .. they asked how to go … etc… I told them
I’ll take them there. I learnt it previous day only while my cousin took me there. That is when I knew why
Baba wanted me to wait. They were like parents so kind and loving. Evening bhajan was on .. I guided the
couple to the place and told them bye. May be I’ll meet them some time.

Next day with the help of my cousin I sat in some side line … I was still in deep pain .. wrote a letter to
Baba. Baba was walking and coming towards the lines .. he was looking very keen ….. observing .. well
he stood infront of me .. but facing the other side .. I thought . .that’s all .. he is leaving … suddenly he
turned he took the letter from my hand with both of his hands. I felt some ecstasy …

I think Guru form doesn’t matter as long as I learn what I need to !


2003 – 2004 - Trip to US

BalaPeriyava gave finally permission to go to US after lot of pleading… I never told him my difficulty …
he kept saying I don’t want you to be in trouble. I told me him I will face it. He said it is OK, but it has to
be 3-4 months to a maximum of 6 months. OK I told and I flew on Oct 31.

Fundamentally I was in deep prayer all the time. I was received by kind Usha Patel. I stayed in their house.
Usha is simple, but a great devotee. One of her bed rooms is dedicated to all GODs. Her siva puja fills
my heart. The peace of water of that Abhishekam and the vibration of their puja room drags me to their
house… nothing else I can think.

Every movement I do .., I don’t know whether it is Guru’s blessing or the power the prayer , I was
speaking out something that is impinging completely on the minds of people. All this while I was
searching for houses while Usha’s house was put on sale. ( At this point you should read the miracle of
my Veena …. Where ever it went , marriages, house upgrades, jobs, pregnancies … all that people tell me
are happening, I never revealed this to them that points of time .. but I had 7 instances ! )

One house I go and something makes me say about Vaastu, it is a Punjabi family ! The poshest house I
have seen ever completely marbled. Both the houses that belong to this Punjabi have a problem at the left
entrance. How I know .. I don’t know …..

One more house I contact , the husband says please speak to my wife and change her too ..

One more house, bay area engineers left bay area went to outskirts to make a hotel business .. my intuition
was working. This lady says please be on the phone .. I get more customers ..

Finally I meet an young girl about 26 years, she said that they were struggling for money and her husband
got the offer from east and she is working in bay area. I just wanted to help her and told her I’ll be her
room mate. Nothing I asked. To my great surprise I came to know later that , she is Telugu , does Yoga
every morning, her husband from IITKgp and she is a vegetarian too.

GOD is great I told thanks to Usha Patel and went to new Usha.

Lesson : It is obvious to me that some one is guiding me at every step. Some one is working through me
to solve the issues of people. Some one is protecting me. But I don’t know anything about this nor have
any plans to claim anything too. I am simply happy that there is a “blessing hand”, and I am made to live
for more reasons than normal. I see it happen more and more with some people, including names … but I
need people who cooperate with me I go into some such status.

The major blessing I have from GOD is wherever I live, as long as they are a bit open I can live with them
like a family. I don’t have any reservations to serve any one for fundamental needs to cooperate. I can sit
in between seats, sleep between berths, have cold bath in any railway station provided the end is to a GOD
or good reason.

Jan 8, 2004 : Gomata .. Guha Janmabhooh .. … a clue to my life perhaps

I realized later, that was the Aradhana day of Paramacharya. I was surfing internet and I found some deep
meaning elaborated by Paramcharya and a set of Vedanta Desikas.

I was in tears, seemed Paramacharya never seem to casually say things. I have to find more


Jan10,2004: Baba and Fire in the compound

Usha my roommate went to meet her husband on the east-coast. I was trying to sleep but I was unable to!
I was chanting the name of Baba. Shirdi as well as Puttaparthi. I just felt like .. The apt complex I was in
had many Latinos. But since the stay is temporary I had no plans to change.

Suddenly I hear two gunshots at 3.00 am. I thought somebody was shifting or something else. I hear again
blowing blast sounds The sound increasing .. I went to the kitchen window, opened the shutter. I see a big
fire out , razing up and catching up the tree. Next to the tree is our compound wall and many apartments .
People are all sound asleep. I didn’t know why there was fire !

I called up the police 911. they said they will be there in 2’. It took 15’for the fire engine. I made calls
again and again in panic.

The best part was, next day when I told apartment lady … she was very grateful. She knew I was staying
there temporarily, “may be the GODs sent you to make that call of rescue for so many people “ !

Yes every minute of my stay in US seemed like I was sent for somebody, not for my self.

Feb 9, 2004: Car Friend – Back to India

My friend who was supposed to give me a ride to the airport got suddenly some work from Oracle and he
had to give up last minute. Usha Patel had some funeral to attend to and I didn’t venture. Whom to call,
….my Punjabi car friend ( this guy came in a flash one day and became a friend ) came to my mind and I
gave him a call. He was like the help in the last minute.

GOD sent the right guy who could tie the Veena well with a thread. Stuffed clothes in.the box.
He gave me a fastest ride to the airport .

Tulasi came in the last minute to pick up the luggage .. he came like Hanuman ! Cleared it all !

I felt sad that I left the junk with Usha , the pregnant girl. But I knew her husband will be there very very
soon for her. My role and Veena is over there.

Perhaps we become an instrument to help many once we are in deep prayer ! At some point we
become one with the Supreme. These moments are above the routine life , it is hard to know from
where these signals enter our mind. But they help many !
Sept 2004: In Kanchi University next to the Palanquin

I went to Kanchi, but always very keen on benefiting students with whatever I know this is ther e in our

While my parents talked to Swami, I went to the University. I was speaking to more than 1000 students
and teachers. Guess what I was speaking next to the palanquin in which Paramacharya used to sit , from
which he declared the name “Gomata” !

I don’t know what good in furture I can do that place or students, but I was speaking very passionately
about University having its own network and web set.
The registrar of that time, Dr.Girija puts a shawl and it is one of the best moments of my life. I felt like I
was receiving some thing very special from my origin place, it is more than the feeling of receiving some
thing from a parent…

Can I reconnect with Paramacharya , the great soul I have missed this long !

Jul 2, 2004 : There is another Gomatha , but it is a boy !

Jayendra Saraswati swami Swarna Jayanti . Function was too grand .

I was roaming around the Mutt which is full of 1000s of people and 100s cows & wondering where to sit.
In that small place only , many functions are happening in parallel . Finally I saw BalaPeriyava sitting and
settled in front of him along with my laptop. I got attracted to one lady sitting at his back . She has a big
bindi and looks familiar. HH called me and he said there is another Gomata in the house of the people
sitting next to me! I turned back and said who, there is a old couple sitting right behind me for DeepaPuja.
He also pointed me to that big Bindi lady and said she knows your brother … she is an IPS officer called
Lakshmi Prasad. I met her 7 years ago . I went to US. Waw no wonder I came across a familiar face … she
is also a devotee of Mysore Swamiji.

I went back to my place and looked for the elderly couple. It was a surprise , amongst 1000s of people and
animals , I was sitting exactly behind them, infact inbetween then in Paramacharya brindavanam. They are
facing Paramacharya and I was sitting facing BalaPeriyava. They have a son by name Gomatha Krishna
they told me .He is born one day ahead of me !

Mystery : Both parents perhaps approached Paramacharya separately about their child birth… at different
times , but how does Parmacharya know to give out the same name. That to he reminded my father
mentioning I am a girl , and my name is Gomata ! It is a surprise to me even to this day! Let time reveal
more !

Of the so many people , how come I chose to sit there behind these parents exactly in their middle . This
is GOD’s will. You may not believe this … did you ?? I couldn’t my self !

Aug 2004 : Paramacharya appears in dream

This is the first time I saw Paramcharya appeared in my dream old and fragile. Opposite to Bridvanam. I
kept wondering. He must be in Samadhi how come he is there outside I wondered in the dream

He was trying to get up and unable to. I went close to him running, putting my hand at his back and trying
to push him. He said suddenly if people like you don’t do it who will look into KanchiMutt !

Wants the Kanchi Mutt to improved! I woke up thinking all is glorious about Peetham, how come Swami
says this to me? What is my role and what I could do as a girl?

The dream moved me .I woke up with a jerk! I began to see the reality in Nov 2004.

What I could do let time say. At least for now I just focus on the principles and teachings of
Paramacharya a little bit for the welfare of society.
Sept, 2004 : Difficult to be chosen and be a Sankaracharya

I came back from Kanchi at 9.45 lalbagh express .. .

I switched on the TV , flipping channels …. I see some Malayalam movie … about a Sankaracharya. I
stopped the movie was about a small boy who gets to be chosen as
Sankaracharya of a mutt. It shows how difficult it is for parents and the boy and how he realizes the
realizes the reality of life.

I felt strangely empathizing with the Sankaracharyas ……….how the world seem casual .
It added more strength to my dream of Paramacharya.

Oct , 2004 : Madurai

I read about Madurai and the places around, the thing I do before going to any new place.

I went to Madurai to see BalaPeriyava. Went to Meenakshi temple and from there went to the place where
they are staying.

After the puja in the heat , I met Balaperiyava. He asked what was the program. I told him I saw
Meenakshi and I saw Swami/Puja and I am leaving in the evening as I have a return ticket.

He said asked if I had seen all that I wanted to see. I told him no. He said why don’t you stay leave on the
next day. But I won’t get the ticket as it is Durga Puja season.

He said meet Sitaram in office. Well , I went there he was not there .. in the mean time I didn’t want to
loose the time went rushing to a place called Tirupura Kundram , where Lord Subramanya married Valli .
There are beautiful statues made.

I returned in the evening planning to go. I did Lalita Puja with dedication there it self.

One senior Brahmin came on my way asking general welfare , I told him I am in a rush and will be
leaving and also told him I am sorry that BalaPeriyava wants me to stay and I can’t as I didn’t meet
Sitaram. Just in a minute I had to take back my word as Sri.Sitaram was there, he said give me the ticket
and come home !

His family is one the best I have ever met in my life. His wife seemed a mould of Samskruti , with
Samskruta , Sangeeta , Sahitya with a very kind father. His children very talented in arts !

Soemtimes when we meet such families , life seems it has so many wonderful things to do ! I was very
very inspired by her .. felt like a big sister. She is a telugu too . Her father an 80 year man takes the clothes
I washed to stay and dries them … ( I was in tears inside ! Mother GODDESS seems too kind and she
knew some things too closely .. ) Perhaps it is a family I shouldn’t have missed in my life .. I thanked
BalaPeriyava … for instructing me to stay back. I slept next to his talented daughters .. it is heaven !
Next day I am off into ciy to see Pudu Mantapam. I go to the Nayaka Mahal .. it was under renovation but
the officers there took me and explained every detail. Which I shared later to Sitaram’s daughter , who is a
future architect .. and provided her the phone numbers of these officers.

My experience with BalaPeriyava is when he asks me to stay typically there is a serious reason!

Nov 2-7 , 2004: Balaperiyava @ Bangalore , KanakaDurga

I meet lot of devotees. One significant person is Kanakadurga. She is also named by Paramacharya.
I heard about her through a miraculous meeting with her parents.

I saw an elderly couple, a bright lady ( K.Durga’s mother ) listening keen to Chaturmasa reading. I was
very attracted to her.

After the reading, I meet her they asked me about some web site.. I come to know that she is an Ayurvedic

Next day during the Puja I felt like sitting next to her. At 12 am, I told her I am leaving to the University.
She said she is also coming with her husband. On the way I wanted to eat some idlys , her husband was not
coming into the hotel .. that is when I thought of my father who also used to be strict and traditional.

On the way in the auto when she was revealing who she was , how close they are to Paramacharya .. her
daughter being named by Paramacharya .. I was mesmerized.

I was keen on meeting their daughter , the time came in Nov 2004 closely. It was pleasant meetin g their
entire family.

Interacting with her over a period of time, I got my lost connection to Paramacharya. Thank GOD ,
BalaPeriyava mentioned to stay in Bangalore.
Feb 28, 2005 : GOMATA IN GOLOKA

With Padmabhushan Prof.Ramaswamy @ Goloka in Feb 2005
Following is just one happening in the life of GOMATA. It sounds like self Pooja, but I offer this in
"victory to Paramacharya" who named me at birth and with prayers to GODDESS granting all our
Life for some is made to be a movie reel. It is upto us to take the events as miracles or casual coincidences
with caution or faith.

Approx. last some years, of life have been full of experiences that life's book seems to grow heavier than
my imagination. I am trying my best not to let it all out into a book/publication very soon , as I
my self àm trying to come to terms with all that is happening ..where it is leading .... just can only pray the
SUPER to make it SIMPLER understandably easy.
Please note the intent, project and blessings ..happening .People involved are very secondary ..

1. 2 years ago a well known Professor mentioned to me about the

cancellation        of       cow-slaughter         project      after    seeking     Paramacharya's
blessing     some     years    back.     I   kept     silent. I    had a    feeling that  I    was
sent to him because of the same. But I didn't say anything out. I saw
all that shown, herbal godden, books .. affection matters.

2.      6-months        ago     I     pray      when      this      professor          fell         really      sick   to
Paramacharya         that   his     his    strength     be     kept     upto          see      to       it     his   good
intent is fulfilled.

3.     20    days   ago     I   get    a    call        from        the        Professor      and       an     industrialist
that I should come and see a Goloka with them.

4.     I      told        the    industrialist     to     meet       in   Raghavendra                        temple     in
Malleswaram        ...      "   any     project     should     reach    common    man,                        not    fancy
somé"      ..   I      felt   Paramcharya      resound     through     me  .   I   was                       getting   the
strength trippled from somewhere in my voice.

5. They wanted me to still come. They are all big people .. I had no
clue    why    I    should      be      there    ...     the   point   is      the     project    is     being
promoted       by         Gokarna           Sankarachrarya          ,       H.H.Raghvendra             Bharati
Swamiji            !               It               is            a              fantastic               place.
(    I   don't    know       why       I     was       prompted     to    call     the     industrialist     to
Raghavendra Mutt of all the places in the world )

6. I was invited for a function to sing the prayer for a big function
where .. in that Goloka ! There people can buy land, adopt cows and
more.     They      promote       indian breed and preventing cow slaughter , where
the Professor is the chief guest !

7.   I   was    told   to    sing          the       prayer     ,     all        people       laughed         when     they
announced my name as Gomata :)).

8.   Gokarna   Swamiji    was also       there   ..   I      found 5        slokas    from a       book
named     Gomata    ,    by      Mysore     Swamiji      :)).    Tuned       them      in    (    Desh,
Dharmavathi,     Kuntalavarali     raagas      )        and        sang.       ..      Added        their
Goloka      ..   caption      also     ended      the        prayer      as       "Gaavo       Viswasya
Mataatharaha   ,    Vande      Mataram      "    just      in     enjoyment       to     our    national

9.      All      speakers       were      praising       cows             ..     referring          a        name"Gomata"
constantly.      Some        directly       pointing              at      me....     it      felt       like        a
Pooja     :))    ..     I   was      discovering      a            new     dimension     to      all     of     this.
I     thanked        Paramacharya       inside      ,             while     all    dignitories       are      being
hounoured.        Professor       was        specially              recognised      for       his        inspiration
with his past work !

10. I     was praying to                     Pramacharya  suddenly I   was            called onto the                   stage
Gokarna    Swamiji  puts a                    shawl   and Matrakshatas  on            my    head. The                  shawl
had "Vande GoMataram" !

I     felt   emotional      took         the     mike      and     told     400    elite        audience...     full       of
spirit                                    for                                  India                                        ..

a.    I    am        in         India         with      the     blessing     of      BalaPeriyava         ,      Sankara
Vijayendra                                                 Saraswati                                            Swamiji.

b.I was a lot around Stanford campus , which I came to know later as
a     cow    grazing   a   reminder      of this in Stanford book store
they give cows for every purchase of $100/more yet times

b. I strangely was                dragged to            consult   at the       moment at            TIFAC-CORE at
MSRSAS    .   Came                to    know            it   is     Gokula      Education          Society  recently.

c. I am called to                  a dream             project of some who thought that they had
failed     in  past but            honoured            for    the same yesterday .. and the  place
is called as GOLOKA

d.    I    told       I     have     no   words     but   filled                  with          emotions       for     the
unfathommable        Paramacharya,      Guru    Parampara      ..                 more           of    our        country.
GOD is great... got the blessing from Swamiji.

I had my dinner in GOLOKA in the middle of                                         all the cows               that were
looking       at     me       in      full  affection...    it was                even    funnier             they   all
started      standing       up      alert   while      walked  along                :))   .    I'll             send  a
picture to this effect to those interested.

Yesterday       is        one           of       the       happiest        moments         of        Gomata's            life.

Victory to Paramacharya , Victory to Mother India and Her Riches.


Mar 23 , 2005 : NCIP-2005 : Prof. Sahasrabudhe Honoured
I had been fortunate to across some excellent masters in life. I didn't know that when I was with them ... came to
know only later. It is my deep wish that some of them should be really highlighted for the great works done , high
ideals and dreams, yet too simple that                  some world must know for our welfare !

Mar 23, I happened to be the chosen person at a conference on image processing to introduce one such master to
a group of 300 students, researchers and more elite . Very happy that this only happened with the blessings of
BalaPeriyava and Kamakshi , they govern me at Bangalore through many humans.

May 5, 6 , 2005 : Pranesh Udakasanthi and Upanyanam

Pranesh and my self it is a complete miracle story! A boy with some mentally challenged faculties is
slowly transforming developing lot of skills.

I went with Pranesha to Kalavai. I bought him a cool whiteKurta and pyzama. Jayendra Saraswati swamy
asked who is this boy ! He gave the blessing to him mentioning do read well and study well. I said
neighbour with some difficulty!

Then I go to BalaPeriyava , with a basket full with clothes and fruits. Tell Swamy that this boy needs to be
having Upanayanam and told him about who he is.

He gives both of us mangoes and we are happy/returned and suddenly Pranesh Upanayanam is fixed.
Inspite of some roadblocks, it happened. I am glad.
Feb 13, 2006

I think it would be really nice if the very place where Paramacharya was given Sanyasa Deeksha is
identified with a landmark. A Divine plan that took us to the very spot highlights the places around.

On Feb 13,2006 we have been fortunate to be at Kalavai. I was asking someone about the place of
Sanayasa Deeksha since it is centenary day. Divine sent at the very moment, a purohit from SankarMutt
told he was going there and guided us to the very river canal where Paramacharya's Sanyasa Deeksha was
initiated. A villager, later came running to take us to the exact places where Paramacharya used to sit
under a mango tree in the fields , while the water was gushing to the fields from the Kalindi river. I was
given the water lillys plucked by Purohit from the very bottom , which I carried to the Ashram to

We also took a pradakshina of Sapta Naga Devatas in the middle of lush green fields by the canal, the
pratishtapana was done by Paramacharya I was told. My father told me in the past at times, Paramacharya
sat     in     peace    in     Kalavai    while     the      many       snakes       passed     by    !

Later back at the Kalavai Ashram BalaPeriyava gets our attention to the the inscription on the wall of Para
Para Gurus, perhaps the place where Paramacharya would have done a Pradakshina right after Sanyasa.

GODs definitely wanted us to see it all.This is one of several life's experiences that overwhelms us again..
We are drenched completely in the affectionate showers of blessings of Paramacharya and the Divine
humans sent. At the end, nothing but a gratitude remains replete with happiness ..somethings are simply
beyond logic/human plane and just Supreme.

Sept 2006 – Spectacular Poornima

You know, I feel so happy when I find villagers of all back grounds rest in the afternoon at Paramacharya
Adhishtanam ...the real glory begins to be back!

This time Pournami had been very unique for us @ Kanchi

1. Chaturmasya ending, we could participate in Vijaya Yatra. We all followed there. H. crossing the city
limits , read "ViswarupaSandarshana" from Bhagavat Gita 11th chapter, had Prasad and cameback in a
very pleasent evening.

2. Night was Pournami Puja ..............long till 10.00 pm
3. Swami settled down to Lalita Sahasranama 10-10.30, really transformed all those present to a different plane. We
all  definitely    touched      the    land   of     moon      &    the    GODDESS        just    by      looking    at
H.H.eyes .it was an experience unique. All of us felt thesame, fortunate they allowed us to sit in this. ( Their energy
is   a     fountain    ,     at     11.30   lunar      eclipse   Japa      starts   ,   3.30       bath      again    ,
morning 9.30 darshan ......10.00 am Puja and day follows )

4.    Over    and      above   all     Kamakshi's    grace    was    immense,            she    made    us        sing
a     lot    more      through     all    the     days     cose   to    her             presense.    Bhairavi        is
already     listed    for       next        time....     (        those   who   didn't    watch      Hamsa
Geethe , kannada movie watch it ... Bhairavi raga is special !! )

5.Additionally are also the discussions with many academia ,research ideas, course and curriculam through
discussions. 2 VCs of univs and past director of BITs. Kanchi always drenched us with lot.
This time I went with some publications, well the expectations are crossed.

6. Met another person named by Paramacharya, Dr.Jayendra !! some excellent young fellows Bhajan groups. Best
part is the special concerts ...... by experts in the evening.

Oct – 2006 : Kalahasti Contact

Girl Not Matured ??

Nov 2006 : Dakshineswar Kali

Nov 2006

Kamakshi Ratham

Discussion with Sastriji

Dec 2006

Feb 2007 - Ghati Subramanya

Feb 2007

Namaste ... here is a day of celebration.

As always many things kept happening with the divine Blessings of Acharyas ... this is a fresh event to
share ...

Due to the run of events, I was left with 3-4 days to finalize the
house for a shift. Freeads and Admag papers were our pals to find
houses. Finally an old house in Malleswaram .. seemed like an
approximate solution to our constrained house search equation . After
we finalized the house in an optimized level of desperation .. ! Thank
GOD..thanks to all students ..

NEWS : Only later to fixing the house I realized ... that this house is
in the same lane as Kamakshi temple ! 5th Main , between 9th and 11th
cross. Today the 5th main road name is also changed to "Kanchi Sri
ChandraSekharendra Saraswswati Marga" !

:)) - 7 days back we were furiously roaming on the unknown roads in
agony, but today we are on a road that is not too far from GOD I
notice ... ! I am sure you also have such special moments ...with the
warmth of the GODDESS and the unseen blessings of Acharyas ...

Wishing You A Wonderful Magha Masa and Vasantha Ritu ahead ...

Mar-2007 : Kanipakam VaradaRaja

Prasadam @ temple .

April – 2007

Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama

Dear All,

Like always the trip this time to Kanchi is a memorable one.

Some      time     back       our     Homeo      Doctor                  got      a    book          of    "Hindu      America"    by
Chamanlal        Bhiku.         It's     publication                   and        reprints           are       rarely      avaialable.
Some      one     said     it      is   banned      for                the      secrets    it        carries     about    the     how
Hinduism is prevalent in America long ago.

I     copied         this     book      and     made         another      copy      to     be      given     to     Kamakoti
Peetham          hesitantly       ...because      it      may       be      silly     to     give       a     xerox.    Our
family       holding       the      book     in      "Tatta"     along     with      Tulasi     Mala      as     soon     as
we      reached          Kanchi.      BalaPeriyava      passed       by     ,     he     looked      at    the     book    ,
what      is     it...    I    told     a    rare      book     ...    thought     I     must     leave     a    copy    for
Kamakoti library.

Oh       !      he       started         making          references          to      the         publication          dates,          various
sections      ,      pictures          .....(all     like       just        read        freshly         the         book)        is         n't
it     that      book....I      was           surprised        ...       and        a        bit       disappointed           inside          I
gave       some        thing         known        ............      !     Almost          giving        up         I      told         infront
of     many       devotees         around.....shall          I     leave        the      book       here        ,       can        it       be
some       way      useful       ...       !He      said       sure       ,       X      should         get       it     translated          it
into     Tamil,      Y       should          read       at      first     level       .....,      well      all       are       alert         !
And I was happy it is useful !

The         number        of      experiences          that       GODDESS             &       Acharyas         shower          here       are
innumerable...don't      know     how      many       books        worth.     I      share      one        once       a
while     on     this     group.     Going     to      Kanchi      and      bearing       the      heat      is    the
issue       but     you      know      every      instance        we      are      in        some       clouds       of
divinity     ..     glimpses      of     Omnipresense.         It     is      hard        to      rule      it     out
continually         with        our        notions...especially          when          it          spreads           to
whereever                                                we                                                     are....!

Inspite      of       so      much         happening        ....every       time         in       the      middle       of        routine
life,     I       think      my       self      BIG       ...       ..ready        to        demand          GODDESS            ....ruling
out         all         sentiments          &        sensitivities......         (           with         almost         lots            of
doubts          ..         almost        set        to          fight         with           Acharya...with          an          opinion
of....what       do       they     know         of     our         mundane           issues,         our       hardwork       ,       our
struggles        )      and       go       there      to        explain       !        And         then,       every      time          an
experience           humbles        me         to       a         dot/nothing          .....        makes         me        fall         in
introspection,            wonder,           showers              affectionate             blessings             where            nothing
matters..                           leave                             alone                              faith                             !

Only       sharing     these              deep      moments           to      the    understanding              relieves        us     of
this             heavy                     energy               to              come            down                        .......Gomata

May – 2007: Seminar on Ramayana and Tiruvannamalai
Today      early    morning    I    was    too                       overwhelmed            with       the      content         I      was
browsing regarding Ramayana and Paramacharya .

For     two    months                 I       have       been      incubating               the      desire     to     go     to
Tiruvannamalai   (never                   seen     it)      and       casually               kept      expressing     to     our
family.   They    chided                  it   is      time     to     stop             all      these      wandering    wishes..
any more.

Well,       GODs         don't        seem         to      think        so       :)         follows       ...       Balaperiyava
suggested       this    time      almost       as      a    reminder       that      I      give      some      of     my       books
on     Kanchi        to    the      folks     at      the      University.     I      wanted         to     some       time      back
but     postponed       for     time      to     decide      (    2      years      since        I     went      there)     .    One
of     the      faculty      rushed        a      brochure       about       "A        Seminar         on      Ramayana"          and
said       please       send         a       paper        and        do       come            to       the        conference.        It
highlighted        Ramayana,          Paramacharya            and        Yogi         Ramasurath            kumar         and       is
being       jointly      oragnaized          by       Kanchi        Univ        and          RamSuratKumar             Ashram         ,
Jun       5-6        at          is      n't      it        ....time        to      think        of      a

(    Any      one     interested   in    the     details                         of       the       seminar        please           contact
Dr.G.SankaraNayanan,               044-27264301,308                                       ext                    218                     or
Dr.Manoranjan Senapathy - 98948066030 )

June-2007 @ Tiruvannamalai, Seminar on Ramayana

Incident: H.H. suggested Gomata to visit Kanchi University, Sri.Chandrasekharendra Saraswati
Viswa Mahavidyalaya to give her book “Kanchi ; A Centre of Learning” to some of the faculty and
mentioned seminar quickly but didn’t elaborate, Gomata couldn’t follow, just blurted to Swamy
didn’t plan for seminar this time. It had been two years since Gomata went to the university,
usually when she went there she would give a seminar to benefit the students. But this time when
Swamy told, she replied nothing had been planned, Swamy had no reaction on his face. Well,
somehow this topic got ignored. She went there with her mother Suvani Varanasi. Then one of the
faculty members Dr.Sankaranarayan comes running to Gomata, saying, “Madam! Please send a
paper here is the seminar” and he gives the brochure. She looks at the brochure wondering
Tiruvannamalai !oh ! a dream place that she was wishing to visit this place for more than 4 months.
What a coincidence mother knew her wish to go over there, in fact she chided Gomata saying
enough of travel. Now she felt like running to her showing the Divine will may be to go there , well is
this the Seminar swamy meant >she never asked him .. because there are too many incidents that
keep rolling like this .. hardly there is an occasion to talk about all of them. On the way to
Kanipakam from Kanchi over the bus, she was telling her father about this seminar on Ramayana ,
suddenly the idea looking at the parents & knowing their love for music, decided time she writes the
paper with them on a concept they know too ! You know some of the words of this topic appeared
during an afternoon nap. She was very excited when the topic came out, felt absolutely a great
moment to pay tribute to the great masters on the forum by more great masters! A casual
conversation about this with Gomata’s second brother during one his rarest visits to Bangalore
turned it into a deep discussion, so we authors all four together present this paper. GOD is great.
The guidance from a Sadguru may not be obvious. This paper is deeply personal and emotional for
Gomata because of the deep underlying divine network. That too Gomata as a name given by
Paramacharya is not too far from Rama because as brother and sister ( Narayana & Narayani )
both withour Sarvajnatva ( the knowledge that they are GODs ) are born humans and thought of
each other always. With tears of joy, regards of realization, prayers of affection Gomata bows at the
feet of Paramacharya who has been guiding her implicitly through his lineage.

Additionally, Yogi Surath Kumar ( is the beggar begging us to
chant Rama Nama, Gomata had the best food from this beggars bowl attending this seminar, and
these are moments of a lifetime. Dear Reader! Experience it your self.

June-2007 @ Tiruvannamalai, The Powerful Arunachaleswara

Puneet – my student was there as a spectator

Jul 2007 - @ Kanchi with Students

Aug 2007 : Scientific Session on Cows

Sep 2007 : Rama does he exist ??

Oct-Nov 2007 : Mooka Panchasathi

Jan 2008 - All scholars to Kanchi

May 2008 - Satyanarayana Puja and Paramacharya Jayanti , Crowds uninvited house full

Jul 2008 – Kids and watch

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