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					FALL 2009                                     CENTER FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

              The Center for Training and Development at Cal State Dominguez Hills will
            train your employees to become more effective and improve your bottom line.
Workforce Development
Training Examples:
• Computer/Technology
                                                  Delivery                             Coming in 2009
• Customer Service
• Federal & Cal-OSHA
• Human Resource Management                       Options                                 CSUDH
• Leadership Training                               On-site                              Leadership
• Management & Supervision
• Project Management
                                                  On Campus                               Institute
• Quality Assurance                                 On-line
                                                                                        For further information
• Sexual Harassment                                  T.V.                                     See Page 85
• Small Business Development
• Succession Training
• Bachelor Degree Programs
• Certificate Programs
• Master Degree Programs
• Test Preparation Programs
                                                          $                                                         $
                                                                    Employment Training Panel
                                                                      (ETP) funds are available to employers
                                                                                  in California.

                                                                         Any company that pays into
                                                                           unemployment insurance
        Customized Curriculum                                    may qualify to train their workforce at no cost.

                      and                                                      Take advantage
 We offer the flexibility for clients to choose                                of your tax dollars!
           the dates & times that                                             For further information:
           best meet their needs!                                    
                                                          $                                                         $
      Proud founding partner of the South Bay Business Resource Network!

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FALL 2009                                             CENTER FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT
 Center for Training                                                                                 Credit Partners
 & Development
                                                                                                       Your people work hard.
Businesses have access to all partners of                                                         Get them the credit they deserve.
CTD, which include, but are not limited, to:
  • The Workforce Investment Board
  • South Bay Economic Development                                                               University Credit for the
  • Small Business Development Center          Your Resource for Education                       training you already do
  • One Stop Business and Career Centers       and Training in the South Bay!
  • Center for International Trade and
     Development                               The CTD utilizes the resources of California       University credit for the
  • California Manufacturing Technology        State University, Dominguez Hills to provide
     Center                                    customized workforce training to the local       Credit is a BIG bonus
  • City Economic Development                  business community, with the goal of keep-
     Departments                               ing businesses in California productive and    Your employees and conference attendees
  • Chambers of Commerce                       competitive. The center is housed in the       gain value every time they attend a
                                               College of Extended and International          training you’ve created to meet their
Clients Include:                               Education at California State University,      particular needs.
American Renolit                               Dominguez Hills.
ARMM, Inc                                                                                         You could add a big value bonus:
Boeing                                          For more information:                               university credit
Dameron                                         call Jason Vogel 310-243-3355
Hi-Shear Corp.                                  Email or                     Credit Partners is a service that starts
Hollywood Park Casino                           Visit the web site at                         with three steps to review your planned or
Korean Airlines                                     existing in-house training programs for
L. A. County Dept. of Probation                 training.htm                                  award-winning university or professional
Los Angeles County
Menzies Aviation                                                                                   Call 310-243-3730, or email
Primary Freight                                                                          
South Bay Workforce Investment Board
Sit ‘n’ Sleep                                                                                      Package and send information
Urth Cafe                                                                                          about your in-house or conference
Watts Labor Community Action Committee                                                             training.
                                                                                                   Your training is reviewed by
                                                                                                   appropriate university departments
                                                                                                   for content and quality.

                                                                                              If your course, curriculum or conference is
                                                                                              approved, participants receive a
                                                                                              permanent California State University
                                                                                              Dominguez Hills recordof either extension
                                                                                              academic credit or professional continuing
                                                                                              education units (CEUs), depending on the
                                                                                              nature of the training.

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FALL 2009                                 CENTER FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

      Business                                                                    Take OSHA Classes
      Booster                         Customer                                      in Los Angeles!
                                                                                    At the newest OSHA
                                                                                       Training Institute
                                       Service                                    California State University,
                                                                                       Dominguez Hills
     Make your Business
 Profitable and Sustainable!

        See page 10                   Training
                                                Do what the
     Business Plan
                                                                                      For more information:
                                             City of Gardena,
                                            City of Inglewood,
                                              Hollywood Park,
        See page 11
                                                                                          See page 43
                                           and LAX have done.

                                           Train to Retain Your
                                          Customers in a Down
                                                     With                         State University,
        CEO                            Customer Service Training
                                                                                  Dominguez Hills
                                                                                            The most
                                                                                   Military-Friendly Campus
                                      Cal State Dominguez Hills!
      Program                                                                        in the CSU System!

                                                                                      For more information
                                         Contact Jason Vogel at:
                                                                                    about how you can earn
                                                                                     credits for your military
        See page 77
                                                                                       service and training
                                                                                               go to
                                                                                      or e-mail Erika Valdez at

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FALL 2009                                                CENTER FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT
                                                 Begin realizing your ETP benefits today! Call
 Employment                                      to find out how your company may benefit
                                                                                                       “Korean Airlines has an ETP Grant and has
                                                 from this valuable resource.
 Training                                         “Pentel of America, Ltd. has utilized the
                                                                                                       subcontracted with the Center for Training
                                                                                                       and Development at California State
                                                                                                       University, Dominguez Hills in the College of
 Panel (ETP)                                      Employment Training Panel (ETP) for
                                                  extensive hands on computer courses since            Extended and International Education to
                                                  1999. From employee satisfaction, promoting          develop and implement tailored programs.
 Attention Employers!                             continued learning in the workplace and              The training facility was state of the art. CTD
                                                  making employees more valuable at the most           went the extra mile to ensure our needs were
Do your employees possess                         reasonable cost you can possibly get, ETP            met and exceeded our expectations.”
the knowledge and skills to                       through CSU, Dominguez Hills, College of
                                                                                                                        Patrick S. Pak
                                                  Extended & International Education cannot
outperform your competitors?                      be beat. Our company highly recommends                                Human Resource Analyst
                                                  it!”                                                                  Korean Airlines
Businesses today need employees that
possess the knowledge and skills necessary                     Sue Harrison
to effectively apply the latest technology and                 Human Resource Manager
industry practices to their business                           Pentel of America, Ltd.
The College of International & Extended                                                               For more information:
Education at California State University,                                                             Call Teresa Stevens (310) 243-3747,
Dominguez Hills understands business and         Do you currently have funding from                   Email or
is committed to helping businesses achieve       ETP?                                                 Visit us online at
their training goals. Since 1998, we have        If you currently have funding or would like to
worked with qualified employers to               apply for funding we can assist you in
implement customized training programs           achieving your training goals. We have over
funded by California’s Employment Training       20 years of experience in offering customized
Panel (ETP).                                     training programs.

           You can take
                                                               Part-Time Instructors
                                                          With Prior Teaching Experience
          RIGHT NOW!

                                                    We are interested in employing working professionals to teach adult learners.

                                                                          Areas of particular need include:

                                                    • Business Skills                                • Manufacturing Engineering
                                                    • Computers and Information Systems              • Mechanical Engineering
                                                    • Construction Management                        • Plumbing Systems Design
                                                    • Contract Management                            • Professional Engineering Review
                                                    • Cost Estimation and Pricing                    • Project Management

       For further information:
                                                    • Customer Service                               • Purchasing and Materiel Management
                                                    • IT Management                                  • Sales and Marketing

                                                    • Management Skills

                                                                                Submit a resumé and letter of interest to:
                                                                     College of Extended and International Education Dean’s Office
                                                    1000 East Victoria Avenue, Carson, CA 90747              Fax: 310-516-4423

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