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									       Accessories Update

             With three wheelbases, four body lengths and three roof
             heights, the Crafter range offers incredible versatility. Add to
             that, the range of top quality accessories available, and your
             Crafter will be ready for every eventuality.
             All Crafter accessories are designed specifically for the range, so
             you have the reassurance of knowing that they’re right for the job
             – and you’re keeping your vehicle 100% Volkswagen.

          Waterproof                                                   Reversing
          Seat Covers                                                  Aid Kit
          Part No. ZGB2E0062101                                        Part No. ZGB2E0052296
          Protect your seats from the                                  Kit includes four sensors.
          dirt and grime of a busy                                     Can be painted to match
          working life.                                                vehicle colour.
          £89.36 (excl. VAT & fitting)                                 £113.19 (excl. VAT & fitting)

          Rubber Mats
          Part No. 2E2061501041
          Hardwearing protection
          for your vehicle’s floors.
                                                                       Towbar (fixed)                  Towball
          (excl. VAT & fitting)
                                                                       Part No: ZGB2E0092100A          Available in two sizes
                                                                       Increase your load              50mm (120kg nose weight)
                                                                       capacity. Available             Part No: ZGB2E00921224
                                                                       in two sizes.
                                                                       £117.45                         (excl. VAT & fitting)
          Crafter Plylining                                            (excl. VAT & fitting)
                                                                                                       50mm (150kg nose weight)
          Premium-grade plywood, machine cut for an                    Towbar requires towball         Part No: ZGB2E00921224A
          accurate fit. Multiple options available.                    and towing electrics.
            Available in a number of configurations to suit your       Towing Electrics                (excl. VAT & fitting)

            vehicle – for specific pricing information, just ask.      Part No: ZGB2E2055204
                                                                       £132.77 (excl. VAT & fitting)

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             Caddy                           ®

               There’s a whole range of accessories available to make sure
               your Caddy® or Caddy® Maxi is equipped for your exact
               requirements. Take a look at these great value styling and
               protection accessories – all available from your Van Centre.

       Protection                                                          Interior Protection
                                                                            Description               Part No.            Price
          Chrome                                                                                                          (excl. VAT and fitting)

          Side Rails                                                        Waterproof
                                                                            Seat Covers
                                                                                                      ZGB2K0062101        £68.94

          Looking good – and
          protecting your sills from                                        Solid Rear                ZGB2K0017224G       £58.72
          damage.                                                           Window Guards
                                                                            Front                     2K2061501A041       £20.85
          from £298.72                                                      Rubber Mats
          (excl. VAT & fitting)
                                                                            Load Separator            2K3017221           £225.53
        Description               Part No.       Price
                                                 (excl. VAT and fitting)
       Chrome Side Rails                                                   Alloy Wheels
        Caddy®                    ZGB2K0071687   £298.72
        Caddy® Maxi and           ZGB2K3071687   £308.94                   Description                 Part No.          Price
        Caddy® Maxi Life                                                                                                 (excl. VAT and fitting)

       Mudflaps                                                            16” Sima*                   1T4071496C8Z8 £129.36

        Front                     1T0075111      £29.79                    17” Sportline**             ZGB2K0071404      £128.94

        Rear                      2K3075101      £31.06                    * 6J x 16 alloy wheels require 205/55Z R16 tyres.
        Rear –                    2K30075101     £32.77                    ** 7J x 17 alloy wheels require 225/45Z R17 tyres.
        Caddy® Maxi and
        Caddy® Maxi Life

          Mudflaps                                                            Roof Bar Set
          Protect your vehicle from                                           Part No. 2K0071126
          what the road throws up.                                            Increase your load capacity
          From £29.62                                                         by up to 100kg/220lbs.
          (excl. VAT & fitting)
                                                                              (excl. VAT & fitting)

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                                                                                                                                                                               Spring 2010
       Keep your vehicle 100% Volkswagen
       When it comes to older vehicles, we have the accessories to help you add that
       extra sparkle and functionality – while keeping things 100% Volkswagen.
        Product                                  Model                                                          Part No.                      Price
                                                                                                                                              (excl. VAT and fitting)
        Rear Parking Aid                         Transporter and Caravelle                                      ZGB701052296                  £110.64
                                                 - 1991 onwards
        Manual Aerial                            Transporter and Caravelle                                      701051503B                    £30.64
                                                 - 1993 to 2003
        Front Mudflaps                           Transporter and Caravelle                                      701075111B                    £29.79
                                                 - 1991 to 2003
        Rear Mudflaps                            Transporter and Caravelle                                      701075101A                    £22.98
                                                 - 1996 to 2003
                                                 (without air- conditioning)
        Rear Mudflaps                            Transporter and Caravelle              701075102                                             £34.89
                                                 - 1996 to 2003 (with air-conditioning)
        Rear Mudflaps                            Transporter and Caravelle                                      701075101                     £38.30
                                                 - 1991 to 1996
        Cruise Control                           Transporter TDi                                                7D0998527                     £57.17
                                                 - 1996 to 2003
        Lockable Roof Bars                       Transporter - 1991 to 2003                                     701071126                     £124.68
                                                 Caravelle - 1996 to 2003
        Tow Bar                                  Transporter and Caravelle                                      701092101                     £128.51
                                                 - 1991 to 1996
        Tow Bar                                  Transporter and Caravelle                                      701092101A                    £114.89
                                                 - 1996 to 2003
        Towing Electrics                         Transporter - 1999 to 2003                                     701055203B                    £56.17
        Rear Bike Rack                           Caravelle - 1996 to 2003                                       7D4071104                     £337.87
        Front Mudflaps                           LT - 1997 onwards                                              2D0075111                     £34.89
        Rear Mudflaps                            LT 28/35 Panel Van - 1997 onwards                              2D0075101                     £47.66
        Rear Mudflaps                            LT 46 Panel Van - 1997 onwards                                 2D0075102                     £86.81
        Waterproof Seat Covers LT - 1997 onwards                                                                ZGB2D0062100 £66.38

       Prices correct at time of print (May 2010). Prices are for the product only and exclude fitting and VAT except where stated otherwise. Please ask your Van Centre
       for a fully fitted quote where necessary. Pictures are for illustration only and products may differ slightly from images shown. Caddy® is a registered trademark of
       Caddie S.A. It is used by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles courtesy of Caddie S.A. France.

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                                                                                                                Spring 2010

           Out and about in style
       With the worst of the weather finally over
       it’s time to leave the warmth of indoors                       Golf Umbrella
       and start enjoying the great outdoors                          Part No. ZGB4121407080
       again. Still, better to be safe than soggy.                    Take on the great British weather
                                                                      with this stylish, black golf umbrella,
                                                                      printed on two opposite panels
                                                                      with the VW roundel.
                                                                      £20.50 (inc. VAT)

                                                                      Thermo Mug
                                                                      Part No. ZGB5040406059
                                                                      Perfect for early risers this popular
                                                                      thermo mug keeps your hot drinks,
                                                                      well, piping hot!
                                                                      £4.00 (inc. VAT)
         Folding Carry Bag
         Part No. 000061109B
                                                                      Grey Beanie Hat
         This folding carry bag is ideal for storing shopping,        Part No. ZGB9075409100
         documents and bulky luggage, plus thanks to its
         practical design can be stowed away effortlessly             Look cool, stay warm with this grey
         when not in use.                                             cable knit beanie hat featuring the
         Only suitable for vehicles with load lashing points in the   iconic 1960s chassis logo.
         boot compartment. (Dimensions L38cm x W39cm x H10cm)         (One size fits all)

         £48.00 (inc. VAT)                                            £10.00 (inc. VAT)

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                                                                                                              Spring 2010

       Great new accessories for camper fans
                                                                 Money Boxes
                                                                 Part No. ZGB9491407500 (Freedom)
                                                                 Part No. ZGB9491408504 (Psychedelic Blue)
                                                                 Grab a piece of 1960s nostalgia
                                                                 without breaking the bank with
                                                                 these psychedelic money boxes.
                                                                 Guaranteed to add life to
                                                                 any mantelpiece.
                                                                 (Dimensions L21cm x W12cm x H12cm)

                                                                 £14.50 (inc. VAT)

          Steiff Teddy Bear                                      Silver VW Keyring
          Part No. 000087576                                     Part No. ZGB4181499060
          Introducing the softest,                               A sure fire classic that never
          cuddliest, most huggable                               goes out of fashion, this
          travel companion you’re ever                           silver metal roundel
          likely to find. With its exclusive                     keyring keeps all your
          VW design this genuine Steiff                          keys together in style.
          teddy bear is a must-have for                          £4.50 (inc. VAT)
          £26.00 (inc. VAT)

                                                                                         Campervan USB
          Volkswagen                                                                     Memory Sticks (2GB)
          T1 Samba Bus                                                                   Part No. 2110876206GL (Blue)
                                                                                         Part No. 211087620004 (Red)
          Part No. 231099300AY3D
                                                                 Transport your data in style with this original
          A 1:43-scale model of the classic split-screen Samba   Volkswagen Bus USB stick (available in blue and red).
          Bus, this beautifully detailed model will appeal to    Both practical and cool, when connected to your
          enthusiasts of all ages.                               computer the LED headlights illuminate.
          £26.00 (inc. VAT)                                      £17.00 (inc. VAT)

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                                                                                            Spring 2010
           Keep it 100% Volkswagen                                       Update

                                                             Alloy Wheels
                                                             for Caddy

                                                             Add a dash of flash!

                                                             From £129.36
                                                             (excl. VAT and fitting)

                                                             with a difference
                                                             Liven up your life!
    See inside
    For our wide range of style and protection accessories
    for Caddy®, Crafter and older vehicles too.
    Great quality, great value.

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