School Improvement Team _9 positions_ by hcj


									                      What is a school improvement team?

In order to improve student performance, each public school in North Carolina is directed
to develop a School Improvement Plan that takes into consideration the annual
performance goals for that school. The School Improvement Team (SIT) assists in the
development of the School Improvement Plan. A school improvement team is a group of
individuals within a school community who look at data together to determine

       areas of instruction and school organization that need to be changed to improve
        student achievement
       goals that will meet school needs
       interventions that are needed to reach the goals
       how to document improvement through student achievement
       how to adjust the plan to improve results over time

       What are the responsibilities of the school improvement team?
SIT Member Responsibilities: Members are responsible for attending all meetings,
participating actively in the discussion and follow-up work, providing feedback to and
soliciting feedback from teachers. Members should strive to attend each scheduled
meeting. If an emergency arises and the member must miss a meeting, they should have
a representative to take their place so as to have the grade level represented.

                       How are the SIT members elected?
School Improvement Team (10 positions)

Assistant Principal
K/1 Teacher Representative
2/3 Teacher Representative
4/5 Teacher Representative
Specials Teacher Representative
Teacher Assistant
 2 Parents
Community Representative

Terms of Office: Each constituent group establishes its own criteria for membership on
the Committee, including term length.
1. Teachers (K/1, 2/3, 4/5, Specials): two (2) years (with one half of the positions up for
   election each year)
2. (1) Teacher Assistant: two (2) years
3. (2) Parents: up to three (3) years
4. Community representative: no time limit
5. Principal/Assistant Principal: permanent member

Rotate off June 2009: Kerri Mosley (specials), Starla Williams (K), Tammy Parker (K),
Gladys Butler (1), Tracy Jones (Media Asst.), Mark Griffin (Parent), Kelly Hinson

School Improvement Team (10 positions) 2009-2010

Principal             Neil Hawkins
Asst Principal        Lynette McCoy
K/1                   elect
2/3                   elect
4/5                   Crystal Tuck
Specials              Beverly Little, Chairperson
Teacher Asst          Juliet Banning
 2 Parents            Tina Helms
Community             elect

Rotate off June 2010: Crystal Tuck (4), Beverly Little (specials), Juliet Banning (Teacher
Asst.), Tina Helms (parent)

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