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         IN BRIEF:                    MagneTek Lights World’s Largest Sign
         Project:                     at Las Vegas Hilton
         Las Vegas Hilton
                                                   agneTek Lighting

         Las Vegas, NV

         Products Used:
         MagneTek flashing high
         output sign ballasts
                                      M            Products Group is
                                                   helping the city of lights
                                                   live up to its name -
                                                   providing the flashing
                                      ballasts and neon transformers to
                                      power the world’s largest and
                                      tallest free-standing advertising
         and neon transformers
                                      sign, located at the Las Vegas
         Number Installed:                    The 279-foot tall sign was
         1,500 flashing sign
         ballasts and 160             completed in January 1998,
         neon transformers            following the unveiling of “Star
                                      Trek: The ExperienceTM,” a $70
                                      million interactive adventure
         Project Completed:
         January 1998                 attraction which recently
                                      opened at the Hilton on Paradise
                                      Road, two blocks off of the Las
                                      Vegas Strip.
                                              The “Hilton” sign features
                                      more than six miles of neon and
                                      fluorescent lights, a total surface
                                      area of more than 70,000 square
                                      feet, the capacity to produce as
                                      many as 64 changing color shades          MagneTek provided more than 1,500 flashing sign ballasts to light the world’s la
                                                                                and tallest free-standing sign at the Las Vegas Hilton.
                                      and a price tag of approximately
                                      $9 million. The two-sided sign features ridges                     The 164-foot wide sign’s “Hilton” lette
                                      which are four lamps deep all of the way up                 are 29 feet high and use 9,320 feet of
                                      and down the sign. The fluorescent sign                     lighting. More than 160 MagneTek neon
                                       tili     1 500 M       T k fl   hi   i   b ll   t          transformers light the sign’s six foot wide
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                                                                                    Flashing Sign Ballasts

           ABOUT MAGNETEK LIGHTING             features the 52-foot-high “Star
               PRODUCTS GROUP
                                               Trek: The Experience” logo and
          MagneTek Lighting Products           a programmable reader
          Group manufactures ballasts for
                                               board. The double-sided
          all lighting requirements. Our
                                               reader board measures 40 feet
          full line of ballasts is designed
                                               high by 80 feet wide and uses
          for exceptional performance in
                                               32,000 colored lamps per side.
          lamps ranging from 5 to 1,500
          watts. They include fluorescent,     The Star Trek portion of the sign
          compact fluorescent, high            is illuminated by 6,944 linear
          intensity discharge, sign, neon      feet of neon.
          and dimming systems. As a                The sign’s panels were           excellent customer service,
          major manufacturer of                constructed using roll-formed,       according to Ed Hassen,
          electrical equipment and
                                               brushed aluminum attached to         YESCO Project Manager.
          provider of services to utilities
                                               six-inch by 16-gauge red iron            “We specified MagneTek’s
          and industry, MagneTek plays a
                                               studs. In 1994, when another         flashing ballasts to turn the
          lead role in setting industry
                                               sign company attempted the           colors on and off, move the
          standards for quality and energy
          efficiency. We actively              construction of a 362-foot-tall      light across the sign and control
          participate in the Certified         sign at the site, it was partially   the sign’s flashing activities -
          Ballast Manufacturer trade           destroyed during a July              efficiently and effectively,”
          association and help in the          windstorm while under                Hassen explained. “The ballasts
          development of many standards        construction. The undamaged          were the perfect fit for our
          through ANSI, NEMA and IESNA.
                                               foundation and steel structure       unique needs.”
                                               of the original sign will remain         The 120-volt, high output,
            WANT TO KNOW MORE?
                                               inside the new sign. The new         flashing sign ballasts provide
          MagneTek ballasts are available
                                               foundation was poured in             reliable low-temperature
          through a nationwide network of
                                               October 1996 and the                 starting, support up to three
          several thousand wholesale
                                               construction on the marquee          lamps and feature pre-heat
          distributors. You’ll also find our
          ballasts incorporated in the
                                               began in January 1997.               cathodes for improved lamp
          designs of leading OEM lighting          Young Electric Sign              performance. The ballasts last
          system suppliers. Catalogs           Company (YESCO), Las Vegas,          approximately 20,000 hours.
          describing all of our ballast        performed the exterior                   “The ballasts have been
          products are available on            cladding, lighting and signage.      operating exceptionally well,”
          request. To learn more about         YESCO selected MagneTek              Hassen adds. “Considering the
          the full line of MagneTek
                                               based on its reliability, quality,   magnitude of the sign and
          ballasts, call 1-800-MAGNETEK.
                                               product selection and                the great number of ballasts,
                                                                                    the outcome has been

           Lighting Products Group
           26 Century Blvd Suite 600