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IFIP Newsletter 3-27-06 V1


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									                                                                                                                        April 2006

                                                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1

                                               The Fellowship Chronicles
                                    Official Newsletter of the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships

A Note from the Editors                          Vegas, Baby!
Dear Fellow Colleagues:                          By Maricel De Jesus, Pfizer
We would like to introduce the very
first issue of the “Fellowship Chroni-                                               reception at the Venetian Hotel.    Thank you also to the Univer-
cles,” the official newsletter of the Rut-                                           It was a remarkable turnout with    sity Outreach Committee led
gers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellow-                                                 114 candidates, 50+ alumni and      by Windy Wang and Anish
ship. We hope this newsletter will be                                                many preceptors attending. The      Patel as well as the Association
the first of many issues to come. This                                               fellows and preceptors were         Outreach Committee led by
was designed to discuss current events                                               able to mingle and interact with    Bijal Sheth and Na Young Goh
in the program and to connect the com-           The annual ASHP Mid-Year
                                                                                     the candidates in a more social     for their national recruitment
munity of current fellows, preceptors,           Clinical Meeting took place
                                                                                     environment.                        efforts. It was a great success.
and alumni. We hope you enjoy this               from December 2nd to the 7th in
issue.                                           the one and only Las Vegas,         Aside from all the hard work,       A special thanks also goes out
                             Your editors,       Nevada. The Rutgers Fellow-         the fellows were able to explore    to Dr. Alexander, Dr. Barone,
      Jennifer Kim and Maricel De Jesus          ship Program had a successful       the flashy sites of Las Vegas by    Svetlana Kurinsky and the
                                                 turnout with 157 applicants         going on a scavenger hunt along     alumni of the fellowship pro-
                                                 from 33 different pharmacy          the famous Las Vegas strip.         gram who helped out with the
Featuring:                                       schools around the U.S.             This event was coordinated by       recruitment efforts.
                                                                                     social chair, Jessica Cairns.
Posters on the Road                        2     During the Mid-Year meeting,                                            Recruiting for the fellowship
ROPES course                               2     all the fellows worked diligently   This year’s Mid-Year Commit-        program was a success as all
                                                 interviewing applicants as well     tee, chaired by Erika Massen-       50 positions were essentially
Alumni Spotlight                           3
                                                 as performing various tasks for     burg and Emily Scalise, with        filled by mid-February.
Professional Development Day               4                                         help from Amy Patel and
                                                 the recruitment process in a                                            Congratulations to everyone
Reflections from the Social Chair          4     united effort to attract the best   Madonna Krawczyk did an ex-
                                                                                                                         for a successful Mid-Year. We
Important Dates                            4     candidates.                         cellent job organizing and plan-
                                                                                                                         look forward to seeing every-
                                                                                     ning all the logistics of the
                                                 On December 5th, the Rutgers                                            one at ASHP 2007 in Ana-
                                                                                     meeting and the reception.
                                                 Fellowship Program held their                                           heim, California!
     RPIF Interesting
     Facts:                         Dr. Barone’s 50th Birthday Celebration
     • Founded in 1984              By Anish Patel, Berlex Laboratories
     • Program celebrated
       20th year                                                            Grand Duke Cobalt Martini Set that    ment he was actually at a loss for
                                                                            was later signed by a member of the   words. “It is so good to be able to
     • Expanded to include                                                  Faberge family.                       share and celebrate such an impor-
       13 different compa-                                                                                        tant occasion surrounded by those
       nies                                                                 The box was engraved “Live well,
                                                                                                                  who mean so much to me. Your
                                                                            ‘tis the best revenge.” In addition
     • Over 300 fellows             Dr. Barone and friends at Happy Hour,                                         support and thoughtfulness helped
                                                                            to fine glassware, Dr. Barone en-
       have completed the           Nova Terra                                                                    me celebrate an important mile-
                                                                            joyed a delightful birthday cake
       program                                                                                                    stone and also enabled me to get
                                    This past August 8th 2005, Dr.          from the famous Brooklyn Italian
                                                                                                                  through a difficult personal time.
                                    Barone celebrated his 50th birth-       bakery, Villabate, featuring the
                                                                                                                  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all
                                    day. On behalf of Dr. Alexander,        program’s trademark hawk .
                                                                                                                  our fellows.”
                                    Svetlana Kurinsky, and the fellow-      Dr. Barone was totally surprised
                                    ship class, he received the Faberge     and overwhelmed. For a brief mo-            Happy Birthday, Dr. Barone!!
                                      The Fellowship Chronicles                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 2

 Fellows Take Their Posters on the Road
 By Christine Pang, Bristol Myers Squibb
 This year, many of our fellows presented posters in conjunction        Efficiency and Consistency of Medical Information Dissemination at the
 with faculty at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. These post-       DIA meeting as well. The objective was to assess the efficiency and consis-
 ers not only served as a venue for the fellows to gain exposure to     tency of response content across various modes of dissemination. The re-
 others within the pharmaceutical industry, but also raised aware-      sults aimed to gauge the impact of technological advancement on medical
 ness of the Rutgers fellowship program.                                information consistency and delivery time.
 In December 2005 at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las           Ashwini Phatak presented Information Delivery Channels: Common Fea-
 Vegas, NV, two posters were presented during the Resident Poster       tures of a Technical Assistance Framework at the DIA meeting. The objec-
 session. Amy Padalia and Kate Yi along with Lorraine Shui, Nana        tive of the study was to evaluate the technical assistance framework of
 Wiafe-Ababio, Anish Patel, and Ahmad Alrawi, presented Evalua-         selected websites. The results were used in redesigning the OMJSA website
 tion of Medical Science Liaisons’ Perception of Job Satisfaction       to increase usability.
 and Career Path Options. This study aimed to further investigate
                                                                        Shraddha Shah presented Incorporation of Medical Communications to
 career paths and opportunities for pharmacists who currently hold
                                                                        Drug Content Providers (compendia). The project objective was to assess
 or previously held MSL positions, as well as to evaluate job satis-
                                                                        if drug content providers have incorporated changes into product mono-
 faction among MSLs.
                                                                        graphs following receipt of a communication from their Medical Informa-
 Matt Bunn, Jaime Linton, Aneta Fornal and Angie Tschand, pre-          tion department. The results were used to improve the process for commu-
 sented Evaluation of the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellow-       nicating product labeling changes to drug content providers.
 ship Program by 2005 Program Alumni. The basis of the poster
                                                                        Bryan McCreery presented Creation of a Resource Binder Designed to
 was to assess the degree of satisfaction and professional advance-
                                                                        Assist Pharmacy Students Rotating Through a Medical Information De-
 ment of the 2005 alumni of the fellowship program. Previous stud-
                                                                        partment. This binder was created to introduce pharmacy students to the
 ies have primarily focused on the penetration of the fellowship
                                                                        essential tools required for medical information professionals to function
 alumni into the pharmaceutical industry. The results helped to gain
                                                                        effectively in the pharmaceutical industry.
 an understanding of the rationale and goals for participation in the
 program.                                                               At the APhA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, in March 2006,
                                               th                       Maricel De Jesus, Kinnari Patel and Palak Shah presented the results of a
 The Drug Information Association (DIA) 17 Annual Workshop
                                                                        survey entitled Assessing Current and Future Pharmacists' Perceptions of
 for Medical Communications in Orlando, FL, in March 2006 was
                                                                        Establishing a Third Class of Medications. The objective was to evaluate
 another venue for posters. Ursula Marek and Christine Pang pre-
                                                                        the perceptions of pharmacists and pharmacy students (within two years of
 sented Handling Medical Information Novel Inquiries Within the
                                                                        graduation) of the establishment of a "Third Class of Medications" in the
 Pharmaceutical Industry. The objective of the poster was to deter-
                                                                        United States.
 mine if there is consistency among companies in responding to
                                                                        Congratulations to all the fellows who successfully presented posters!!
 novel inquiries and to elucidate successful processes that are cur-
 rently being utilized.
                                                                        The aforementioned posters may be found on the Rutgers Pharmaceutical
 Carol Davis and Kate Yi presented Assessing and Evaluating the         Industry Fellowship website at

   ROPES Course –A Day to Remember
   By Sarang Rastogi, TKL Research
                                         On July 22, 2005, the 65 fellows spent a         around various tasks to be accomplished.
                                         warm summer’s day getting to know each
                                                                                          One such task was the giant see-saw, where every
                                         other through team building exercises or-
                                                                                          member on the team had to be boarded on the see-
                                         ganized by Rutgers University Recrea-
                                                                                          saw platform without it dipping to either side. To
                                         tional Services- dubbed the “ROPES
                                                                                          accomplish the task successfully, the group had to put
                                         Course.” What one noticed immediately
                                                                                          into action the skills of leadership, strategy, commu-
                                         was the lack of corporate ties and suits,
                                                                                          nication, and most of all teamwork.
                                         and a prevailing atmosphere of youthful
                                         zeal and camaraderie emerging amongst all        All the day’s activities focused around developing
                                         the fellows. The morning got going with          trust, teamwork and cooperation, change and flexibil-
                                         an entertaining game of “Have you                ity, decision making and planning, effective commu-
                                         ever…,” in which fellows asked witty             nications, problem-solving, leadership, and critical
                                         questions of each other, and it quickly be-      thinking.
                                         came clear which fellows would have the          The fun filled activities provided an informal setting
                                         most outgoing personalities. After this ice      in which the fellows were able to further develop
                                         breaker game, the groups were divided into       these character traits, and in so doing set the tone for
                                         smaller teams as they forged ahead to take       the beginning of another exciting year of the fellow-
                                         on the ROPES Course.                             ship Program.
                                         The teams were then given scenarios
The Fellowship Chronicles                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

                                                        Alumni Connection
                                                        By Jennifer Kim, sanofi-aventis
                                                    From “In Focus– Profiles from our Alumni”
                                       For more info, see

Michelle Tsai, PharmD
                        Throughout her suc-           tion. Since then, she has gained                        TITLE
                        cessful career, Mi-           valuable experiences from other                                               “Don’t under-
                                                                                                    Area Sales Manager,
                        chelle continues to           brand marketing positions as            Leadership Development Program
                        acknowledge the fel-          well as being a successful sales                                              estimate the
                        lowship program as            representative.                                                               value of having a
                                                                                               Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
                        an essential stepping         Michelle continues to expand                                                  network of
                        stone.                                                                           OTHER ROLES
                                                      her career as she plans to pursue
                                                                                               Novartis Fellowship Co-Director      people you
                        “Although you have            becoming a brand team leader
                                                                                                      FELLOWSHIP YEARS
                        no formal training,           for either an in-line or new                                                  interacted and
                                                      product in development.                              1999-2001
                        the fellowship offers                                                                                       worked with”
                        an opportunity for                                                          FELLOWSHIP COMPANY
                                                      Despite her busy career, she has
you to see and try it out. Marketing is a diffi-                                                   Novartis Pharmaceuticals         -Dr. Michelle Tsai
                                                      been able to balance her per-
cult area to get in without first having many                                                     FELLOWSHIP DISCIPLINES
                                                      sonal life. She has traveled to
years of experience in sales, but as a fellow                                                      Trileptal Brand Marketing
                                                      Europe, Peru, South Pacific, and
you can be at the heart of it.” It is no surprise                                                         ALMA MATER
                                                      Japan. Recently, she and her
that with her fellowship experience she was           husband welcomed their first             University of Notre Dame; Uni-
able to launch into a product manger posi-                                                     versity of California, San Fran-
                                                      child. Congratulations Michelle!                       cisco

Message from the Program Director

                               I am pleased to report          ing relationships and a network that will follow
                               that the state of the           them throughout their careers.
                               Fellowship Program
                                                               Our hope is that this newsletter will serve as a                UPCOMING ALUMNI
                               continues to be strong!
                                                               continuum to better connect our key stakeholder
                               It seems that each year
                                                               groups, including our current fellows, program                     CONNECTION
                               our fellows and alumni
                                                               alumni, preceptors, faculty, and friends of the
                               are reaching new                                                                                     FEATURES:
                                                               program. We place a high value on the chemis-
                               heights, and we are
                                                               try and relationships that form as a result of this
                               fortunate to continue
                                                               program, and our desire is to continue to develop
                               to attract, train, and
                                                               and maintain a strong and lasting sense of com-
                               retain some of the best                                                                         Laura Fields, PharmD
                                                               munity within our growing network.
                               and brightest talent
from around the country to work in the New Jersey-             As this fellowship year winds down, I would like                Sr Director, Marketing
based pharmaceutical industry.                                 to congratulate our fellows who will soon be
                                                               completing the program, and thank them for                          Development
There have been many highlights during this last year,
                                                               their contributions during this past year. We
but some worth emphasizing include i) the continuing
                                                               wish you the highest degree of continuing suc-
transition to training and professional development
                                                               cess, and take pride in your great accomplish-
during our Professional Development Days (PDD,
                                                               ments which are sure to follow as you join the                 Bardia Akbari, PharmD
formerly known as “seminar”), ii) the successful com-
                                                               ranks of some 400 outstanding PharmDs to com-
memoration of the program’s 20th year at a wonderful                                                                          Director of Pharma De-
                                                               plete this program!
all-alumni reunion event, iii) the universal recognition                                                                      velopment Operations
of the program’s ASHP Midyear’s PPS space as,
“Rutgers Nation,” iv) the return of multiple program
                                                               James G. Alexander, PharmD
alumni at PDD and the ensuing happy hours to share
                                                               Director, Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry
their experiences and advice, and v) the growing sense                                                                        Irene Laurora, PharmD
of community among the entire group of fellows and
program alumni, who have more and better opportuni-                                                                               Medical/Clinical
ties than ever to interact with each other to build last-
                                                                                                                               Development Director
                                   The Fellowship Chronicles                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1
                                   Official Newsletter of the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships
Page 4

                                   Professional Development Day Reaches New Levels
                                   By Jennifer Nugent, sanofi-aventis
                                   The Rutgers Pharmaceutical          pharmaceutical industry. This        ences. It allows for current fel-
                                   Industry Fellowship (RPIF)          year, RPIF piloted an effort to      lows to meet and see how the
                                   continues to bring fellows to-      theme the Professional Devel-        fellowship experience has been
                                   gether on a regular basis with      opment Days with workshops           an important contributor to suc-
                                   the Professional Development        highlighting different func-         cessful careers for many people.
                                   Days. This provides an oppor-       tional areas supporting the drug
                                                                                                            The Professional Development
                                   tunity for fellows working          pipeline within the pharmaceu-
                                                                                                            Days represent one of the most
                                   across the different partner com-   tical industry, such as Clinical
                                   panies to come together to net-     Research, Regulatory, Com-           valuable opportunities within
                                   work with one another, partici-     mercial and       many others.       the RPIF program. With vision-
                                   pate in career development ac-      Along with presentations by          ary leadership and support from
                                   tivities, and learn about multi-    fellows, alumni guests are in-       the alumni, it will continue to
Fellows enjoy and ap-              disciplinary issues and topics in   vited as guest speakers to dis-      improve and add further value to
preciate PDD speakers              regards to health care and the      cuss their career and experi-        the RPIF program.

                                   Reflections from the Social Chair
                                   By Jessica Cairns, Roche
                                   The post-doctoral fellowship           lowed by a summer barbeque          We have celebrated many
                                   class of 2005-2006 had a great         for all to enjoy. We also con-      birthdays, including a mile-
                                   year both in- and out-of-the of-       ducted icebreaker activities at     stone for Dr. Barone.
                                   fice. As networking and getting        every PDD.                          As the fellowship year is ap-
                                   to know one another is a key
                                                                          Following our periodic Profes-      proaching its end, we are
                                   aspect of this program, we aimed
                                                                          sional Development Days, the        looking forward to a few
                                   at developing a greater sense of
                                                                          standing happy hour location        more group gatherings before
                                   teamwork and camaraderie
                                                                          this year was Nova Terra on         we part ways.
                                   amongst the different fellowship
                                                                          Albany Street in New Bruns-
                                   companies as well as depart-                                               I think that I can speak for
                                                                          wick.                               everyone when I say: This
                                                                          Halloween 2005 was definitely       year, good times were had by
                                   We kicked off the fellowship
                                                                          a night to remember, that           all.
                                   year with a day long team build-
                                                                          helped us prepare for our big
                                   ing event at the ROPES course on
                                                                          trip to the ASHP Midyear Con-
                                   the Rutgers campus that was fol-
                                                                          vention in Las Vegas, Nevada.
                                   Mark your Calendars!
    2006-2007 Co-Chief
           Fellows:                April 18th:                                          June 8th:
                                   Financial Planning and Business/Dining Eti-          Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Certificate Pres-
          Anish Patel
                                   quette.                                              entation Dinner
         Na Young Goh              Location: Alexander Library Lecture Hall and         Location: Short Hills Hilton Hotel
                                   Rutgers Club
                                                                                        Time: 6:00pm —10:00 pm
                                   Time: 12:30pm—7:00 pm

S Editors: Jennifer Kim, Maricel DeJesus                                                      Contact:
    Contributors: Buu Chung, Jessica Cairns, Jennifer Nugent, Christine Pang, Anish           Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
T   Patel & Sarang Rastogi
                                                                                              Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
A Advisor: Dr. James Alexander                                                                160 Frelinghuysen Road, Room 405

F                                                                                             Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-8020
    Special Thanks to- Svetlana Kurinsky, Lucio Volino and Staci Lymperopoulos                Phone: (732) 445-5215 ext. 455

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