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					                        Coldfusion                  “THE THEORY IS IN THE SOUND”
(602)562-0398                         Email:                         November/December 2002

                                                                                     CF Hits the Vegas Strip
                                                                                     on New Year’s Eve
                                                                                     By Jesse
                                                                                        Road Trip!! The guys are headlining
                                                                                     “The Blvd Bash” at GameWorks on
                                                                                     the Strip in Las Vegas on New Year’s
                                                                                     Eve. The night will feature eight bands
                                                                                     and three rap/hip hop artists, including
                                                                                     Snoop Dog’s brother, Bing.
                                                                                       Doors open at 5 p.m., so everyone can
                                                                                     avoid the closing of Las Vegas Blvd.
                                                                                     Concert begins at 6, bringing non-stop
                                                                                     music and tons of freebies (CDs, T-
                                                                                     shirts, party favors, more) thrown out
                                                                                     all night long. At 12 a.m., balloons
                                                                                     will release and the party will explode.
                                                                                       ColdFusion takes the stage at 11 p.m.
                                                                                     Other bands include Handcrafted
                                                                                     (Phoenix), Tomorrow (Kingman); and
                                                                                     from Vegas Columbine, Believe the
                                                                                     Hype, Aging Process, M4DG and
                                                                                     Notfromhereband. Rap/hip hop artists
                                                                                     include LegalLee (Vegas),Three Grand
A night out hangin’ with Sum 41! (Top) CF’s Mike with Sum 41 bass player Cone.       (Tucson) and Bing (L.A.).
(Left)CF’s drummer Nate poses with Sum 41 drummer Steve. (Right) Mike, again, this     Tickets are $11 (includes $5 Game
time with Sum 41 guitarist Dave.                                                     Works gamecard). Advance tickets
                                                                                     can be purchased at $10 via Email to
Unscheduled Show at Big Fish Pub                                            CF is credit-
                                                                                     ed for at-the-door admission if bought
By Blythe Tumbleson
                                                                                     at Band Will-Call by using CF’s name.
                                                                                       The event is hosted by Spectrum
 After a huge dinner of dry, left-over     (the camera bug) was buggin’ Sum          Management. GameWorks is located at
turkey, ColdFusion’s Mike, Ryan            41 band members to take photos.           3785 Las Vegas Blvd.
and Nate booked it over to the Big         While Ryan was inside (watching the
Fish Pub in Tempe to meet up with          national band we’ll be featuring in            UPCOMING SHOWS
Sum 41.                                    next month’s newsletter), Nate and
                                           Mike were busy with the camera.             Friday           Big Fish Pub
 Both bands braved this backstage                                                      Dec. 13          Tempe, AZ
chat in the middle of a rainstorm          Alas, the pics above with bass
                                           guitarist Cone, drummer Steve and           8:30 p.m.
(OK, it was drizzlying . . . heavily,
though).                                   guitarist Dave.                                          ALL AGES
 It wasn’t too long after that Mike          ColdFusion will be playing an all
                                           ages show at the Big Fish Pub on            Tuesday      GameWorks
                                           Friday, December 13 at 8:30 p.m.            Dec. 31      On the Strip
      Check the Website!                   Free CD’s will be given to the first        11:00 p.m.   Las Vegas, NV
               www.                        50 CF fans at their merchandise             Doors open 5 p.m.
                                           table. The pub is located at 1954 E.                 ALL AGES                          University in Tempe. $6 cover.
                                                                                            HAPPY HOLIDAYS
CF FANS OF THE MONTH                                                                        FROM COLDFUSION
                                    By Jesse                                                & NEWSLETTER
                                     After seeing the picture she sent, all the guys        STAFF
                                    were unanimous in picking Holly Chafee as
                                                                                            By Theresa Martinez
                                    November’s Fan of the Month. How could they
                                    resist the 18-year-old graduate from Las Vegas            Wow! A whole year has past!!
                                    High – those are their signatures on her belly!         All of us here on staff and Mike,
                                     Holly says she loves playing her guitar and            Ryan, Nate and Aaron would like
                                    spending time with her boyfriend. What she              to wish you all the best for the
                                    hates most is her job (who doesn’t?!). She              holidays and good fortune for the
                                    plans on attending the Community College of             new year! The band would also
                                    Southern Nevada in the Spring, majoring in              like to thank you for your support
                                    Business Management.                                    throughout the year(s).
                                     She states, “I first saw CF play at GameWorks            And to the following fans for
                                    (Battle of the Bands Finals) and they rocked!           signing the CF mailing list in
                                    They were the best band there that night. They          November and off the website:
Holly Chafee from Vegas is                                                                  Ali Adelmann, The Ahwatukee Gang,
November’s Fan of the Month
                                    were awesome!”
                                                                                            Risa Bustos, Zak Davis, Melissa
                                                                                            Denny,      Shawn      Ellis,   Tyler
                                                                                            Farnsworth, Carlos Garcia, Matthew
 In honor of December’s holiday spirit, Baby                                                Henti, Jim Houston, Jamie King,
Liberty Rose Ross has been chosen as CF’s                                                   Kimberly Lang, Rick Marks, Trever
youngest Fan of the Month.                                                                  Mattingly, Jared Pace, Joe Santillan,
 Libby loves sleeping in and currently has no                                               Trisha Selby, Marianne Shamo,
plans for her future. Walking and talking are                                               Bridget Skoog, Nobuyoshi Takizana
her main areas of focus at this time. Her                                                   Bob Teach, Kira Turner, Tyler
favorite pet is her stuffed bear.                                                           Walters, Ian Winterstein (and band, A
                                                                                            Different Level – ADL), and CJ Yabos.
 Her least favorite thing is wet and dirty
                                                      Liberty  Rose    Ross    from          And the AEG crew: Jason Bard,
diapers and teething. “It really sucks when                                                 Justin Beavin, Dustin, Chris Estes,
your gums hurt,” said Libby.                          CampVerde – December’s Fan
                                                                                            Jeremy & Jason Flanders, Phil
 Her final words to CF are “You guys rock!”                                                 Fletcher, James Glen, Chad High,
If you would like to be featured in the CF newsletter and on their website, Email or mail   Derek Jenson, JC Kliner, John
us your picture and a contact number. Next available month is March 2003.                   Martinez, David Nelson, Bradley
                                                                                            Pontious, Josh Sedwick, David
CF Re-Records “Before I Wake”                                                                     ColdFusion
By Branden Tyler
  ColdFusion is going back into the Can-Am studios in L.A. in December to re-
record revisions to their new song “Before I Wake” before it is released to radio              Ticket discounts, show and
stations. “After we were done, we just didn’t like the first verse, so we want to                 booking information
try again,” said guitarist Mike. The new lyrics will be posted on the CF website
soon. If you have a copy of the original version, be sure to keep hold of it as it is              (602)562-0398
truly a limited edition, and after December will no longer be available.
  The CD release party has been moved to February 2003. More information                    This is a publication produced for the
will be available on the website as the new demo is completed.                              band ColdFusion.
                                                                                            Editor             Blythe Tumbleson
                                                      Mike’s brother Brandon is             Reporter           Branden Tyler
                                                      offering $100 to the band for         Reporter           Theresa Martinez
                                                      every car sale (new or used) to       Reporter           Jesse
                                                      help in the CD fundraising            Photographer       Kerry Oliver
                                                      effort. If you or someone you         If you are interested in contributing
                                                      know wants to buy a car at a          articles/photos, call (602)562-0398.
                                                      great price, call Brandon             4025 E. Chandler Blvd., Ste. 70-A2,
                                                      directly at (602)881-0193.            Phoenix, AZ 85048