Andrea Meli Divorce 19 by andreameli


									Divorce; learn to get past what you hear

Divorce teaches a person many things. Some people take them to a place
that makes them bitter. People lose a lot in divorces and that's not just
personal materials. A person will lose a piece of himself or herself
through the process of divorce. You should know that when you go through
a divorce you might make a lot of personal changes. You will find your
own way and become independent. You may change negatively, but eventually
you'll get back on track.

You will want to overcome being this way by allowing yourself to learn
your lesson, but not hold it against yourself. You will learn so much
from a divorce that you may be scared to enter another relationship, but
you shouldn't. You should know that your friends and family love you and
want you to be happy. Your friends will encourage you, as well as,
support you.

One the most important lessons that you will learn from divorce is you
are stronger than you think. It takes a lot out of a person and it knock
you down. Going though all that you have, you will become a stronger
person. It will enable you to handle situations that you normally
wouldn't think you could handle. Divorce makes you stronger.

It will also allow you to know the difference between words and action.
Your mate might have promised to be civilized and then took everything.
This may make you not want to trust anyone ever again, however, you will
find a medium of believing everything and distrusting everything. You
will know when someone is feeding you a line and you will tell when
someone is being truly honest. Actions always speak louder than words.
You may want to keep that in mind when it comes to other relationships.

You will also learn to appreciate your friends. You know when you have a
true friend because you will never be alone in your times of need. Your
friends will always have your back in everything that you do. You will
also find that your friends are source of strength. They will encourage
you to be better and they will encourage you to have goals and reach for
them. Divorce will also let you know which friends aren't worth a dime.
You will be able to tell the difference between an honest person and
someone who will stay with you and someone who just uses your friendship
every now and then.

Another important less that everyone will learn is that anger helps heal.
Although, there are people who say that you should hold back on your
anger during times like divorce so that you don't mess up you case. But
you need to get angry! You need to yell, you need to curse, you need
right your wrong even if it won't help. Once you have expressed your
anger you can then learn what it takes to let it go. You can get all your
feelings out, all your hurt, and then you can learn to forgive. Anger is
the beginning of the healing process.

Another tip that you will get from divorce is that sometimes   it's better
to be on your own and follow your own path, whether than put   up following
someone else. You will be happier being able to control your   life you
will be a better person if you are able to find your own way   of doing
things. Your self-esteem will rise because you are an independent
individual. It may be something that you never expected from yourself and
more of a reason to feel a whole lot better about the situation.

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