Todos Santos The Real Baja for Country Walkers

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					                      Todos Santos Eco Adventures
                             Day Trips
Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) offers a series of day trips in and around
Todos Santos that allow visitors to explore the natural, cultural and culinary delights
of the area. To arrange your adventure please contact us:

  Email: Tel USA: 1-619-446-6827
          Tel Mexico: (011-52) 612-14-50189 or (011-521) 612-16-13208

Desert Triple Waterfall Adventure
Hike through incredible desert canyon featuring 3 waterfalls and fantastic desert
scenery. There is some rock scrambling and a ladder climb involved. 4 hours
roundtrip, 2.5 hours walking. $55 per person includes guide, lunch and
transportation. Minimum of 2 people.

Cliff Walk and Beach Picnic
Terrific scenery featuring sea lions, birds, whales and cactus. Picnic lunch on pristine,
palm-ringed beach. Swimming at the beach. 3.5 hours of walking, then plenty of
time for lunch, swimming, relaxing on beach. $55 per person includes guide, lunch
and transportation. Minimum of 2 people.

Champagne, Stars & Cactus
Great evening of bird watching and stargazing with local astronomer on hill-side
lookout. A glass or two of champagne while Aztec, Mayan and Greek mythologies
explored in the skies. $40 per person includes guide, champagne and telescope.
Minimum of 2 people. Combined with La Poza Hill and Beach Walk: $60 per person.

Trip to San Vicente/Visit Mountain Potters
This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the traditional way of life of the
mountain ranchers in Baja. We’ll meet local potters in a true mountain oasis, and
learn how Baja Californians have carved their homes and livings out the mountains
for centuries. Doña Ramona puts on a pottery class for the group, imparting not only
her tricks for working with the local clay, but stories from her life in the mountains as
well. Once you’ve created your own Baja pottery masterpiece, Doña Ramona then
takes the group into the kitchen to teach each person how to make tortillas in the
traditional style – absolutely fantastic! Lunch is typically several wonderful dishes,
each made with fresh ranch ingredients. $80 per person, includes guide,
transportation, pottery and tortilla lessons and lunch. Minimum of 4 people.
                     Todos Santos Eco Adventures

Historical Tour of Todos Santos and Visits to Artists Galleries
Tour the beautiful historic district and learn about the colorful Chinese, American and
Mexican residents that have shaped the town over the years. Visit the galleries of
several local artists who live in and draw their inspiration from Todos Santos.
2 hours. $15/per person, includes guide. Minimum of 2 people.

Cactus Sanctuary
Join us as we head across the desert to a magnificent forest of cacti, where you’ll be
enveloped in a world of towering, spiny forms of incredible variety and beauty. It is a
truly unique experience that should not be missed by cactus lovers.
After the cactus sanctuary, we’ll visit the beautiful pueblo of San Juan de Las
Gallinas, a town untouched by tourism or change. $55/per person includes guide and
transportation. Minimum of 3 people.

Surfing Lessons
Todos Santos boasts some of the best surf breaks in all of Baja! Mario, our veteran
surf instructor, guarantees that you’ll stand up and ride a wave – at least for a
moment – before the end of your lesson! Surf enthusiasts of all ages and levels of
experience welcome. $55/per person, includes one hour of instruction, and board,
shin guard and umbrella rental for the day.

Horseback Riding
In addition to its magnificent desert scenery, Todos Santos has 70 miles of pristine,
virtually empty beach for you to enjoy on horseback. Our guides are not only
experienced riders, but also avid birders and naturalists who enjoy sharing their local
knowledge. Morning and sunset rides are available for riders of all skill levels. There
are some restrictions with respect to age and height. $100/person/ride.

Ready for some serious, non-touristy fishing? You’ve come to the right place! Our
captains and crew are 4th generation fishermen in Todos Santos. Quite simply, no
one knows the hot spots better. Unlike Los Cabos and La Paz, the waters of Todos
Santos have not been over-fished, and are full of sierra (mackerel), dorado (mahi
mahi), tuna, bonito (skipjack), red snapper, squid, cabrilla (bass), amberjack and
others. Type of fish available depends on the season. $275 per boat, per day.
Maximum of 6 hours. Limit of 2 fisherman per boat.

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