Snell _ Wilmer Diversity LSAT Scholarship by Levone


									                            Snell & Wilmer
                      Diversity LSAT Scholarship
Through the Snell & Wilmer Diversity Prelaw Program, the firm is offering diverse individuals an
     opportunity to receive a scholarship to attend a commercial LSAT preparation course.
          The Snell & Wilmer Diversity LSAT Scholarship includes payment of test
                           registration fees for scholarship recipients.

                                  Our application can be printed from

  Snell & Wilmer will provide a scholarship for LSAT registration fees and an LSAT preparation
       course with an approved course provider, including ACE, Kaplan, Princeton Review,
                                  Score It Up, and TestMasters.

                                         Scholarship Deadlines:
                                October 15, 2009 (for February 2010 exam)
                                 February 15, 2010 (for June 2010 exam)

           Please direct inquiries to Kara Sommers | | 602.382.6696

                                                w w w. s w l a w. c o m

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