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					                        PartyLite Jeopardy

~This game is meant to be a little like the TV show.
~When each guest arrives, give her a name tag, her tickets, and a Jeopardy
card that has a “question” on it.
~You can either play this game at the end of the show, only using the
questions and answers that pertain to the Hostess Program and Consultant
Opportunity or you can do the entire show as a Jeopardy Theme by also
giving them questions and answers that pertain to the items on your display
table too!
~I read out an answer and the guest who thinks she has the right question is
to stand and read it…if she is right, she gets 3 tickets, if she is wrong you
just let someone else guess until it is the right question! Then discuss!

Product and Host Questions…
   1. What is the greatest thing to ever happen to an Aroma Melt Warmer?
   2. What would make my friends come to my Candle Party?
   3. How many burn hours do you get from a PartyLite Votive?
   4. In Thai tradition, marriage is like an ____________?
   5. How many months does an apprentice need to put in before he is
      allowed to attempt to create a piece from the Global Fusion line?
   6. What do I get “extra” if I become a consultant in February?
   7. What is the cool new name of one of PartyLite’s new Pillar Candles?
   8. Why do I need to own the City Lights Centerpiece?
   9. What is special about PartyLite’s new Pillar sleeves?

Product and Host Answers…
   1. The NEW Aroma Melt AND Tealight Combo Pack!
   2. Theme Shows!! We do your invites for you…plus new 2007 catalog
   3. They last 10 – 12 hours each!
   4. Elephant…the front legs represent the husband, as he provides the
      direction. The rear legs represent the wife as she provides the
      strength. The elephant needs both the move forward!
   5. At least 6 months!
   6. 4,000 trip points, a $150 wax pack for just $19.95, a Starter Kit
      “addition” worth over $150 at the end of my first month, and the
      FREE Starter Kit worth over $400 alone!
   7. Striated
   8. Viola, when you flip it over, it also holds 9 tealights to make the
      perfect centerpiece!
   9. The pierced Lotus Leaf design which symbolizes purity in Asian

Consultant Opportunity Questions…
  1. How many shows does a Consultant need to hold each week?
  2. What happens if a guest wants to return an item she purchased at a
  3. How much does a PartyLite Consultant pay for items found in the
  4. How much did you make last year doing PartyLite?
  5. How much money does a Brand-New Consultant make, on average,
     per show?
  6. How much inventory does a Consultant need to carry?
  7. How often do PartyLite Consultants get paid?
  8. Do I HAVE to go to meetings if I become a consultant?
  9. Where is PartyLites 2007 Incentive Trip destination?
  10.How much does it cost to start a PartyLite business?
  11.How quickly can a consultant make a higher income? Who decides to
     give her the promotion?

Consultant Opportunity answers…
  1. We decide!! It’s all up to us, we are our own bosses!
  2. 3 minutes worth of paperwork and no cost to the consultant!
  3. 50% discount on everything…always! And receive free gift
     certificates and new product in monthly contests!
  4. $73,000+
  5. $100 - $200
  6. NONE! PartyLite takes care of all deliveries too!
  7. Every Wednesday, by direct deposit!
  8. We receive 2 free training opportunities monthly…neither are
     mandatory, just recommended!
  9. Los Cabos, Mexico!
  11.You choose when you want to lead a team and make more
     money…”Unit Leader” can happen in a few short months!

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