; NORAD WE Indicators _Entebbe_
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NORAD WE Indicators _Entebbe_


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									NORAD Women’s Empowerment Programming Indicators

                                                                   Cross-cutting indicators
           Core outcome Issue                                                              Outcome Indicators
Policy - Changes in polices promoting                 Existence and enforcement of women’s rights laws and policies in the following domains:
women’s rights                                        - Women’s economic security (their property rights, inheritance rights; etc)
                                                      - Women’s civic and political rights
                                                      - Women’s SRHR and maternal health
                                                      - Addressing GBV (prevention and response)
Attitude - Change in the attitude of men and Measure of attitudes of men and women towards women’s empowerment as is seen in the following
women regarding women empowerment            areas:
                                                      - Women’s economic security (property rights, inheritance, involvement in paid work, etc)
                                                      - Women’s participation in the public sphere, decision making at community level
                                                      - Women’s ability to make decision on their SRHR (use of contraceptives, accessing maternal health care, choosing
                                                        partner etc)
                                                                    Objective-specific indicators
                       Core outcome Issue                                                                     Outcome Indicators
Objective 1: Strengthening the economic security of women and reducing their vulnerability to shocks
1.1. Outcomes related to economic security of women                  1.1.1 % of women with control over assets in household
1.2 Outcomes related to women’s vulnerability                        1.2.1 % of women with capacity to cope with economic shocks
Objective 2: Enhancing women’s role and real say in decision making at all levels
                                                                     2.1.1 % of women that report meaningful participation in decision-making bodies at community level
2.1 Decision-making, participation and social relations.
                                                                     2.1.2 Women’s perception of social inclusion in the community
Objective 3: Ensuring women’s right to control fertility and body
3.1. Changes in structures regarding sexual and reproductive health 3.1.1 % of women reporting satisfaction with the availability and quality of SRHR related services
and rights (SRHR)
3.2. Women and SRHR                                                  3.2.1 % of women making informed choices/decisions with regards to their SRHR
Objective 4: Elimination of GBV & support to survivors of all types of GBV (domestic violence, sexual violence in conflict & war, or human trafficking)
4.1 Attitudes on GBV                                                  4.1.1 Attitudes of men and women regarding GBV (domestic violence; harassment; harmful traditions
                                                                     such as FGC; early marriage; etc.)

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