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									Washington State Department of Personnel
Class Specification



Positions supervise property tax auditors and/or appraisers, or other property tax staff involved in
state-mandated programs such as the statewide ratio study, revaluation, county review, property tax
exemptions and deferrals, education, Board of Equalization administration, levy administration and
financial and/or valuation analysis in the areas of utilities, real property, and personal property.
Some positions supervise lands agents and habitat technicians involved in developing, coordinating,
and monitoring property acquisition, appraisal, and property management activities. These positions
also manage public access areas.

Typical Work:

Provides technical and policy recommendations to WMS managers;

Assists and/or leads in the development of oral and written policy communications;

Coordinates and advises local taxing authorities in the formulation and application of state and local
levy process;

Reviews and approves county assessor revaluation programs; reviews and develops state mandated
guidelines, forms and programs in the valuation and taxation of property;

Testifies and provides expert advice at legislative committees and public hearings on property tax
matters and proposed legislation; testifies at the State Board of Tax Appeals and in judicial courts;
assists attorneys in the preparation of court cases; provides significant recommendation, input and
review in the development of rules;

Advises county officials and staff, taxpayers, and others in the assessment, equalization, and
taxation of real and personal property;

Coordinates and makes final reviews and revisions of permits and agreements which allow
temporary use of department lands state-wide such as housing and office rentals, short-term
permits, land use agreements; prepares and revises standard documents;
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Coordinates and makes final reviews and revisions of legal documents which convey permanent
rights on wildlife habitat lands such as right-of-way for roads, utilities, quit claim deeds, easements,
and land exchanges; prepares presentations with recommendations to ensure the proposed use will
have no detrimental effects upon wildlife, habitat, or environmental quality;

Receives, evaluates, inspects, and makes recommendations on various proposed uses of
department lands in coordination with regional personnel; meets with attorneys and surveyors in
coordination with regional personnel to resolve boundary and fencing disputes;

Directs staff in negotiations on a broad spectrum of real estate transactions on a statewide basis;

Coordinates and finalizes all sales involving surplus buildings and commodity sales such as gravel,
timber, and agricultural products from department land;

Negotiates and provides recommendations for the department’s state-wide leasing program;

Plans, coordinates, and monitors property acquisition activities of the Lower Snake Fish and Wildlife
Mitigation Program;

Conducts department real estate program of acquisition, exchange, disposal of lands and buildings
including farms, game farms, hatcheries, warehouses, offices, residences, rights-of-way, easements
for hunting, fishing, roads, bridges, pipelines, timber stands, natural areas, mitigation areas and
habitat; negotiates with landowners, corporate managers and realtors;

Conducts site selection searches, writes proposals, selects real estate appraisal, contract title
reports, surveys, recording, legal advertising, notices; supervises preparation of all forms of real
estate instruments including complex sale and purchase options, Governor’s Quit Claim Deeds;
conducts public auctions, bid preparation, and openings for sale of lands and buildings;

Serves as liaison to Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC); represents the
department to evaluate and recommend all state, county, city, and special district applications for
funding of acquisition and development of recreational projects; coordinates all project proposals
with regional administrators to present the department’s position to IAC; participates in state-wide

Legal Requirement(s):

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is
the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each
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Desirable Qualifications:

Positions typically require a Bachelor’s degree involving major study in business or public
administration, real estate, economics, accounting, natural resource management, or related field
and three to four years of experience in real property appraising, property negotiations, public
property management, or selling, leasing or buying real estate


One year of experience as a Property and Acquisition Specialist 5.

Class Specification History
New class. Consolidates 17110 Lands Program Coordinator and 61221 Property Tax Supervisor,
effective January 1, 2006.
Revise class. Revises class code (formerly 177N); adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.
(10/26/2007) Language error in Definition, correct adopted language inserted.

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