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HR management and career development

Training job descriptions

I/ Detail Training HR job descriptions

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Training director
• Training manager
• Training officer
• Training coordinator
• Training assistant
• Training specialist
• Training consultant
• Training supervisor

II/ Key tasks of training officer

   1. Backup, check training materials periodically.

   2. Manage the training records of the company.

   3. Assist in conducting employee skill evaluations.
   Support and implement the system of performance appraisal.

   4. Ensure training programs are aligned with company programs.

   5. Other work to fulfill training program.

   6. Search training suppliers, signed a contract with the partners at the company.

   7. Contact trainer and line managers to determine the location, time, facilities and

   8. Make training list for employees to sign, take back training documents.

   9. Contact with line managers / supervisors to build up schedule for training

   10. Manage training materials stipulated by regulations.
HR management and career development

   11. Photo, distribution, management of training materials as regulation of procedures
       to control documents.

   12. Making training program and send to training manager of approval and sent to all
       departments concerned.

   13. Directly or authorization for junior training staff to organize and monitor the

   14. Organize the training include: review the list of participants, distribution of
       materials and training, monitor trainee in training, support trainer in training.

III / Job specification of training officer

   1. University degree in Human Management.

   2. Ability to demonstrate practical knowledge and application of HR, training and
      development requirements is critical for success in this role.

   3. Ability to handle confidential material will be critical, the successful candidate
      must be able to demonstrate high levels of trustworthiness and integrity.

   4. Work independently and within team environment.

   5. Strong communication skills – including the ability to fluently translate between
      English and xxxxxx for training material (written) and delivery (verbal).

   6. Such experience may have been gained via study or preferably through a
      combination of study and job assignments.

   7. The T&D Officer will interact with senior Managers, therefore, this will require a
      mature interpersonal style and clear communication.

   8. Computer literate, especially Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

   9. Knowledge and ability to use Intranet and Internet tools to support training and
      development and other HR requirements.

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• Training specialist • Training assistant

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