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					BESTPLACEONTHENET.COM 2009 The Brutal Method That Scalps The Competition and Crams $64,131.81 A Month Into Your ClickBank Account, At The Low End
Google Massacre is a new product developped by Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones. If you are in the Internet Marketing circle for a long time, you probably know that they are well known for releasing very good products one after the other.

In this review, I have gathered all the information available about Google Massacre at the time of this writing.

The Google Massacre Product

Google Massacre is mainly a collection of several PDFs totalling over 200 pages and a video or two about affiliate marketing in general and PPC marketing with Google Adwords. The Google Massacre eBooks take the reader from weak affiliate marketer to niche dominator. Their method is based on a simple maxim:

“SCALP the opposition”

Scalping is known for its brutality and speed. In ancient times, enemies were scalped alive, aware of their own demise.

Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones have used this term on purpose. In fact this is an acronym and each letter of the word stands for a component of the Google Massacre method.

They have elaborated a method to enter any niche market by the back door so noone notices you and then they attack the competitors with a set of proven strategies. With their step by step methodology they are able to conquer competitive markets and they show many proofs on their sales page.

Here is a sneak peak of what you find inside Google Massacre:

* The “Vulcan Death Grip” strategy. This technique is aimed to annihilate your competitors in one simple move. * A way to spy on how a competitor’s ads are performing. * How to steal all the high quality prospects from your competitors. Andrew X And Steven Lee Jones say that if you don’t use this technique you’ll just have to settle for crumbs others leave behind. * A technique that allows to pay Google much less for our ads. * The precise way to know what our marketing costs will be for virtually any campaign, up front. They show us exactly how to avoid losing a dime in the critical early stages. * A simple way to compare sales to costs and target the winners with high precision. * A technique to get our ads ranked above the competition even when they pay high bid prices per click. This is the first time they reveal these underground bidding tactics. * A trick called “Traffic Confluence” to steal other people’s traffic and send it wherever we choose. * A system to drastically increase keyword research speed to uncover profitable keywords. * An easy way to choose which affiliate products to promote…

Google Massacre also shows how to profit from our own products, wether we have created ourselves or if they come from PLR.

All in all Google Massacre is a very complete package and the price is very affordable.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try: Google Massacre. It’s obvious that Google Massacre is NOT a scam.

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Description: Google Massacre Review - No Hype, Just Facts. Does this method deliver? Or is it a Scam?