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									Malta – Multiple Rental Accommodation Options This should not be grueling because there are various options on Malta accommodations that will suit your needs and budget. In general, there are three types of accommodation in Malta that one choose from: Malta Villas If you have the budget and do not mind spending a big sum of money for your accommodation, a villa is an excellent choice. Malta Villas can be very expensive but it has amenities that are comparable to a five-star hotel. The minimum number of rooms in Malta Villas is 3. Most of the villas have their own swimming pools and large terraces with a fantastic view of the bay or the sea. Villas are the usual choice of visitors who are on a vacation trying to find a quiet place to rest. This is a best option if you are staying as a big group so you can divide the rent. Malta Villas are open for short-term or long-term rent. Apartments in Malta Apartments in Malta are normally situated in a occupied by more than one household with a room or suite of rooms. Apartments are designed to be a residence. Depending on your need, you can choose from furnished, semi-furnished and bare apartments. There are various apartments to rent in Malta. Some are simple while some can also be high-end. Of course, the choice will depend on your budget and needs. Apartments in Malta are ideal for visitors who are in Malta for a business trip of long-term training since most of the apartments are within the business district. Malta farmhouses Malta farmhouses are somewhat similar to Malta Villas in the sense that both spells luxury and high end standards. The difference is in the location. While a villa is normally situated near a bay or sea, the Malta farmhouse is usually situated in the outskirts of the city, in the countryside or in a valley. Arrangements in Malta farmhouses can also be on a short-term of long-term basis. Malta farmhouses are best for vacation because of the location. Malta farmhouses may not be suitable for business people who are on a business trip because of the proximity of the houses to the city.

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