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                                            TERMINATION CHECKLIST
               Notification and Documentation                                      System and Building Access
 Task                                 Date Completed   Initials   Task                                Date Completed           Initials
Human Resources notified              ___/___/___                 Terminate system access             ___/___/___
Obtain official written resignation                               Obtain building access cards,
from employee *Voluntary                                          ID cards, office and building
termination only*                     ___/___/___                 keys                                ___/___/___
Prepare termination letter                                        Collect parking access cards,
*Involuntary termination only*        ___/___/___                 badges, stickers, etc.              ___/___/___
Terminate Employee Benefits                                       Retrieve Company Property
Task                                  Date Completed   Initials   Task                                Date Completed           Initials
Terminate health insurance                                        Company purchased reference
Confirmation: _________________       ___/___/___                 materials, internal policies,       ___/___/___
Coverage End Date: ___/___/___                                    procedures manuals etc.
Terminate vision insurance                                        Confirmation of cancellation of
Confirmation: _________________       ___/___/___                 company paid professional
Coverage End Date: ___/___/___                                    association and social club         ___/___/___
Terminate STD insurance                                           Cell phones, Blackberries,
Confirmation: _________________       ___/___/___                 iPhones, PDAs, laptops and          ___/___/___
Coverage End Date: ___/___/___                                    other electronic devices
Terminate dental insurance                                        Company credit card(s)
Confirmation: _________________       ___/___/___                                                     ___/___/___
Coverage End Date: ___/___/___
Terminate 401(k)                                               
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