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Purchase Order Form - Download Now Excel


Purchase Order Form document sample

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									                                                                             Purchase Order                                              P.O.
                                                                                                                                         Above P.O. number must appear on all paper
                                                                                                                                         and packages relative to this order, including
2600 Nutwood Ave Suite 275, Fullerton, Ca 92831 714-278-4112

Note:    This P.O. is valid for six (6) Months form the date of issuance. ASC requires submittal of original invoice for payment.
         ASC requires submittal of original receipts or invoice. All new vendors must submit a W9 form.                                   Click here W9 to access form
Payee Information                                                          Ship Merchandise To:                                          Contact Information:
Vendor/Payee:                                                                                                                            Requested
Address                                                                                                                                  Department:

City                                                                                                                                     Phone/
State, Zip                                                                                                                                 Room No.

Purchase order status
Phone Order                        Send Vendor Copy?                 Yes                     No          Merchandise received / Services performed ?        Yes           No

Other instructions                                                                                            Date received
                                                                                                              Verified by:

Qty                  Item #           Description                                                        Project - Object                  Unit Price

                                                                           LESS WITHHOLDING                                                               <                           >

ASC Use only - Accounting Department Coding
PEID:                                                                      W9 on File?              Corp.                Sole            Proj- Object

Desc.                                                                      Invoice No.                                                   Invoice Date:

Invoice Due Date:                                                             1099                       Division                        Other:

Audited by: Remarks:

                  Sample authorized signatures must be on file at ASC corporate office and agree with the signatures on the request.
                                                           Authorized Signatures                                                                          ASC Accounting
I certify that the expenses incurred is for bona fide business purposes and, the information I'm providing is true and accurate. I certify that this      department/ sponsor
expenditure benefits the educational mission of the CSU as defined by the respective statutes, Board of Trustees policies, campus policy, and ASC         program coordinator
policy and that all items are for official business and include no personal expense.                                                                      approval

Name of authorized signer (Type or Print)                                  Signatures                                                         Date                Approved by

Name of authorized signer (Type or Print)                                  Signatures                                                         Date                    Date

        APPO-1                                                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\adfe26c5-9549-4bc1-a8ea-3afeafde70f1.xls

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