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					                                                                      Expanding User Connectivity in Education
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CONTENTS                                                              The Problem: Expanding                         It generally is the job of the institution’s
                                                                                                                     network administrators to provide users
Internet Scaling Problems ...............................1
                                                                      Network Ports Securely and                     with the ports or tools that can make these
                                                                      Cost-Effectively                               connections.
Internet Protocol Addressing...........................2
                                                                      Education requires making connections.
IPv6 Addressing ..............................................2       For students, administrators, and faculty      Exploding Demand and Limited
Additional IPv6 Features .................................3           alike, the work of learning happens when       Resources
                                                                      ideas and information connect. To make         Every year brings more electronic devices
Routing Protocols ...........................................4        these connections a few decades ago, a         and more bandwidth-hungry applications
IPv6 Deployment ............................................4         school or college needed only people,          to be connected to the network. Expanding
                                                                      buildings, and books. To make them now         an educational institution’s 10/100 Ethernet
Transition Strategy ..........................................5       requires an additional asset: network          network to meet these demands can be a
Network Designs ............................................6         device ports.                                  time-consuming task that usually must be
                                                                                                                     accomplished with finite resources and an
The Future of IPv6 ..........................................6
                                                                      Network Ports: The Little Problems             eye on the future costs of integrating
3Com IPv6 Strategy ........................................6          That Add Up                                    advanced network security and IP
                                                                      • Staff and time needed to install, move,      telephony.
                                                                        and troubleshoot ports
                                                                                                                     In K-12 school districts, IT staff often must
                                                                      • Control over who has what access and         add more ports in classrooms, offices,
                                                                        bandwidth, where, and when                   libraries, laboratories, resource centers—in
                                                                      • Compatibility with IP telephony              any building where teachers, students, and
                                                                      • Disruptive to pull more cable, sometimes     staff require more connectivity. Some
                                                                        also unsafe                                  buildings are portables that will be used
                                                                                                                     for only a short time. Some older buildings
                                                                      • Theft or damage of equipment
                                                                                                                     have brick or asbestos construction that
                                                                      • Locations that lack adequate electrical      makes pulling more cable difficult or
                                                                        service                                      unsafe. Many buildings are impossible to
                                                                      • Expanding secure networks with voice,        secure—in the daytime rooms are
                                                                        data, video connections                      unlocked, in the evening they are open for
                                                                                                                     community activities.
                                                                      • Cost to purchase—and own—each
                                                                        investment                                   In colleges and universities, the Telecom
                                                                                                                     and IT departments often must add more
                                                                      Network Ports: The Benefits of                 ports to satisfy user demand, generate
                                                                      Flexible Deployment                            revenue from reselling network services, or
                                                                      10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports            bring their institution a competitive advan-
                                                                      connect users at the educational institution   tage. Higher education networks are some
                                                                      to another world of information and tools.     of the world's busiest. Without interrup-
                                                                      Each network port lets virtually any user      tion, ports must be added in residence
                                                                      device—computer, printer, or phone—            halls, apartment complexes, group study
                                                                      access virtually any application               areas, offices, classrooms, training rooms,
                                                                      resource—Internet, video, data, or voice.      labs, libraries, and public space kiosks.
                                                                      The ports can allow students to take           Electrical outlets are often scarce. Pulling
                                                                      distance-learning courses, faculty to put      more network cable in most locations is
                                                                      courses online, researchers to relay field     time-consuming and disruptive. Wiring
                                                                      work, and everyone to collaborate with         closet density may make it impractical to
                                                                      colleagues across town or around the           add more switches. The availability and
                                                                      world.                                         security of the network are paramount


                                                 Managing Security and Bandwidth                                                             The Solution: 3Com
                                                 In most educational institutions, network
                                                 equipment is subject to unauthorized use
                                                                                                                                             IntelliJack Switches
                                                 and abuse. It also tends to “grow legs and                                                  The 3Com® IntelliJack™ switch is a compact
                                                 walk off.”                                                                                  intelligent switch that turns an existing wall-
                                                                                                                                             mounted RJ-45 Ethernet jack into four
                                                 In colleges and universities, users tend to                                                 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports. It
                                                 put devices and applications onto the                                                       is available in managed and unmanaged
                                                 network that slow traffic to a crawl, pirate                                                models, and can be powered by local AC
                                                 music, or bring the network down. Network                                                   power or Power over Ethernet.
                                                 staff must be able to control what is attached
                                                 on ports, allocate bandwidth to prevent                                                     Schools and colleges can use the affordable
                                                 network misuse, and quickly troubleshoot                                                    3Com IntelliJack switch to cost-effectively
  Advantages of Using IntelliJack                problems.                                                                                   expand their network. Any network admin-
                                                                                                                                             istrator can quickly and easily install and
                                                 In K-12 schools, where teachers and staff                                                   configure it—without rewiring, adding more
 • quick and easy to install, move, and trou-    tend to be less technically sophisticated, IT                                               electrical outlets, or reconfiguring the wiring
   bleshoot                                      staff must be able to quickly solve problems                                                closet. Quadrupling the number of ports is
                                                 remotely. From district headquarters, the                                                   transparent: only a few minutes will pass by
 • no need for major network upgrades or         network staff must be able to see what is                                                   and not a speck of dust will fly.
   additional cabling; connectivity can be       attached on a port. Many of the schools’
   added when and where needed                   network problems arise haphazardly and                                                      Users plug their device into a 3Com
                                                 often there is no time or money to travel to                                                IntelliJack switch port exactly the same way
 • controllable access and bandwidth             the site every time.                                                                        they had plugged the device into a one-port
                                                                                                                                             Ethernet jack.
 • compatible with IP telephony solutions
                                                                                                                                             Now, though, the in-the-wall four-port
 • minimized equipment theft or damage                                                                                                       Ethernet switch eliminates the vulnerability
                                                                                                                                             of a free-standing switch, reduces cable
 • no need for electrical outlets                                                                                                            clutter, and safeguards the ports from
                                                                                                                                             damage and theft. The managed model—the
 • support for secure voice, data, and video
                                                                                                                                             3Com IntelliJack Switch NJ220—can also
                                                                                                                                             remotely pinpoint the location of attached
 • savings from affordable purchase price and                                                                                                devices, control network access and applica-
   lowered cost to own                                                                                                                       tions traffic on a port-by-port basis, and set
                                                                                                                                             IEEE 802.1Q VLANs.

                                                                                                                                             The 3Com IntelliJack switch enables
                                                                                                                                             cost-effective, secure network expansion.

                                                                                                                           ®   3
                                                                                                            ® Supe
                                                                                                       3Com nced RPS
FIGURE 1: Cost-effective and secure device                                                               Adva

connections in the classroom


Features and Benefits                                                      rStac
                                                                                 k3                                                                               iJack
                                                                      Supe                                                                                  Intell
• No AC outlets required for IntelliJacks                      3Com h 4400 P
• Only 1 Ethernet cable required per classroom
                                                                                                                                              Teac e
• Automatic Power forwarding to 3Com NBX®                                                   iJack                                               Phon
phone from IntelliJack
• Centralized power backup for phones and                                                                                                                                         Cs
                                                                  her’s                                                                                                    ent P
                                                              Teac e                                                                                                   Stud
IntelliJacks                                                                                                                                                                           2
                                                                Phon                                                                                                           room
• Automatic detection and prioritization for                                                                                                                              Class
NBX voice traffic
                                                                                                                en t PCs

 2                                                                            FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK

                                               Increased Efficiency                              Uninterrupted Power Supply powers the
                                               It is the rare school IT or college Telecom       IntelliJack switches if electrical power is lost)
                                               department that has enough staff and hours        and eliminates the service calls caused by
                                               in the day to keep pace with the demand for       disconnected electrical plugs.
                                               adding and supporting more network ports.
                                               The traditional solution—pulling more cable       The managed 3Com IntelliJack Switch NJ220
                                               or supervising expensive third party cable-       makes troubleshooting especially efficient.
                                               pullers, activating the user ports,               Its innovative Location Mapping utility
                                               configuring each device move or change,           pinpoints the physical location of any
                                               and hunting down troublesome devices—             devices connected to it. Working remotely
                                               piles time-consuming tasks onto an already        on a Windows 2000, Windows NT, or
                                               weighty workload. By contrast, the innova-        Windows XP computer attached to the
                                               tive 3Com IntelliJack switch solution is much     network or the web, the network adminis-
                                               faster and easier to install, move, and trou-     trator can use an IP or MAC address to
                                               bleshoot: in educational institutions it is       instantly locate, isolate, and troubleshoot a
 “3Com IntelliJack switches are easy to        typically at least 10 times faster.               device, as well as inventory equipment assets
 install and use—without engineers.”                                                             on the network.
                                               Installing and activating more ports is simple.
              —University network manager
                                               It generally takes less than 10 minutes to        Enhanced Security
                                               unscrew the existing single-port wall plate,      The 3Com IntelliJack switch lets users plug
 “...the 3Com IntelliJack switch enables us    attach the cable to the IntelliJack switch        in any devices they need—mobile or
 to affordably install additional ports in a   unit, test the switch connection, and screw       desktop computers, printers, or phones—
 fraction of the time and cost previously      the unit into the wall. New ports are up and      and whatever applications they
 required.”                                    available in just minutes, instead of hours.      want—voice, data, or video. Unfortunately,
                 —School district supervisor
                                                                                                 transparent connectivity is a freedom that is
                                               By contrast, adding ports by physically           sometimes abused. The school or college
                    of telecommunications
                                               pulling cable requires more staff resources       must be able to control who connects what
                                               and causes more disturbance to users.             on a port, and what applications they can
 The 3Com IntelliJack switch “provides a       Gaining access to residences, classrooms,         use, when.
 much faster, simpler, and cost-effective      labs, and business offices to drill into walls,
 response to our users’ needs for additional   rewire, and activate connections is awkward       The managed 3Com IntelliJack Switch NJ220
 network connections...There is less wiring    and often disruptive. With the 3Com               gives the network administrator efficient
 work on site, reducing interruptions to       IntelliJack switch, disturbances are minimal      port-level control over network access and
 normal daily work.”                           or nonexistent. User activities can continue      applications traffic. The network adminis-
                                               without interruption.                             trator can wield this control remotely. Any
              —University network manager
                                                                                                 SNMP management platform, including HP
                                               An instant solution, the 3Com IntelliJack         Open View and 3Com Network Supervisor,
                                               switch lets IT and Telecom staff move ports       can discover the IntelliJack Switch NJ220
                                               whenever and wherever more connections            and do basic configuration.
                                               are needed. On any day—for any user,
                                               program, or special event— the network            Control Network Access Remotely
                                               administrator can quickly and easily add or       For advanced security, each 3Com IntelliJack
                                               remove device ports virtually anywhere on         Switch NJ220 is bundled with Central
                                               the network. Video, data, and voice applica-      Configuration Manager software that
                                               tions can be made available for just an hour,     extends network edge control at the port
                                               a few weeks, or several semesters.                level. The network administrator can
                                                                                                 remotely control network access and applica-
                                               The 3Com IntelliJack switch’s Power over
                                                                                                 tions traffic on a port-by-port basis, set up
                                               Ethernet (PoE) features let ports be added
                                                                                                 IEEE 802.1Q port-based VLANs, and control
                                               without adding electrical outlets. 3Com
                                                                                                 performance and QoS in a converged
                                               IntelliJack switches work with most IEEE
                                                                                                 network. These unique IntelliJack switch
                                               802.3af (PoE) edge switches, including those
                                                                                                 controls let the institution prevent residence
                                               from 3Com, Avaya, Extreme, and Nortel. The
                                                                                                 hall residents from downloading music, visi-
                                               IntelliJack Switch NJ220 also works with
                                                                                                 tors from using office phones after hours,
                                               Cisco’s proprietary Cisco 3550 Power over
                                                                                                 and students in classrooms from engaging in
                                               Ethernet switches, as well as its 3000, 4000,
                                                                                                 inappropriate network activities.
                                               5000, and 6000 series. Using PoE increases
                                               network reliability (the wiring closet’s

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK                                                                                                             3

                                                 Authentication, Filtering, and Alerts             Cost Control
                                                 To control port network and application           3Com IntelliJack switches are the most
“The connectivity of the IntelliJack is trans-   access, the network administrator can use         economical way to expand user connectivity
parent to staff and students. We can easily      the IEEE 802.1X authentication and RADIUS         and have network reliability, manageability,
manage the ‘who can have what’ access to         client functions of the IntelliJack Switch        and security. IntelliJack switches add more
the network for the entire school, down to       NJ220, as well as its MAC filtering, event        network edge device ports at a fraction of
the port.”                                       alerts, rate limiting, and port-scheduling.       the purchase and ownership costs of
                    —University IT manager       The IEEE 802.1X authentication lets the           running additional cabling. And unlike
                                                 administrator authorize port access by user       pulling cable, they are not a one-time invest-
                                                 name or ID, allowing use only by the              ment: IntelliJack switches are
                                                 students whose account payments are               scalable—easily moved and managed.
“Thanks to 3Com’s IntelliJack switch, NBX®
                                                 current, for example. The MAC address filter
Communications system, and Embedded
                                                 can give port access only to specific devices.    To add four live ports to a room, the 3Com
Firewall solution, we’ve maximized our
                                                 Event alerts can let the administrator know       IntelliJack switch purchase price ranges
students’ safety and access to the tech-
                                                 whenever a device, such as an IP phone, is        from 39% - 87% of the purchase price for
nology they need to further their education.
                                                 added to or removed from the network. The         pulling more cabling. Often power source
What’s more, we have greater control over
                                                 administrator can also remotely turn any          expenses tilt the scale further. Rooms
our network operations....”
                                                 port on or off. Port-based rate limiting lets     without enough electrical outlets can
      —School district technology and data       the administrator control a port’s speed and      require huge costs for upgrading the
                communications specialist        duplex settings to prevent the downloading        building’s electrical system. While the 3Com
                                                 of music or video files, or to slow the spread    IntelliJack switch can run on a local AC
                                                 of viruses. The administrator can also use        power supply, it can also run inline on
                                                 the port-scheduling function to automati-         power provided by a PoE switch in the
                                                 cally “calendar” port configurations: for         wiring closet or a PoE midspan solution,
                                                 example, turn off network ports in K-12           saving the costs of adding additional power
                                                 classrooms each weekday afternoon after           sockets and electrical cables.
                                                 school, preventing after-hours use.
                                                                                                   The biggest savings from the 3Com
                                                 Subnet Privileges                                 IntelliJack switch arrive not at the time of
                                                 To provide access privileges to specific          purchase but in day-to-day administration.
                                                 groups of users, the IntelliJack Switch           Support costs are exceptionally low. Almost
                                                 NJ220 and its support for IEEE 802.1Q port-       anyone can do the installation: The only
                                                 assigned VLANs let the network                    requirements are 10 minutes and a screw-
                                                 administrator create subnets without doing        driver. Any administrator employee or
                                                 any rewiring. For example, the administrator      contractor can quickly and easily configure
                                                 can allow current students to access              and troubleshoot an IntelliJack switch—
                                                 IntelliJack switch ports 2, 3, and 4, while       even configuring advanced features like
                                                 giving port 1 to teachers for access to           port-based rate limiting is straightforward,
                                                 student records and grades. Each device           without arcane commands. No expensive
                                                 port on a 3Com IntelliJack switch can be          Cisco- or Microsoft MCSE-certified adminis-
                                                 configured to a separate VLAN that controls       trator, special training, or union labor is
                                                 inbound and outbound traffic according to         required.
                                                 user profile, increasing network efficiency
                                                                                                   Another budget bonus is that unlike device
                                                 and security.
                                                                                                   ports based on exposed cabling and free-
                                                                                                   standing equipment, 3Com IntelliJack
                                                 Traffic Prioritization
                                                                                                   switches help lower the costs of replacing
                                                 To improve the performance of a converged
                                                                                                   stolen and damaged network assets.
                                                 network, the IntelliJack Switch NJ220
                                                 supports IEEE 802.1p traffic prioritization;
                                                 for quality of service (QoS) at the port level,
                                                 it supports TOS/DiffServ and multicast
                                                 flooding control, as well as the IEEE 802.1Q
                                                 port-based VLANs. The network adminis-
                                                 trator can assign priorities to particular
                                                 ports—for example, making Port 1 for IP
                                                 telephones, Port 2 for video streaming, and
                                                 Ports 3 and 4 for data applications—to offer
                                                 high-quality video transmissions and IP
                                                 telephone service.

4                                                                         FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK

The Purchase Cost: Expanding Connectivity in a K-12 Classroom or Residence Hall

 THE NEED:                                                                                                 COSTS TO PURCHASE
Add three 10/100 Mbps device ports                           Pulling More Cable                            3Com IntelliJack Switch                   3Com IntelliJack Switch
for voice, data, video                                                                                     NJ100 (unmanaged)                         NJ220 (managed)

Installation of three more 10/100 Mbps                       $150 - $300                                   $140                                      $219
ports cable run plus connectors

Power supply                                                 $0                                            $29                                       $29

Additional ports in the wiring closet                        $135*                                         $0                                        $0

Total purchase cost                                          $285 - $435                                   $169                                      $248
* This cost is an estimate based on the average price of a 10/100 managed switch port in a workgroup switch. The average price of a managed switch in October 2003 was $48 (average list price of 12
  main switching vendors). Assuming $45 per port, with 3 ports required for the additional cables to be pulled, gives 3 ports @ $45 - a total of $135.

                                                                   Equipment Protection                                                Flexible Deployment
                                                                   In all educational institutions, freestanding                       The 3Com IntelliJack switch is the ideal way
                                                                   network equipment—including hubs,                                   to add device ports in sites where pulling
                                                                   switches, wireless access points, cabling, and                      more cable is difficult or unsafe, and where
                                                                   power supplies—can get abused. Equipment                            electrical power is limited.
                                                                   gets disconnected and broken. It also gets
                                                                   borrowed, misplaced, and stolen.                                    Older classroom buildings and residence
                                                                                                                                       halls are especially imposing fortresses.
                                                                   The 3Com IntelliJack switch's design                                Historic structures and buildings with solid
                                                                   protects network ports, helping to reduce                           concrete or brick walls, lead paint, or
  “3Com’s IntelliJack switch is an amazingly
                                                                   equipment replacement costs and increasing                          asbestos make drilling more cable runs
  simple solution that delivers four Ethernet
                                                                   network reliability. An integral part of the                        complex and dangerous. Adding ports with
  connections for the cost of one, allowing us
                                                                   institutions' networking infrastructure, the                        the 3Com IntelliJack switch does not disturb
  to give all our classrooms affordable access
                                                                   IntelliJack switch has an in-the-wall format                        any of the walls, floors, or ceilings.
  to educational technology.”
                                                                   that protects device ports from tampering,
             —School district IT project manager                   damage, and theft. User devices plug                                The 3Com IntelliJack switch also eliminates
                                                                   directly into the wall plate: the network                           the tangle of tentacles in the ceiling and on
                                                                   uplink, downlink, and PoE are secured                               either side of the wall, saving space and
  “Thanks to 3Com’s IntelliJack switch...we                        behind the wall, out of reach. Even the                             increasing safety. The 3Com IntelliJack
  have significantly lowered our IT budget.                        switch's power source can be secured in the                         switch clears the clutter of wires running
  Few investments have done so much to                             wiring closet, in the form of a PoE switch or                       between the wall plate, desktop hub or
  help our children.”                                              midspan solution.                                                   switch, and user devices. Consolidating four
           —School district technology and data                                                                                        ports onto one Ethernet cable behind the
                     communications specialist                     Support for IP Telephony Solutions                                  wall also reduces the number of cable runs
                                                                   3Com IntelliJack switches' QoS, standard-                           to the Intermediate Distribution Frame and
                                                                   based PoE, and power-forwarding features                            saves space in the wiring closet.
  “The 3Com IntelliJack switch has reduced                         support networked telephony.
                                                                                                                                       The inline power option makes the 3Com
  the university’s total cost of owning and
                                                                   To connect Ethernet phones, both the NJ100                          IntelliJack switch ideal for sites with limited
  expanding its wiring system, and has refo-
                                                                   and NJ220 IntelliJack Switch models can                             electrical power, such as residence halls,
  cused the efforts of our Computing and
                                                                   pass forward PoE to connect IEEE 802.3af-                           classrooms, and buildings built decades ago.
  Networking Services staff toward building
                                                                   enabled phones.                                                     PoE delivers the needed power through the
                                                                                                                                       single Ethernet wire drop to each 3Com
  network services, rather than setting up
                                                                   To connect IP phones, the managed 3Com                              IntelliJack switch. In addition, PoE
                                                                   IntelliJack Switch NJ220 provides QoS func-                         forwarding and pass-though connectivity in
                    —University network manager                    tionality through IEEE 802.1p packet                                the3Com IntelliJack Switches NJ100 and
                                                                   prioritization, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs,                                  NJ220 will co-locate the wiring for other
                                                                   TOS/DiffServ support, and multicast                                 functions—such as a separate data network,
                                                                   flooding control. And the switch's patented                         voice lines, or video applications—powering
                                                                   Location Mapping utility lets the adminis-                          them all through the same in-the-wall
                                                                   trator quickly locate and remotely                                  switch.
                                                                   troubleshoot device problems, setting the
                                                                   stage for future telephony management capa-

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK                                                                                                                                                               5

                           Why 3Com
                           An established vendor to thousands of
                           colleges, universities, and K-12 school
                           districts around the world, 3Com applies its
                           networking expertise to solve real-world

                           3Com's emphasis on practical innovation
                           results in solutions that accommodate
                           budget and staffing constraints. Its strong
                           partnership with VARs and systems integra-
                           tors ensures excellent customer support. Its
                           technology patents and responsiveness to
                           customer needs create award-winning products.

                           The innovative IntelliJack switch, another
                           award-winning 3Com solution, lets school
                           and college networks make connections

6                                                 FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK

                         “We have been doing our utmost to expand our network while getting maximum use of
                         existing wiring. The NJ200 3Com IntelliJack switch was an innovative solution for us. The
                         connectivity of the NJ200 is transparent to staff and students. We can easily manage the
                         ‘who can have what’ access to the network for the entire school, down to the port.”
                                                              —Larry Harrison, Information Technology Manager,
                                  Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                         “Thanks to 3Com’s IntelliJack switch, NBX Communications system, and Embedded
                         Firewall solution, we’ve maximized our students’ safety and access to the technology
                         they need to further their education. What’s more, we have greater control over our
                         network operations and have significantly lowered our IT budget. Few investments have
                         done so much to help our children.”
                                                   —Max Mulliner, Technology and Data Communications Specialist,
                                                                               Jordan School District, Utah, U.S.A.

                         “3Com IntelliJack switches are easy to install and use—without engineers. Installation is
                         easy. It shortens the total period of time it takes to build and set up the network system.”
                                                                               —Kim Yonghwa, Network Manager,
                                                                          Chonbuk National University, South Korea

                         “3Com’s IntelliJack switch is an amazingly simple solution that delivers four Ethernet
                         connections for the cost of one, allowing us to give all our classrooms affordable access
                         to educational technology.”
                                                                                —Jim Blackwell, IT Project Manager,
                                                                      Katy Independent School District, Texas, U.S.A.

                         “The 3Com NJ200 IntelliJack switch has reduced the university’s total cost of owning
                         and expanding its wiring system, and has refocused the efforts of our Computing and
                         Networking Services staff toward building up network services, rather than setting up
                                                                                  —Rabib Itani, Network Manager,
                                                                             American University of Beirut, Lebanon

                         “The unique design of the 3Com IntelliJack switch enables us to affordably install addi-
                         tional ports in a fraction of the time and cost previously required.”
                                                                   —Tim Feltner, Supervisor of Telecommunications,
                                                                   Cherokee County School District, Georgia, U.S.A.

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE A BETTER NETWORK                                                                                      7

                              Profile of A University Solution
                              The American University of Beirut (AUB)                          needs for additional network connections. It
                              completed a large contract project in 1999                       contributes to speeding up research and
                              that wired 4,500 network nodes across its                        computing services for users. There is less
                              campus and adjoining medical center. The                         wiring work on site, reducing interruptions
                              resulting network, known as AUBnet,                              to normal daily work. Moreover, the NJ200
                              “became a vital utility that offices, class-                     has reduced the university’s total cost of
                              rooms, and research labs could not evolve                        owning and expanding its wiring system,
                              without,” explains Rabib Itani, AUB network                      and has refocused the efforts of our
                              manager. The success of AUBnet fueled                            Computing and Networking Services staff
                              more demand for connectivity at the net-                         toward building up network services, rather
                              work edge.                                                       than setting up connections.”

                              When demand from the university’s 6,500                          The 3Com IntelliJack switch solution greatly
                              students and 3,500 staff outpaced available                      improves the effectiveness of AUB network
                              nodes, AUB entered into a contract to add                        staff. The simple-to-install NJ200 brings
                              more device ports on an as-needed basis.                         faster responses to user requests for connectivi-
                              This expansion method turned out to come                         ty. The unique Location Mapping feature
                              at a high price, in AUB’s cost per node and                      can remotely pinpoint any device on the net-
                              administration costs as well as the delays                       work, speeding troubleshooting. PoE capa-
                              and disruptions it caused users. And “the                        bilities end troubles with providing addition-
                              random nature of the expansion con-                              al power to the user desk. The manageable
                              tributed heavily to the increase in the cost                     NJ200 allows AUB to maintain its security
                              of owning the wiring system,” Itani says.                        policies, providing port-level traffic monitor-
                              He began investigating alternatives.                             ing, SNMP traps, and VLANs. All these
                              The solution for AUB was the 3Com                                contribute to AUB’s strategy of reducing
                              IntelliJack Switch NJ200. Itani explains why.                    total cost of network ownership while
                              “The NJ200 provides a much faster, simpler,                      maintaining high service levels for its users.
                              and cost-effective response to AUB users’

                           3Com Corporation, Corporate Headquarters, 350 Campus Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752-3064
                           To learn more about 3Com solutions, visit 3Com is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol COMS.
                           The information contained in this document represents the current view of 3Com Corporation on the issues discussed as of the
                           date of publication. Because 3Com must respond to changing market conditions, this paper should not be interpreted to be a
                           commitment on the part of 3Com, and 3Com cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of
                           publication. This document is for informational purposes only; 3Com makes no warranties, express or implied, in this document.
                           Copyright © 2005 3Com Corporation. All rights reserved. 3Com, the 3Com logo, SuperStack, and NBX are registered trademarks
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                           marks of their respective companies. While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, 3Com does not accept
                           liability for any errors or mistakes which may arise. Specifications and other information in this document may be subject to
                           without notice.                                                                                          503151-001 04/05

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