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									                                             Anheuser-Busch Companies and Subsidiaries

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.                                                  Principal Officers of Anheuser-Busch
                                                                                Companies Subsidiaries
Strategy Committee                   Anthony T. Ponturo                         Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                    David R. English †
                                     Vice President — Global Media                                                      Vice President —
(*Member of the Corporate Office)    and Sports Marketing —                     (†Member of the Anheuser-Busch,         Marketing Strategy &
                                     Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                       Inc. Management Committee)              Communication
Patrick T. Stokes*
President and                        John F. Kelly                              Patrick T. Stokes                       Thomas J. Adamitis †
Chief Executive Officer              Vice President and Controller              Chairman of the Board and               Vice President — Procurement
                                                                                Chief Executive Officer
August A. Busch III*                 Marlene V. Coulis                                                                  Henry Dominguez †
Chairman of the Board                Vice President —                           August A. Busch IV †                    Vice President — Latino Marketing
                                     Brand Management —                         President
W. Randolph Baker                                                                                                       Johnny Furr Jr. †
Vice President and                   Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                       Douglas J. Muhleman †                   Vice President — Urban Marketing
Chief Financial Officer                                                         Group Vice President —
                                                                                Brewing Operations & Technology         Andrew R. Baldonado
John E. Jacob                                                                                                           Region Vice President (West) —
Executive Vice President —           Other Officers                              James F. Hoffmeister                †
                                                                                                                        Government Affairs
Global Communications                                                           Group Vice President —
                                     JoBeth G. Brown                            Procurement, Logistics and              Joseph D. Danklef
Thomas W. Santel                                                                                                        Vice President —
                                     Vice President and Secretary               Agricultural Resources
Vice President —                                                                                                        Regional Sales Operations
Corporate Development                John S. Koykka                             Michael J. Owens †
                                     Vice President —                           Vice President —                        Rodney D. Forth
Stephen J. Burrows                                                                                                      Region Vice President (Central) —
                                     International Development                  Marketing
Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                 Government Affairs
and President —                      John T. Farrell                            Anthony T. Ponturo              †

Anheuser-Busch International, Inc.   Vice President —                           Vice President — Global Media           Gary M. Goldstein
                                     Employee Benefits                          and Sports Marketing                    Vice President —
August A. Busch IV                                                                                                      On-Premise Chain Sales and
President — Anheuser-Busch, Inc.     William J. Kimmins Jr.                     Marlene V. Coulis           †
                                                                                                                        Draught Beer Development
                                     Vice President and Treasurer               Vice President —
Mark T. Bobak                                                                                                           Joseph F. Jedlicka III
                                                                                Brand Management
Group Vice President and             Lisa A. Joley                                                                      Vice President —
Chief Legal Officer                  Vice President and                         Robert C. Lachky            †
                                                                                                                        Legal and State Affairs
                                     General Counsel                            Executive Vice President —
Joseph P. Sellinger                                                                                                     Eugene D. Johnson Jr.
                                                                                Global Industry Development
Chairman of the Board,               Robert J. Byrne                                                                    Vice President —
Chief Executive Officer &            Vice President and                         Gary R. Welker      †
                                                                                                                        Wholesaler Development
President — Anheuser-Busch           Chief Information Officer                  Vice President —
Packaging Group, Inc.                                                           Distribution Systems and Services       William B. Jones
                                     Gary L. Rutledge                                                                   Vice President —
Douglas J. Muhleman                  Vice President —                           Phillip J. Colombatto †                 National Off-Premise Chain Sales
Group Vice President, Brewing        Corporate Labor Relations                  Vice President —
Operations & Technology —                                                       Quality Assurance                       Peter C. McLoughlin
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
                                     Sabrina M. Wrenn                                                                   Vice President — Corporate Media
                                     Vice President —                           Marie C. Carroll        †

Francine I. Katz                     Labor and Benefits Law                     Vice President —                        Jeremiah A. Mullane
Vice President — Communications                                                 Finance and Planning                    Region Vice President (East) —
and Consumer Affairs
                                     Teresa H. Vogt                                                                     Government Affairs
                                     Vice President — Communications            Michael S. Harding              †

Keith M. Kasen                                                                  Vice President — Operations             Jesus Rangel
Chairman of the Board and
                                     Michael F. Roche                                                                   Vice President —
                                     Vice President — National Affairs          John W. Serbia      †
                                                                                                                        Sales Development and
President — Busch Entertainment
                                                                                Vice President — Brewing                Community Relations
Corporation                          Gary R. Aldenderfer
                                     Vice President — Internal Audit            Geoffrey J. Steinhart †                 Raymond F. Steitz
Joseph P. Castellano
                                                                                Vice President — Engineering            Vice President —
Vice President —                     David C. Sauerhoff
Corporate Human Resources            Vice President — Investor Relations        Keith S. Levy †                         Sales Operations
                                                                                Vice President —                        Robert M. Tallett
James F. Hoffmeister                 Dennis J. Gelner                           Sales & Retail Marketing                Vice President —
Group Vice President —               Vice President and Tax Controller
Procurement, Logistics and                                                      David A. Peacock †                      Wholesale Operations
Agricultural Resources —             Laura H. Reeves                            Vice President — Administration
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                 Assistant Secretary
                                                                                James G. Brickey †
Michael J. Owens                     William J. Mayor                           Vice President —
Vice President —                     Assistant Controller
                                                                                Human Resources
Marketing —                          Robert J. Haire
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                 Assistant Controller
                                     Mark A. Rawlins
                                     Assistant Treasurer

                                      Anheuser-Busch Companies and Subsidiaries

Anheuser-Busch                Wholesaler Equity                        Busch Entertainment              Busch Properties, Inc.
International, Inc.           Development Corp.                        Corporation
                                                                                                        W. Randolph Baker
Patrick T. Stokes             David A. Peacock                         Keith M. Kasen                   Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the Board         Chairman of the Board and                Chairman of the Board            and President
                              Chief Executive Officer                  and President                    Joseph A. Durante
Stephen J. Burrows
Chief Executive Officer       Anthony J. Short                         Damon H. Andrew                  Executive Vice President
and President                 President                                Vice President —                 and Managing Director —
                                                                       Safety and Park Operations       Kingsmill Resort
John S. Koykka
Executive Vice President —                                             Bradley F. Andrews               William J. Nason
                                                                                                        Vice President — Finance
Strategic Planning and        Busch Agricultural                       Vice President —
Business Development                                                   Zoological Operations            and Administration
                              Resources, Inc.
James E. Schobel                                                       Karen L. Branding                John C. Martz Jr.
Senior Vice President —       James F. Hoffmeister                     Vice President —                 Vice President —
Legal Affairs                 Chairman of the Board and                Adventure Camp Business          Corporate Real Estate
                              Chief Executive Officer
Larry D. Baumann                                                       Robin D. Carson
Vice President — Finance      Stephen D. Malin                         Vice President — Marketing
                              President                                                                 Manufacturers Railway
David A. Renaud                                                        Michael R. Catcott               Company; St. Louis
Vice President and            Richard R. Emerson                       Vice President — Merchandise
Chief Financial Officer of    Vice President — Operations                                               Refrigerator Car
                                                                       Stephen M. Frein                 Company
Anheuser-Busch China
                                                                       Vice President —
Martin D. Cargas                                                       Planning and Development         Kurt R. Andrew
Vice President —              Anheuser-Busch                                                            Chairman, President and
                                                                       Steven L. Glashower
Government Affairs            Packaging Group, Inc.                    Vice President —                 Chief Executive Officer
Y.R. Cheng                                                             Engineering and Creative         Barbara J. Houseworth
Vice President and
                              Joseph P. Sellinger                      Development
                              Chairman of the Board,                                                    Vice President and Treasurer
Managing Director —
                              Chief Executive Officer,                 David J. Grabe
Greater China
                              and President                            Vice President — Finance
Andrew J. Day
                              Kirk E. Norris                           David L. Hammer
Vice President —
                              Group Vice President —                   Vice President —
International Operations
                              Operations                               Human Resources
Mark F. Schumm
                              Tony V. Bhalla                           David R. Smith
Vice President —
                              Executive Vice President and             Vice President — Entertainment
China Business Development
                              Chief Operating Officer —
                                                                       David C. White
Pedro L. Soares               Metal Container Corporation
                                                                       Vice President —
Vice President — Mexico
                              Lise A. Herren                           Culinary Operations
Alejandro M. Strauch          Executive Vice President and
Vice President and            Chief Operating Officer —
Regional Director — Central   Anheuser-Busch Recycling,
and South America             Precision Printing and Packaging,
                              Eagle Packaging
                              Robert C. Alvarez
                              Vice President —
                              Human Resources
                              Trevor J. Hansen
                              Vice President —

                                             Anheuser-Busch Companies and Subsidiaries

Investor Information

One Busch Place                       AND NOTES                                    INTERNET ADDRESSES                  A leading U.S. brewer and industry
St. Louis, Mo. 63118                  JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.                        leader since 1957, with more than
314-577-2000                          Worldwide Securities Services                  (corporate, financial and         40 brands and 12 U.S. breweries
                                      4 New York Plaza                               investor information)
GENERAL INFORMATION                   New York, N.Y. 10004                                                             ANHEUSER-BUSCH
By phone (toll-free)                  800-275-2048                                                                     INTERNATIONAL, INC.
                                                                                     (brand and sponsorship
800-DIAL-BUD                                                                                                           Develops Anheuser-Busch brands
                                                                                     information; Budweiser
(800-342-5283)                        TRUSTEE FOR INDUSTRIAL                                                           outside the United States and
                                      REVENUE BONDS                                                                    invests in leading brewers in
ANNUAL MEETING                        The Bank of New York Trust                             growth markets
Wednesday, April 26, 2006             Company, N.A.                                  (brand and sponsorship
10 a.m.                               911 Washington Ave.                            information; Bud Light            ANHEUSER-BUSCH
SeaWorld Orlando                      Lammert Building, Suite 300                    merchandise)                      PACKAGING GROUP, INC.
                                      St. Louis, Mo. 63101                                                             Produces aluminum cans/lids,
TRANSFER AGENT,                       800-208-2197                                                                     metalized and paper labels, glass
                                                                                     (Consumer Awareness
REGISTRAR AND DIVIDEND                                                                                                 bottles, and crown and closure
                                                                                     and Education)
PAYMENTS                              DIVIDENDS                                                                        liner material; recycles aluminum
Mellon Investor Services LLC          Dividends are normally paid in the               beverage containers; and operates
480 Washington Blvd.                  months of March, June, September               (brewery tour information;        15 U.S. plants
Jersey City, N.J. 07310               and December. Dividends may                    the brewing process)
888-213-0964                          be electronically deposited into                                                 BUSCH AGRICULTURAL
                                                                                     an account at the shareholder’s                                                  RESOURCES, INC.
                                                                                     (Grant’s Farm tour information)
                                      financial institution. Please contact                                            Produces and enhances the
DIVIDEND                              Mellon Investor Services for details.                quality of raw materials for
REINVESTMENT PLAN                                                                    (Busch Gardens information)       Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
The company’s Dividend                OTHER INFORMATION
Reinvestment Plan allows share-       You may obtain, at no charge,                                                    BUSCH ENTERTAINMENT
                                                                                     (SeaWorld information)
holders to reinvest dividends         a copy of the Anheuser-Busch                                                     CORPORATION
in Anheuser-Busch Companies           Companies Annual Report to                        One of the largest U.S. theme
common stock automatically, regu-     the Securities and Exchange                    (Discovery Cove information)      park operators, with nine parks
larly and conveniently — without      Commission (Form 10-K) by                                                        throughout the country
service charges or brokerage fees.    writing to the Vice President
In addition, participating share-     and Secretary’s Office at                                                        BUSCH PROPERTIES, INC.
holders may supplement the            our world headquarters,                                                          A real estate development
amount invested with voluntary        accessing the Internet at                                                        company with resort, residential
cash investments on the same,                                                          and commercial properties in
cost-free basis. Plan participation   or by calling 800-DIAL-BUD.                                                      selected areas of the country
is voluntary and shareholders may     The company also provides copies
join or withdraw at any time. For     of its SEC quarterly reports on                                                  MANUFACTURERS RAILWAY
more information, contact Mellon      Forms 10-Q, other reports on                                                     COMPANY
Investor Services (address above).    Forms 8-K, earnings press                                                        Provides terminal rail-switching
                                      releases, proxy statements,                                                      services to St. Louis industries
STOCK EXCHANGE LISTINGS               and corporate governance                                                         and operates trucking subsidiaries
New York, London, Swiss               information free of charge at
                                                                                      WHOLESALER EQUITY
TRADED ON THESE                                                                                                        DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION
                                      For information about
EXCHANGES                                                                                                              Shares equity positions with quali-
                                      Anheuser-Busch’s efforts to
Boston, Chicago, National,                                                                                             fied partners in Anheuser-Busch,
                                      enhance shareholder value through
Pacific, Philadelphia                                                                                                  Inc. distributorships while they
                                      community support, you may
                                                                                                                       build toward total ownership
Ticker Symbol: BUD                    request a complimentary copy of
Newspaper Listing: AnheuserB          our “Making Friends … Making a
                                      Difference” brochure by writing
INDEPENDENT REGISTERED                to Business Communications at
PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRM                our world headquarters, by
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP            accessing the Internet at
800 Market St.              
St. Louis, Mo. 63101                  or by calling 800-DIAL-BUD.

                                         Anheuser-Busch Companies and Subsidiaries

Board of Directors

SITTING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Vilma S. Martinez, William Porter Payne, Joyce M. Roché, Vernon R. Loucks Jr., Henry Hugh Shelton
STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Charles F. Knight, Carlos Fernandez G., August A. Busch III, Patrick T. Stokes, Andrew C. Taylor,
Douglas A. Warner III, John E. Jacob, James J. Forese, Edward E. Whitacre Jr., James R. Jones

August A. Busch III                John E. Jacob                      Vilma S. Martinez                   Patrick T. Stokes
Chairman of the Board –            Executive Vice President –         Partner – Munger,                   President and Chief Executive
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.     Global Communications –            Tolles & Olson, LLP;                Officer – Anheuser-Busch
Joined board 1963                  Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.     attorneys                           Companies, Inc.
                                   Joined board 1990                  Joined board 1983                   Joined board 2000
Carlos Fernandez G.
Chairman of the Board and          James R. Jones                     William Porter Payne                Andrew C. Taylor
Chief Executive Officer – Grupo    Former U.S. Ambassador to          Partner – Gleacher Partners, LLC,   Chairman and Chief Executive
Modelo, S.A. de C.V.;              Mexico; Co-Chairman and            an investment banking and           Officer – Enterprise Rent-A-Car
a Mexican company engaged in       Chief Executive Officer – Manatt   asset management firm               Company; an international car
brewing and related operations     Jones Global Strategies, LLC,      Joined board 1997                   rental and related services
Joined board 1996                  a global consulting firm;                                              company
                                   Chairman – GlobeRanger             Joyce M. Roché                      Joined board 1995
James J. Forese                    Corporation                        President and Chief Executive
Former Chairman and                Joined board 1998                  Officer – Girls Incorporated,       Douglas A. Warner III
Chief Executive Officer –                                             a nonprofit organization            Former Chairman of the Board –
IKON Office Solutions, Inc.,       Charles F. Knight                  Joined board 1998                   J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., an
a global business-to-business      Chairman Emeritus – Emerson                                            international commercial and
communications company;            Electric Co.; a technology-based   Henry Hugh Shelton                  investment banking firm
Operating Partner and              global manufacturing company       Former Chairman – Joint Chiefs      Joined board 1992
Chief Operating Officer of         Joined board 1987                  of Staff; Former President,
Thayer Capital Partners,                                              International Operations – M.I.C.   Edward E. Whitacre Jr.
a private equity investment firm   Vernon R. Loucks Jr.               Industries, an international        Chairman and Chief Executive
Joined board 2003                  Chairman of the Board –            manufacturing company               Officer – AT&T Inc.;
                                   The Aethena Group, LLC,            Joined board 2001                   a diversified telecommunications
                                   a health-care merchant                                                 company
                                   banking firm                                                           Joined board 1988
                                   Joined board 1988

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