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FTE Magazine April 2009
Mar. 25, 2009

By Beth Luce
UW Tacoma

UW Tacoma and Dept. of Personnel offer cybersecurity certificate

You just can’t trust your computer these days. Or, to be more accurate, you can’t trust the
people who want to hack into it, destroy your data, or commit some kind of electronic
mischief on your organization.

We’re dependent on computer and communications systems to convey information in
business, government and private organizations—and that dependency makes us
vulnerable to attacks.

Commercial information attacks (such as credit card and identity theft) have become so
routine that an entire industry has sprung up to sell protection against these types of data
loss. If your organization doesn’t take cybersecurity seriously, it could cost you.

This fall, the state Dept. of Personnel, in conjunction with University of Washington
Tacoma Continuing Education Studies, offers the first in a three-course program for those
engaged in protecting their agencies’ computer systems from hackers, thieves and bad

This certificate program, IT Security, was developed to prepare professionals to
implement and administer enterprise-wide information security programs. Students learn
about the technology, best practices and government-sponsored initiatives they need to
safeguard global computer and communication networks.

“Today, many of our valuable assets (such as cash, personal information, business plans,
patents and trade secrets) exist in digital formats,” said instructor Robert Bunge. “In this
course, we learn how to secure digital assets while they are at rest (on storage devices)
and in motion (within computer processes or traveling over a network).”

This course is valuable to anyone who has as least some background knowledge of
computers, software and network systems, Bunge said. The course is equally balanced
between technical and managerial concerns, and it will be of interest both to the hands-on
technician and to those who rely on technical systems to accomplish business goals.

 “If you are not familiar with threats such as these,” Bunge said, “after taking this class,
you will be!”
The first course in this certificate program is Fundamentals of Information Security,
which meets every other Monday, Oct. 5 through Nov. 30.

Bunge provides courses in network security for DeVry University, the University of
Washington Tacoma and other schools in the Puget Sound region, including Green River
Community College and Tacoma Community College. He also has seven years’
experience as district technology coordinator for Fife School District.

Applicants should have two years of college and two years of information technology
experience. Relevant education or training programs may substitute for part of the
experience requirement.

State workers interested in the course should contact their training managers to register.
Non-state public employees and state employees whose agencies do not have a training
manager can contact Walt Jones, 360-664-1930,; or Priscilla A.
Martinez-Mejia,, 360-664-1947 at the Department of

For more information about programs offered by UW Tacoma's Office of Continuing
Studies, visit the University of Washington Tacoma KeyBank Professional Development
Center’s website at, or call 253-692-4618.


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