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									                                               Microsoft Dynamics
                                               Partner Solution Case Study

                                               Solutions Provider Improves Productivity with
                                               Flexible Implementation Methodology

Overview                                       “Sure Step helps drive the efficient, predictable, and
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Professional Services—
                                               repeatable deployment of Microsoft Dynamics
Information Technology                         products. Interestingly, these functions are achieved
Partner Profile
                                               while increasing the productivity of our employees.”
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Stanley      Mike Gifford, Professional Services Director, Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc.
Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc. (SSYH)
provides consulting services across a          Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc. (SSYH), a Microsoft® Gold
broad spectrum of businesses. The
company specializes in solutions using         Certified Partner based in Florida, implements software solutions
Microsoft Dynamics™ software.                  utilizing the Microsoft family of products. With large-scale projects
Business Situation                             across varied industries, the company turned to the Microsoft
With a large portfolio of products and         Dynamics™ Sure Step Methodology to help communicate with
services, SSYH needed a standardized
methodology that could flexibly scale to fit   customers and provide them with high-quality services throughout
its variety of projects and set the company    the entire life cycle of a project. The Sure Step Methodology
apart from its competitors.
                                               improved productivity by standardizing the company’s
Solution                                       implementation process, while providing the flexibility to apply to a
SSYH took advantage of Microsoft
Dynamics Sure Step Methodology to              range of projects. Now, SSYH staff and clients enjoy deeper insight
provide a standard set of tools and            into a project’s life cycle, and new SSYH employees benefit from the
templates to help ensure its projects were
completed efficiently.                         rapid training capabilities of Sure Step.

 Improves productivity
 Boosts customer satisfaction
 Reduces staff training costs
“By presenting a                                Situation                                          In addition, SSYH was looking for a way to
                                                Established in 1992, Stanley Stuart Yoffee &       streamline its internal education process,
standardized                                    Hendrix, Inc. (SSYH) specializes in providing      allowing for more rapid deployment of new
methodology to new                              enterprise research planning and information       employees without sacrificing quality or
                                                technology strategy services that utilize the      consistency. Explains Gifford, “One of the
clients, the customer                           latest software solutions from Microsoft           challenges faced by companies like ourselves
can completely                                  Dynamics™. These solutions include                 is the development of new staff, specifically
                                                Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics          training on a consistent implementation
understand not only                             GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft              approach.”
what they’re buying, but                        Dynamics AX, Microsoft® FRx®, Microsoft
                                                Dynamics Retail Management System,                 As an industry leader constantly searching for
how they’re going to get                        Business Information Optimization (BIO®) for       new ways to improve productivity, SSYH
from point A to point B.”                       Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Office        sought to adopt a methodology that could be
                                                SharePoint® Server 2007. With offices in           distinguished from competitor’s
Mike Gifford, Professional Services Director,   Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, SSYH installs         methodologies. With a large portfolio, SSYH
Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc.           and customizes software solutions, and             needed a cohesive methodology that could
                                                provides product training to customers across      provide the flexibility and scalability needed
                                                various industries, including distribution,        to accommodate its different products.
                                                construction, project management,
                                                manufacturing, service, and the public sector.     Solution
                                                                                                   SSYH originally set out to develop its own
                                                SSYH needed an implementation                      methodology—based largely on the Microsoft
                                                methodology that could be applied with equal       Solutions Framework—that could provide
                                                rigor to all of its products and                   prescriptive tactics for implementing
                                                implementations.                                   Microsoft Dynamics solutions. However, in
                                                                                                   January 2007, SSYH found the answers
                                                “Each client’s needs are drastically different,”   readily available in Microsoft Dynamics Sure
                                                explains Mike Gifford, Professional Services       Step. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
                                                Director at SSYH. “But whether we’re working       combines a proven methodology with project
                                                with a U.S.$5 million client or a U.S.$500         management discipline, field-tested best
                                                million client, our methodology needs to be        practices, and user-friendly tools that enable
                                                scalable and flexible, yet retain a common         deployment, migration, configuration, and
                                                nomenclature across the board.”                    upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics.

                                                SSYH also recognized that other areas within       “A lot of what we were looking for on our own
                                                the company could be enhanced by a                 was available in Sure Step,” says Gifford. “We
                                                standard implementation methodology. For           had a lot of the framework readily available,
                                                example, SSYH could illustrate the value of a      so we didn’t have to create pieces from
                                                clear and intuitive project road map for           scratch.”
                                                potential clients.
                                                                                                   Sure Step is designed to help drive the
                                                “This type of approach will allow us to reduce     productivity of solutions providers by giving
                                                the expectation gaps between the sales cycle       them a consistent approach and standard set
                                                and the implementation phases,” says               of tools and templates that help ensure
                                                Gifford.                                           projects are completed efficiently.
“Sure Step has allowed                          SSYH gained access to the Sure Step               different phases of their project. Phases
                                                Methodology through enrollment in the             include diagnostic, analysis, design,
us to efficiently train a                       Partner Service Plan for Microsoft Dynamics       development, deployment, optimization, and
diverse group of                                business management solutions. With the           upgrade.
                                                Partner Advantage Plan, SSYH has access to
consultants with varying                        a wealth of support, training benefits, and the   Customization
experience levels—from                          Sure Step Methodology—all designed to help        SSYH was also drawn to Sure Step for built-in
                                                provide better service for their customers.       capabilities that enable the company to
recent college graduates                                                                          modify the content for a specific project or
to seasoned                                     Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step                      work model. Sure Step enables SSYH to
                                                Methodology                                       preserve the unique aspects of their
consultants.”                                   Encompassing core Microsoft Dynamics              implementation processes by including an
Mike Gifford, Professional Services Director,   solutions, the Sure Step Methodology is           editor tool that allows them to add, delete,
Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc.           available as a download that is simple to use     and modify the content of the methodology.
                                                and easy to customize. SSYH uses it for           SSYH uses the editor to manage and modify
                                                projects of any size—from large, end-to-end       any content they choose, including phase
                                                deployments, to migration projects and            descriptions and process diagrams.
                                                simple upgrades.
                                                                                                  Although SSYH can use this robust capability
                                                As shown in Figure 1, SSYH gained the ability     to modify the Sure Step Methodology to meet
                                                to view detailed content associated with each     their needs, they performed minimal
Figure 1. The Sure Step                         process step. The content provides detailed       customizations, modifying only the customer
Methodology includes project                    guidance on roles required to perform the         and consulting roles, in addition to some
management discipline and service               process and proven best practices. Process        deliverable documents, to better fit their
offerings within the guidance for               flows within Sure Step pointed SSYH staff to      projects.
each phase of implementation,                   the related Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
optimization, and upgrade projects.
                                                tools and templates that can be used at
Says Gifford, “We already had some of our         “Interestingly, these functions are achieved
own deliverable documentation and we easily       while increasing the productivity of our
modified it to fit the Sure Step framework.”      employees.”

Project Management Support                        With built-in capabilities that enable easy
Project management is embedded                    modifications, SSYH gains an efficient,
throughout the entire Microsoft Dynamics          standardized set of tools that effortlessly
Sure Step Methodology project life cycle.         scales to fit each project.
These project management best practices
include vision and scope documents, project       Boosts Customer Satisfaction
planning, and cost estimations that help          With Sure Step, potential clients are now able
prepare customers for projects and allow          to fully understand the implementation
them to budget properly. Embedding project        process.
management capabilities into the
implementation phases of the project life         Explains SSYH customer Jeff Miller,
cycle differentiates the Sure Step                Accounting Manager at the Center of Drug-
Methodology from many other                       Free Living, “The Sure Step Methodology
implementation methodologies in use today         used by SSYH allowed us to monitor our
for Microsoft Dynamics or competitor              project every step of the way. The analysis-
solutions.                                        first structure allowed us to streamline and
                                                  redesign our internal processes while we
Benefits                                          deployed our solution.”
Using Sure Step, SSYH can increase
productivity by applying one standardized         SSYH’s sales team can minimize information
methodology to its diverse portfolio of           discrepancies between the sales force and
Microsoft Dynamics projects. SSYH also            project managers, assured that the clients
provides enhanced training materials for new      were fully aware of the scope of a project.
staff, and increases the buy-in potential for
new clients during the initial sales process.     “We have confidence implementing what our
                                                  customer wants with the ability to manage
“Sure Step provides a more clear and              the budget and identify risks appropriately,”
definitive road map for both our internal staff   says Gifford.
and our customers,” says Gifford. “There’s
more synergy in understanding the goals and       In addition, Sure Step enables the SSYH
phases of each project.”                          sales team to address prospective clients
                                                  with confidence during the initial sales
Improves Productivity                             process. This ensures that new projects are
Sure Step helps increase employee                 initiated with fewer potential risks attributed
productivity, enabling consultants to focus       to knowledge gaps.
time on gaining new business and building
customer loyalty. The flexible, fully             “By presenting a standardized methodology
customizable capabilities help ensure that        to new clients, the customer can completely
projects are completed efficiently.               understand not only what they’re buying, but
                                                  how they’re going to get from point A to point
“Sure Step helps drive t h e efficient,           B,” says Gifford.
predictable, and repeatable deployment of
Microsoft Dynamics products,” says Gifford.
For More Information                                            Reduces Staff Training Costs                     Microsoft Dynamics
For more information about Microsoft                            With the clear and illustrative materials        Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated,
products and services, call the Microsoft                       provided by Sure Step, SSYH is able to get       adaptable business management solutions
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          new employees up to speed more rapidly and       that enables you and your people to make
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             at a lower cost, with expected savings of 25     business decisions with greater confidence.
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         to 30 percent.                                   Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                                                                         Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office,
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      “Sure Step has allowed us to efficiently train   which means less of a learning curve for your
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         a diverse group of consultants with varying      people, so they can get up and running
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          experience levels—from recent college            quickly and focus on what’s most important.
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        graduates to seasoned consultants,” says         And because it is from Microsoft, it easily
Canada, please contact your local                               Gifford.                                         works with the systems that your company
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                                                                      already has implemented. By automating and
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                The rich functionality in Sure Step provides     streamlining financial, customer relationship,                                               SSYH with the right visual tools for employees   and supply chain processes, Microsoft
                                                                to easily visualize the scope of projects and    Dynamics brings together people, processes,
Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix, Inc. is                        each phase of deployment. Rather than            and technologies, increasing the productivity
based at 2600 Maitland Center Parkway,
Suite 250, Maitland, FL 32751. For more                         simply flipping through documents and            and effectiveness of your business, and
information about its products and                              training manuals, new employees install Sure     helping you drive business success.
services, call (800) 670-0059, email                            Step and reference each phase during their, or visit the Web site at:                        training.                                        For more information about Microsoft
                                                                                                                 Dynamics, go to:

                                                                 Software and Services
                                                                    Microsoft Dynamics
                                                                     − Microsoft Dynamics AX
                                                                     − Microsoft Dynamics CRM
                                                                     − Microsoft Dynamics GP
                                                                     − Microsoft Dynamics SL
                                                                     − BIO for Microsoft Dynamics SL
                                                                    Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
                                                                    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published June 2007

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