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					Citibank travel cards: Use appropriately and pay on time or risk losing card

Managers and Credit Card Services are responsible for reviewing travel documents and reports
to ensure that Travel Card charges are appropriate and business related. Questionable
charges or amounts appearing on a Cardholder’s statement will be referred to the appropriate
Manager for further investigation and resolution. Cardholders who use their government credit
card for personal charges could be in violation of the Rules of Conduct. The government
contract with Citibank requires that government credit cards be used only for official IRS travel
and related expenses and resulting statements be paid in full within the statement period.

Examples of inappropriate use:
         o Purchasing items for personal use.
         o Using the incorrect credit card.
         o Using the Travel Card by a Non-Authorized User.
         o Purchasing meals within Post-of-Duty/commuting area.
         o Renting automobile without prior authorization.
         o Charging travel expenses of several travelers on one card.

Inappropriate use of the Travel Card is a conduct issue that could result in disciplinary action.

Related Guidance
    Inappropriate Use guidelines offer specific instances of misuse and their resolutions.
    The Credit Card Misuse Penalty Guide provides Labor Relations guidance for penalty
       determinations for the misuse of the Travel Card and Purchase Card.

Travel Repayments

Once the travel voucher corresponding to your travel advance has been finalized, any remaining
outstanding advance balance related to that travel authorization must be repaid by check/money
order. Travel expense overpayments must also be repaid by check/money order.

Make your check/money order payable to the Internal Revenue Service, complete the Travel
Repayment Memo , and immediately submit your check/money order and form to the IRS
Beckley Finance Center, Debt Collection Unit, at the address shown on the form. This
information is also available on the web at ERC Travel Repayments.

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