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Claremont Cherry Extract


Claremont Cherry Extract

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                         The newsletter of the Rotary Club of Claremont
                     “The Club with the cherry on the top”

          President: Jimmy Warner                      Editorial email: p.rogers@absamail.co.za
          Secretary: Frank Muggleston                  Meetings: Kelvin Grove
          P O Box 23163, Claremont, 7736                       Campground Road
          Editor Peter Rogers                                 Newlands
          Assistant Editor: Chris Rainier-Pope                Cape Town 7700
          Comment Writer: Chris Rainer-Pope              Web page: www.rotary-claremont.org.za

                             Meetings: Tuesdays 18h15 for 18h45

         Club email: rotarycl@iafrica.com                 ‘phone 685 6551       Fax 685 6676

       Volume 32 No 17                                    Tuesday, November 1st 2005
                  November is R. I. Foundation Month

The opinions expressed in the Clarion are purely those of the editors and do not necessarily reflect
the opinion of the Claremont Rotary Club, the Club President, or the Rotary organisation.


 LAST WEEK WAS A CLUB FORUM, during which PP Chris du Plessis gave the results of the
 recent survey he had conducted with an object to assessing what should be done to revitalise the
 club. I suspect that the significant drop off in membership and poor attendance had prompted him
 to do this. The results and the forum brought out a few significant points that I feel bear comment.
    1. There is surely an element of general dissatisfaction, which has prompted the proposal of
        the formation of a new club.
    2. Only 14 out of 40 took the trouble to reply, i.e. 35%. Is this an indication of general apathy,
        disinterest or simple complacency?
    3. Half of the respondents, i.e. only 7 out of 14, felt a meal was important. This is unfortunately
        a reversal of the traditions of Rotary in which Paul Harris felt the meal was very important
        and was after all, how Rotary started. Fellowship and companionship are very important in
        human relationships and eating a meal together is the basis of this. After all the word
        ’companion’ is derived from the Latin, Cum, meaning together or with and panis, meaning
        bread. Thus breaking bread together. If there was no meal at all, it would become a drinking
    4. There was a request to revitalize our projects. The 2 major fund raising projects, THE BIG
        WALK, and the Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour are extremely well supported by the public and
        the latter, a great money spinner all round. Perhaps the feeling here is that there is too little
        on going involvement in the management by members. It is all on one, long and exhausting
        day! Perhaps the Events Organisation must rethink this.

    5. Lastly, there was a request for interesting Club meetings with good speakers. This I feel is
       essential. The meal is only part of the evening. We need to know who is going to speak,
       what their subject is and it should not be a begging for funds talk. It is vital also that we know
       well in advance if we wish to invite friends or prospective members. Non-descriptive, vague
       indications are meaningless.

Let us take cognisance of the survey, which CREATED AWARENESS and as the motto of Rotary a
few years ago TAKE ACTION to save our Club from inanition and senescence.

Chris Rainier-Pope

                                  Meeting of the 25th October, 2005

Sergeant : PP Mark Lancaster
Chris Rainier-Pope: Read an extract of a letter received from Rotary International thanking us for agreeing
to host the Ambassadorial student and regretting that he had decided to turn down the scholarship.

Bill Phillips: Having returned from his travels to Wales and New York presented our President with a card of
Welch pronunciations!

Paul de Groot: Reminded the club about the Uncle Willie‟s Christmas Parties which will be starting at the
end of November. Last week a roster was sent round for members to put in which nights they were prepared to
help and which they could not. Please return them ASP. As not everyone had received the rosters, he would
send it around by email. Or ask Paul for one.
 He also expounded the merits of being the FX. This is of course a delightful job and I have been doing it ½
dozen times each year for 9 years. There have been too few volunteers for this illustrious position, and last
year Roy Cheek found himself being transformed on 8 occasions. This metamorphosis does become
exhausting, so please offer help.
Also, please remind families, friends and relatives (grand kids?) to get in application forms for attending the
Parties ASP. Late entries will not be accepted even if it is for a Rotarian family.

Roy Cheek: still has 40 Claremont Rotary Shirts for sale. These very attractive shirts can and should be worn
at any Rotary occasion. Please buy them from him. He was also looking for a home for the cartons as he is
moving house. Neil Jeffries offered a space at his home.

Gerald Ress: congratulated Bill P on his modern hairstyle! He also asked who had offered the Uthango
Project 100 garage doors! It turned out that Paul de Groot had 10 doors for Uthango. Wow Paul, where does
one get 10 garage doors?

                                      President’s First Spot

       RES JIMMY then introduced PDG June Webber.
       June stated she was always delighted to visit her favourite club but on this occasion had come
       to present a gift to the Club
She then presented PP Chris du Plessis with the RI Presidential Citation for exceptional service in the
avenues of Vocational, Community and International service in the Centennial Year. The club had
the highest per capita and highest club donation to RI and were No.1 in the district for these. She also
presented the club with a special RI Presidential Banner.

                                        Sergeant’s Spot
PP Mark Lancaster, donning the quizmaster‟s role asked the club a few questions and depending on their
correctness to put suitable donations in the plate.
    1. e.g. If you were in a race and overtook the person coming 2nd , what position would you be?
    2. If you were in the race and over took the person coming last, what position would you be?
    3. Where are Panama hats made?

                             The President’s Second Spot

       res Jimmy welcomed all the travellers back from their holidays: Chris the Younger, from the far North
       of SA and Bill the Welshman from Wales and New York.
       He also welcomed PDG June and thanked her for the presentation.
A big welcome to the Guests, Rtn.George Műller, from near Hamburg, ex Rotarian and now Probus as well
we his own special guest, Astrid.
He requested that members keep up to date with forthcoming events and to read the Clarion..
He wished “happy happy” to Pat de Groot, Clive Valentine and Aty Krop.
He also reiterated the need for helpers with Uncle Willy‟s Parties and to fill in the roster.

       ed Parlabean, introduced Brian Ingpen of the Maritime Department of the Simon‟s Town School.

T      Brian who is an MA in Marine Education, has been in the education field for 31 years of which he has
       been at the Simon‟s Town school for 11 years. He is the head of the Marine Studies, has a regular
column in the Cape Times and is the author of 6 books about Marine Studies.
Brian, in a most engaging and amusing style, told us about some of the successes he has had
with his students. He was able to switch to vernacular accents with great ease, bringing
stories to light and making the characters that he was relating very much animated. He told
the story of a lad from the Umtata area who wrote to him requesting he join the school. With
some trepidation they accepted him and how after a shaky start, ended school with 7
distinctions in 9 subjects. He is now a qualified Navel Navigation Officer.
Brian also related the story of using 47 used containers as dormitories for his students and
what a nice group of lads they are.
Safmarine is one of their principal sponsors and they have a number of other maritime
companies who support the guys, making a Government grant unnecessary.

Thanks to Brian was expressed by Paul de Groot, standing in for the chairman of Vocational Service. Paul
said he had great admiration for the work that Brian was doing and presented him with the usual Rotary pen.
Then to Brian‟s big surprise, asked him to come back to the lectern and made a presentation from the
Vocational Service Committee to the Maritime School of a cheque of R10, 000
If Rotarians would like to visit the school, contact Brian Ingpen, at 786 1056
                                              Maritime Department,
                                              Simon‟s Town School,
                                                  Harrington St.,
                                                SIMON‟ S TOWN
                                    Email: brian@ingpen.wcape.school.za
  He has invited any members of the club who are down that part of the world to come and have tea with him.

                                     Forthcoming Events
        4 November 2005. District is pleased to announce that the newest club in D9350, the Rotary Club of
        “Breede River Wine lands" will receive its charter on Friday the 4th November 2005. The charter
        presentation function will be at the Avalon Springs Hotel, Montagu. We hope

     that many members and their partners of your Club will attend this function as well as enjoy a
     weekend in Montagu. Please convey this information to your members so that they can start making
     the necessary arrangements. There are many top quality guesthouses and hotel accommodation
     available in this picturesque town.
      13th November 2005: BIG WALK. It will be much later this year as it is scheduled to avoid the
     Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, ends with Eid ul Fitr on Friday November 4th.
     19th November 2005: Packing Party Packs for Kidz Positive at Paul De Groot‟s home. Starting time
     2 p.m. Volunteers needed. There will be Muffins and drinks to be provided as an incentive.
     22nd November 2005: Snooker Championships. To be held after our normal meeting. Teams are
     encouraged to attend. Prize R1500.
     27th November 2005: Hike. More details to follow.
     1st December to 22 December 2005. Uncle Willy‟s Christmas Parties. Please can all Rotarians
     give some thought with regard to dates they can assist the Rotaractors who are calling for
     6 December 2005 A.G.M. The speaker will be Ray Klingensmith who is the Vice Chairman of
     Rotary Foundation and a former Ambassadorial Scholar (1961 – Wynberg). Please note it is a
     Partners evening.
     13th December 2005. It is our Clubs Christmas Party so please make every effort to attend..

                                     NEXT YEAR 2006

  26 February 2006. Fun Frenzy Olympics at Bishops.
  12th March, 2006. Cape Argus/Pick „n Pay Cycle Tour.
    th     th
  5 to 7 May 2006 District 9350 Conference in Knysna. Jimmy Warner would like as many of our
   Club to be there as possible.

                                What Paul Harris Said
"Rotary must not content itself with being anything less than a movement affecting the lives of all

                                       From the book,
                                 THE FOUNDER OF ROTARY

            "What Rotary will be one hundred years hence, none living can imagine.
                         There is nothing impossible to Rotary now."

                               THE ROTARIAN, February 1915

                              Yep, Rotary is still going strong.(Ed.)

                    3rd November: Nancy Viljoen.      Happy Birthday Nancy.

                                              DUTY ROSTER

If you are unable to do your duty for unforeseeable circumstances please arrange a stand-in and let
  the Sergeant for that meeting know and please inform the Master Sergeant, Mark Lancaster at

       Date             November 1st           November 8th        November 15th       November 22nd
      Venue                 Kelvin                 Kelvin               Kelvin              Kelvin
                       6.15 for 6.45 p.m      6.15 for 6.45 p.m    6.15 for 6.45 p.m   6.15 for 6.45 p.m
      Sergeant               Myers                 Dekker                Louw               Phillips
     Attendance         Brown/Burdes         Burdes/Burningham    Burningham/Cheek      Cheek/de Groot
     Fellowship              Cheek                  Ress                Dekker             Valentine
        Grace             Du Plessis               Huchon               Jeffrey           Kornmuller
   Intro. Speaker        Bohlmann G                    -                    -            Smorrenburg
      Speaker         Foundation Scholar        Committees        Business Meeting         Speaker
   Thank Speaker            Dekker                     -                    -               Huchon
   Four Way Test;          Valentine               Viljoen             Williams          Bohlmann B
    Asst. Editor           Louw                   Maxwell              Rogers              Morkel
Rotaract Attendance   Overmeyer/Phillips             -               Roux/Septoe             -
  Lighthouse Club        Muggleston/                 -             Rainier-Pope/Ress           -
         lifts          Myers (Oct 20th)                               (Nov 17)

                                           JOKE OF THE DAY
Here is one for our golfing fans:

Beat that score ! Two men were chatting casually at work. The conversation turned to golf and one
asked the other, "Do you play?" "Yes, the younger man replied, "I used to, but I quit because I
wasn't very good. I consistently shot in the lower seventies. "There was a long, low intake of breath,
then the other man said, "Lower seventies, huh? ""Yes," his co worker said ."Consistently?" "Yup,
Every hole," the man said with a sigh.

                       Please share the Clarion with your partner in Rotary


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