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									                                     Curriculum Vitae
                                    Adina Nicoleta LAZAR

   Personal adress
   Via del Navile 1/3, Bologna, ITALIA
   Phone number :
                                                            Personal Details
   Proffesional Adresse                                     29 years old,    born on 26th of July 1978 at
   Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nano                Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
   struturatti ISMN-CNR                                     Nationality : Romanian
   Via P. Godetti 101, 40129, Bologna                       Single
   Tel : 051-6398519

       Research Experience

June 2006: Post-doctoral research grant at ISMN-CNR Bologna
2003-2006: PhD student at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins – Lyon, FRANCE, in the
            group of « Assemblages Moléculaires d’Intérêts Biologiques », directed by Dr. Anthony


 July 2002: Diploma Engineer in Material Sceince
1997 - 2002: Student at “POLITECHNICA” University of Bucharest, Department of Engineer Science,
              Division Material Science
        Stage of 1 month at the “Institute of Glass” in Bucharest
2000 - 2001: SOCRATES fellowship in Material Science - Biomaterials at “Claude Bernard - Lyon I”
              University, Lyon, France
        Stage of 4 month at Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins – Lyon, directed by Dr.
              Anthony Coleman
1993 – 1997 : Theoretical Highschool “Alexandru Lahovari“ in Ramnicu Valcea (Romania)

 Technical skills

Atomic Force Microscope,                 Langmuir Balance,             Brewster Angle Microscopy,
Dynamic Light Scattering,                Circular Dychroism,             Crystallography,
Organic Synthesis,                       Co-colloids and Nanoparticle Preparation,
Scanning Elecron Microscope,             Cellular Culture

  Linguistic skills                                      Computer skills

  Romanian: nativ                                        Pack Office,
  French: fluent                                         Access, AutoCAD,
  English: fluent                                        DS Viewer PRO, Mercury,
  Italian: fluent                                        SPM Lab

 Other skills :
     Teaching tutoring in Maths and English; B driver’s licence
  Reports on the Research

   March 2006: « Supramolecular Assembly-from Molecular to Macroscopic Scale »
     Juin 2002: « Design of a Microwave Drying-heating System»
     Juin 2002: « AFM Characterisation of Proteic Nanostructures»
Novembre 2001: « Study of the Influence of the Porosity of the Ceramic Materials on the Electrical
    Août 2001: « Auto-organisation de couches protéiques en présence de sels »
    Avril 2000: « Influence of Grilling Conditions on the Characteristics of Hydroxyapatite »


Adina N. Lazar, Alda Navaza and Anthony W. Coleman: “Bipyridine Complexes of Calix[4]arene
dihydroxiphosphonic acid”, Crystal Growth and Design, submitted

Adina Lazar, Oksana Danylyuk, Kinga Suwinska and Anthony W. Coleman: “Stackes and Tapes in the
Melamine- Calix[4]arene dihydroxiphosphonic acid Complex” , JCS, Chem Comm, , submitted

Alain Salameh, Adina N. Lazar , Anthony W. Coleman and Hélène Parrot-Lopez, “Synthesis and interfacial
properties of amphiphilic alpha-cyclodextrins and their substitution at the O-6 position with a mono bio-
recognisable galactosyl antenna.” Tetrahedron, 2006

Virginie Gorteau, Guillaume Bollot, Jiri Mareda, Dario Pasini, Duy-Hien Tran, Adina N. Lazar, Anthony W.
Coleman, Naomi Sakai and Stefan Matile, “Synthetic multifunctional pores that open and close in response to
chemical stimulation”, Tetrahedron, 2006

Masamichi Nishihara, Florent Perret, Toshihide Takeuchi, Shiroh Futaki, Adina N. Lazar, Anthony W. Coleman,
Naomi Sakai and Stefan Matile, “Arginine Magic with New Counterions up the Sleeve”, RSC OBC, 2006

Daisuke Saya, Anthony W. Coleman, Adina N. Lazar, Christian Bergaud and Liviu Nicu: “Free-standing protein
films for ultra-sensitive dynamic mode detection of cation binding, Appl. Phys. Letts., 2005

Sebastien Cecillon, Adina Lazar, Oksana Danylyuk, Kinga Suwinska, Beth Rather, Mike Zaworotko and Anthony
W. Coleman: “Head-to-Tail Self-Assembly of a Calix[4]arene Inclusion Polymer Controlled by a Pendant
Arm” , JCS, Chem Comm, 2004, ASAP

Stéphane Barakat, Landry Gayet, Guila Dayan, Stéphane Labialle, Adina Lazar,
Vladimir Oleinikov, Anthony W. Coleman and Loris G. Baggetto: “Multidrug-resistant cancer cells contain two
populations of Pglycoprotein with differently stimulated P-gp ATPase activities. Evidence from atomic force
microscopy and biochemical analysis”, Biochemical Journal, 2005

Florent Perret, Masamichi Nishihara, Toshihide Takeuchi, Shiroh Futaki,, Adina N. Lazar,| Anthony W. Coleman,
Naomi Sakai and Stefan Matile: ” Anionic Fullerenes, Calixarenes, Coronenes, and Pyrenes as Activators of
Oligo/Polyarginines in Model Membranes and Live Cells, JACS, 2005

Virginie Gorteau, Florent Perret, Guillaume Bollot, Jiri Mareda, Adina N. Lazar,
Anthony W. Coleman, Duy-Hien Tran, Naomi Sakai and Stefan Matile: “Synthetic Multifunctional Pores with
External and Internal Active Sites for Ligand Gating and Noncompetitive Blockage”, JACS, 2004

Patrick Falvey, Choon Woo Lim, Raphael Darcy, Tobias Revermann, Uwe Karst, Marcel Giesbers, Antonius T. M.
Marcelis, Adina Lazar, Anthony W. Coleman, David N. Reinhoudt and Bart Jan Ravoo: “Bilayer Vesicles of
Amphiphilic Cyclodextrins: Host Membranes that Recognize Guest Molecules”, Chem Eu J., 2004

Adina Lazar, Eric Da Silva, Alda Navaza, Carole Barbey and Anthony W. Coleman: “A new packing motif for
para-sulfonatocalix[4]arene: the solid state structure of the para-sulfonatocalix[4]arene D-arginine complex”,
Chem. Commun., 2004

Adina N. Lazar, Alda Navaza and Anthony W. Coleman: “Solid-state caging of 1,10-Phenanthrolin - stacked
dimers by calix[4]arene dihydroxiphosphonic acid”, Chem. Comm., 2004
Jérôme Gualbert, Patrick Shahgaldian, Adina Lazar and Anthony W. Coleman: “ Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
(SLNs): Preparatin and Properties of Calix[4]resorcinarene-Derived Systems”, Journal of Inclusion
Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 2004

E. Da Silva, A. N. Lazar, A. W. Coleman: “Biopharmaceutical Applications of Calixarenes”, J. Drug Del. Sci.
Tech. 2004

Leila Memmi, Adina Lazar, Arnaud Brioude, Vincent Ball and Anthony W. Coleman “Protein-calixarene
interactions: complexation of Bovine Serum Albumin by sulfonatocalix[n]arenes”, Chem. Comm., 2001, 2474-

Houel, Emeline; Lazar, Adina; Da Silva, Eric; Coleman, Anthony W.; Solovyov, Andrew; Cherenok, Sergey;
Kalchenko, Vitaly I. “Interfacial Interactions of Cations with Amphiphilic Dihydroxyphosphonyl-calix-[4]-
arene Mesosystems” Langmuir, 2001

Adina N. Lazar, Patrick Shahgaldian and Anthony W. Coleman: “Anion Recognition Effects in the Structuring
of Bovine Serum Albumin Films”, J. Supramol. Chem., 2001


EMRS, Strasbourg (France), May-June 2007 talk: “Controled self-assemblies of proteins at a sub-micrometric
scale”, Adina N. Lazar, Chiara Dionigi, Eva Bystrenova, Pablo Stoliar and Fabio Biscarini

AFM BioMED, St. Feliu (Span), April 2007, ”Evolution of amyloid-peptides self-assembly – from thin filns to
fibrillary structures”, Adina N. Lazar, Chiara Dionigi, Eva Bystrenova, Paolo Greco, Pablo Stoliar, Soumya Dutta e
Fabio Biscarini

Bionanotechnology: From self-assembliy to cell biology, Cambridge (UK), January 2007, “Controled aggregation
of amyloids in confined environment”, Adina N. Lazar, Chiara Dionigi, Eva Bistrenova and Fabio Biscarini

ISSC XIII, Notre Dame (Indiana), July 2004: “Calix[4]arene Diphosphonate as a Versatile Building Block for
the Solid State Complexation of Amines” Adina Lazar, Alda Navaza, Carol Barbey, Anthony W. Coleman

ISIC-8, Varsovie (Pologne), Sept 2001 : “Anion Recognition Effects in the Structuring of Bovine Serum
Albumin Films” Adina Lazar, Patrick Shahgaldian and Anthony W. Coleman

ISSC XIII, Notre Dame (Indiana), July 2004:” Differential Interactions Between Mono-, 1,2 Disubstituted and
1,3 Disubstituted-Calix[4]arenes and Guest Molecules”, Sébastien Cecillon, Adina N. Lazar, Anthony W.
Coleman, Oksana Danylyuk and Kinga Suwinska

CSSB, Strasbourg, 2004: “Understanding the biological properties of hydrosoluble calix[4]arenes: structures
of calix[4]arene diphosphonic acid with nucleic acid bases”, A. Navaza, A. Lazar, C. Barbey, A.W. Coleman


1. PCT/FR2007/051129: « Applications de calix[n]arènes dans le domaine de la thérapie anti-cancéreuse »,
    Coleman Anthony W., Baggetto Loris G., Lazar Adina N., Michaud Mickael H.
2. PCT/FR2007/051127: « Co-colloides calixareniques », Anthony Coleman, Adina Lazar, Jerome Gilbert, Jean-
    Yves Renault
3. PCT/FR2006/081026: « Co-cristaux calix[n]arenes-Medicaments », Anthony Coleman, Adina Lazar, Kinga
    Suwinska, Oksana Danylyuk
4. French Patent, 04/09236, « Procédé et système d’analyse protéomique », Anthony Coleman, Jerome Gilbert,
    Adina Lazar, Julien de Bonfils,
 Teaching and Management Experience

Assistant in lecturing of Dr. A. W: Coleman in « Nanotechnologie »
Scientifical and technical supervisor of:
- Mounia Meskine – stage licence Biochimie
- Abdelah Mazane – Master stage Chimy Fine,
- Priscilla Brunetto – Master stage Biochimie,
- Julien de Bonfils – stage Master Material Engineer,
- Pankaj Seghal – post-doctorant

Personal Experience and Interests
Experience :
1999 :           5th place at Cross – country Competition at University “Politechnica” of Bucharest (UPB)
1999 :           Organiser of the avertisment campagne “Eclipse’99 ”, at UPB
1999 – 2001 :    Membre of “METEOR Romanian Astromomy Society »
1999 :           Distributor at Mercury Company
1998 :           Observatory at local election, in Bucharest
1995-1996 :      Organiser of cleaning campagne « We are not indifferent »
1995 :           3rd place at math contest “Gheorghe Titeica”
1994 – 1997 :    Correspondent at highschool magazine - “The Freshest News”
1990 – 1994 :    Fondatory member of Peinting club at “Alexandru Lahovari” Highschool

Interests :
Astronomy, Painting, Geometry, Sport (football, athletism), Reading, Music, Geography and Voyaging


Dr. Fabio Biscarini                       +39-051-6398522
Dr. Anthony W. Coleman                            +33-0472722640

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