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                        Career Opportunity
Run your own profitable business by becoming an Arbonne Consultant.
Arbonne provides a meaningful challenge for people who seek
professional, social, cultural, intellectual and financial rewards superior
to anything offered in the industry today. Arbonne gives you the
opportunity to make your dreams come true.

 Arbonne offers skin care products unparalleled in quality and
  effectiveness, based on herbal/botanical principles. Arbonne
  products are proven to be pure, safe and beneficial, and are backed
  by a 45-day money-back guarantee.
 Arbonne careers come in sizes to fit every lifestyle with flexible
  hours. In addition to being a Consultant, the Arbonne business plan
  offers four management levels for your growth and financial
 Arbonne is structured for your success by paying you for your
  personal sales and for the sales of those in your SuccessLine.
 Company encouragement and motivation with national and
  international trips, training seminars, fabulous prizes. Arbonne also
  offers a generous cash bonus program, and Vice Presidents have the
  opportunity to drive their very own Mercedes Benz.
 There are no territories to limit your growth. You may sell Arbonne
  products anywhere in the USA and 11 other countries around the
 Both Consultants and Clients may place orders through our 1-800-
  ARBONNE number. Consultants receive commission on all
  reorders placed by Clients directly to Arbonne.
 Your Sponsor, Manager and entire leadership group provide ongoing
  training based on expert knowledge and first-hand training. Through
  internationally-renowned speakers, your sales, sponsoring and
  management skills will be further developed.

                  For more information, please contact:
                            Kelley McGuire
                            District Manager
                            (405) 359-1314

      Discover the opportunity. Realize your potential!
                  Swiss Skin Care  Color  Aromatherapy
                 Natural Hormone Replacement  Nutrition

In a small town in northern Switzerland called Arbon, our founder, Petter
Morck, led a team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists to create a new skin
care line based on a simple, yet revolutionary concept. Arbonne became a
reality when it was introduced to America in 1980.

Our only purpose is the health and care of your skin. We believe you should
know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Many ingredients in the
products you are using may have effects on your skin, hair and general health
and should be avoided.

We use only the purest, finest-quality ingredients, including natural herbal
extracts that are cold-pressed for us from countries around the world. We blend
precisely, with continually updated formulae, combining the best of nature and
science to bring you products that are:

PH correct                        Proven pure, safe and beneficial
Botanically-based                 Packaged in recyclable containers
Hypoallergenic                    Cruelty-free (never tested on animals)
Dermatologist Tested              Risk-free (45-day money-back guarantee)

Arbonne skin care products contain:

NO mineral oil                    NO animal products or by-products
NO petroleum products             NO harmful levels of chemicals
NO waxes                          NO harmful levels of preservatives
NO SD 40 alcohol                  NO dyes
NO acetone                        NO chemical fragrances

Arbonne’s dedication to integrity also extends to our philosophy of helping to
protect the earth’s precious natural resources. Since the beginning, we have
been a very active proponent of recyclable packaging, and we have never tested
our products on animals.

Arbonne’s products are formulated to be compatible with each individual’s skin
type and lifestyle—regardless of age or gender. With Arbonne, you’ll discover
highly concentrated, biodegradable, premium products that work together to
help you achieve the younger-looking, healthier, and more attractive skin you
deserve. That is why Arbonne exists. To supply a natural choice for careful,
caring people like you. When it comes to caring for your skin, we refuse to
   A Better Choice Because These Ingredients Don’t
               Belong On Your Skin…
Mineral Oil: A mixture of refined liquid hydrocarbons derived from
petroleum. It is the stabilizing ingredient of many skin formulas.
Mineral oil forms a film on the skin, blocking the pores, and interfering
with normal skin respiration. Therefore, it not only dehydrates the skin,
but is also a contributing cause of blemishes. Leaches nutrients from the
skin. Reduces clarity, leaving the skin looking dull.

Petroleum (Petrolatum): Products such as petroleum jelly do not
penetrate the skin, but sit on the surface, blocking natural respiration,
excretion, and absorption of other nutrients.

Waxes (beeswax, paraffin, candelilla): A sticky sealant that attracts
pollutants, dirt and bacteria, and glues them onto the skin as it seals the

Solvent Alcohol: Many skin care products contain solvent alcohols in
the form of propyl, isopropyl (petroleum derivatives) or SD Alcohol
(specially denatured ethyl alcohol). These alcohols are very drying.

Acetone: A petrochemical, used as a solvent for nail polishes and in
skin care products. Extremely drying.

Lanolin: An oily excretion of sheep, lanolin is a common lubricating
ingredient in skin care formulas. Extracted from wool, it can cause
allergic skin reactions in sensitive people.

Collagen: An animal product, it is added to cosmetics as a moisturizing
agent. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin and can
therefore clog pores, and can cause allergic reactions.

Artificial Colors: Formulated chemically from a wide variety of
sources, artificial colors are known to cause allergic reactions.

Artificial Fragrance: Artificial fragrances or perfumes are also known
to cause allergic reactions.

Animal Products: No animal or human by-products are used in
ARBONNE skin care products!
                       BOTANICAL GLOSSARY
Selected ingredients and their special functions in Arbonne Skin Care Products
Botanical                         Benefit
Alfalfa Extract                   Astringent, skin protectant
Algae Extract                     Emollient
Aloe Vera Gel                     Moisturizer, protectant
Althea Extract                    Emollient, skin softener
Angelica Extract                  Soother
Apple Extract                     Exfoliant
Apricot Kernel Oil                Emollient, skin softener
Avocado Oil                       Soother, skin softener
Balm Mint Extract                 Soother
Birch Leaf Extract                Astringent, pore refiner
Borage Seed Oil                   Emollient, moisturizer
Burdock Root Extract              Skin conditioner
Butcherbroom                      Anti-inflammatory
Cabbage Rose                      Astringent, soother cleanser
Calendula Extract                 Anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory
Camellia Oil                      Emollient, skin softener
Camphor                           Astringent, pore refiner, antiseptic
Carrageenan Extract               Emollient, soother
Chamomile Extract                 Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant
Chaparral Extract                 Astringent, pore refiner
Citrus Extract                    Astringent, acidifier, pH adjuster
Clover Blossom Extract            Soother
Comfrey Extract                   Soother, protectant
Cucumber Extract                  Astringent, cleanser, pore refiner
Dandelion Extract                 Anti-bacterial, astringent
Eucalyptus Oil                    Anti-bacterial
Evening Primrose Oil              Emollient, conditioner, anti-inflammatory
Ginseng Extract                   Skin conditioner, rejuvenator
Golden Seal Extract               Astringent
Grape Seed Oil                    Emollient
Green Tea Extract                 Exfoliant, soother
Hazelnut Oil                      Emollient, moisturizer
Horsetail Extract                 Conditioner, astringent, pore refiner
Irish Moss Extract                Anti-irritant, emollient
Jojoba Oil                        Emollient, moisturizer
Kaolin Clay                       Absorbent, cleanser, anti-caking agent
Kelp Extract                      Skin soother, softener
Lavender Extract                  Soother, aromatic agent
Lecithin                          Emollient, surfactant
Linden Extract                    Soother, antiseptic
Macadamia Nut Oil                 Emollient
Mallow Extract                    Soother, anti-irritant
Matricaria Oil                    Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant
Melissa Extract                   Smoother, calmer
Mugworth Extract                  Moisturizer, anti-inflammatory
Nettle Extract                    Stimulator, softener
Orchid Extract                    Moisturizer
Pansy Extract                     Anti-inflammatory
Papaya Extract                    Smoother, softener
Passionflower Fruit Extract       Emollient, moisturizer
Plantain Extract                  Astringent, soother
Rosehips Extract                  Astringent, pore refiner
Rosemary Extract                  Stimulant, rejuvenator
Rose Petal Extract                Cleanser, softener
Sage Extract                      Conditioner
Sambucus Canadensis Extract       Astringent
Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract        Conditioner
Sesame Oil                        Emollient, nutrient
Shea Butter                       Lubricant, emollient
Spent Grain Wax                   Anti-inflammatory, moisture retainer
Sugar Cane Extract                Exfoliant
Sweet Almond Oil                  Emollient, lubricant
Tea Tree Oil                      Stimulant, astringent
St. John’s Wort                   Normalizer, healer
Watercress Extract                Stimulant, purifier, refreshener
Wheat Germ Oil                    Emollient, moisturizer
Witch Hazel Extract               Astringent, cleanser, pore refiner

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