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					 # May 2001

 Exhibition : 24 - 26 August 2001 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)                      Conference : 24 - 25 August 2001 (Friday & Saturday)
 Opportunity Seminars : 25 - 26 August 2001 (Saturday & Sunday)                   Venue : Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                                                                                                                       "The ultimate goal is to
                                                                                                                       make Malaysia ready to
                                                                                                                       accept its role as the
                                                                                                                       regional trade centre
                                                                                                                       including for franchising.
                                                                                                                       Our strategic location

             Mirror Your                                                                                               and well-developed
                                                                                                     infrastructure will provide a viable alternative

           Business Success                                                                          for global corporations. Our capacity to
                                                                                                     undertake the role of the human resource
                                                                                                     training centre, also will assist the promotion
             Right Here                                                                              of Malaysia as the "Asian Growth Centre for
      At Southeast Asia's Largest Franchise                                                          YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi
                                                                                                     Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
            Exhibition & Conference
                       You have a successful business concept that can be replicated. And
                        you think you can use the most successful business expansion plan
                         that the world has ever known - Franchising. In other words, it is         Interesting Facts
                         multiplying your business using other people's money, time and
                                                                                                on Franchising Worldwide:
                                                                                              There are over 15,000 franchise
                   Over here, at Malaysia's leading franchise industry event, the
                                                                                                  companies in the world
 Franchise International Malaysia 2001 Exhibition & Conference, we
 can help make that dream a reality even faster than you can imagine. This is
                                                                                           There are over 1.2 million franchisees
 because the event has been around for over 7 years, and we have quality
 investors just flocking into the halls to check your business out. Last year, close
 to 10,000 visitors came, looked around, asked about the franchise businesses,
 tasted the excellent food samples, talked to franchise experts and felt the                 Estimated global franchise sales of
 exciting life vibrating within the franchise walls at PWTC!                                           USD1.4 trillion
 This year, don't let the chance pass you by to take up a booth at FIM2001. The event         Over 12 million people worldwide
 seems to be getting bigger than last year with bookings already streaming in.                   are employed in franchise
 It's another 4 months to go, so hurry and call the exhibit sales department now at                 related businesses
 +603.7710 3333. If you are located outside of Malaysia, the international list of sales
 agents are located at the back of this newsletter.                                 is your online update for Franchise International Malaysia 2001
                                                                                 Franchising is still the best way to expand
                                                                                 businesses rapidly and competitively.
Objectives of Malaysia's                                                                               Datuk Adzmi Abdul Wahab

Franchising Year 2001
                                                                                 Malaysian Franchise

                                                                                                       Malaysian Franchise Association

    To develop 50 new franchise systems from
    2001- 2005 i.e. 10 new systems per year
                                                                     Supporting Organisations
    To develop 750 new franchisees from 2001-2005
    i.e. 150 new franchisees per year
                                                                                                                                          Booth : A30

                                                                     Bumiputra-Commerce Bank Berhad
                    "The organization of Franchise
                                                                     Bumiputra-Commerce Bank is the result of the merger between Bank
                    International Malaysia is one of the many        Bumiputra and Bank of Commerce on October 1, 1999. The commercial bank
                    efforts by the Ministry to expose public to      has an extensive network of over 300 delivery outlets and the largest ATM
                    the franchising opportunities available          network in the country. With a customer base of approximately 3 million, it
                                                                     provides a comprehensive range of services that will meet the needs of a small
                    and at the same time develop more
                                                                     household through to the largest conglomerate.Its strategic thrust in providing
                    franchisees, master franchisees and
                                                                     the best financial support services to small and medium size businesses has
                    franchisors. Franchise International             won it a leading position as a bank for franchisors and franchisees. The Bank
    Malaysia also aims to educate and guide franchise                takes pride in providing such businesses with timely assistance and financial
    entrepreneurs and potential franchise entrepreneurs on           expertise.

    the workings of a franchise business…"

    as translated from the Speech of
                                                                               Credit Guarantee
    YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz
                                                                               Corporation (CGC)                                          Booth : F254
    Minister of Entrepreneur Development,
    delivered at the Opening Ceremony of
    Franchise International Malaysia 2000
                                                                     Credit Guarantee Corporation (M) Berhad
                                                                     Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) was incorporated in
                                                                     1972 under the Companies Act 1965 and currently has Bank Negara Malaysia,
                                                                     all financial institutions and Bank Industri as its shareholders. The objective of
                                                                     CGC is to assist SMIs/SMEs especially those with inadequate collateral or
                                                                     without collateral gain access to credit facilities from the participating
                                                                     financial institutions at a reasonable cost. It is also to complement the
                                                                     Government's efforts in promoting and developing identified business sectors.
                                                                     Therefore, the various CGC guarantee schemes offered may help your business
                                                                     grow and be part of the nation's success and prosperity.

                                                                                                                                          Booth : C102

                                                                     Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS)
On 31st March 2001, a trade mission consisting committee             Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) is one of the major entrepreneurial
members of the Malaysian Franchise Association and Ministry of       development agencies under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
Entrepreneur Development attended the Paris Franchise Expo, in       (MED) entrusted with the task of promoting and developing Middle Class
France. This event is one of the leading expos worldwide in          Bumiputra entrepreneurs in the country. To expedite the purpose of achieving
                                                                     its noble objective, various investment strategies have been carefully
franchising. In addition, the mission also attended the World
                                                                     formulated. Investments in the franchise business have been identified as one
Franchise Council (WFC). Reports and views were shared among
                                                                     of the major strategies pursued by PNS. The strategy is targeted to prospective
the WFC members. The mission explored various enhancements to        and existing homegrown franchisors, master franchisees and franchise
bilateral franchise relationships. The WFC booth also promoted the   consultants. Nevertheless, we also provide financing opportunities to
Franchise International Malaysia 2001 Exhibition & Conference.       prospective franchisees. To date, PNS has invested in a few franchise
                                                                     companies namely Nineteen O' One Sdn Bhd, D'or Rue Sdn Bhd, Pusrawi
                                                                     Trading Sdn Bhd, PEPAIS (M) Sdn Bhd, Tres Chic Trading Sdn Bhd, Brilliant
                                                                     Visionspec Sdn Bhd and Skylark Restaurant.

Advertising Opportunity:
Advertise in the next Franchise Newsletter and                                                         Transparency, equitable links, rights and duties between
reach quality readers. Call Ms Casandra Kok at                                                         franchisers and franchisees' dialogue: these values are
                                                                                                       at the heart of franchise.
+603.7710 3333 or email: for
more details or bookings right away!                                                                                Mme Chantal Zimmer
                                                                                                                    Executive Director,
                                                                                                                    Fédération française de la Franchise
            Exhibitors                                         The Exhibitors        Baguz Foods Sdn Bhd
                                                                                     BAGUZ BITES is a Malaysian-made franchise system that consists of three
                                                                                     types: Area Franchise, Café and Stall concept (pushcart). The Area Franchise is
                                                                                     an area distributor of its own BAGUZ frozen products and they have their own
99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd                                                                territory to cover. The stall and Café concept will sell cooked meal products
                                                                                     such as Salami Burger and Chicken Jumbo Sausage filled with our special
99 SPEEDMART is a franchised convenient minimart designed to offer the               sauce etc. The Café will also sell 8 Baguz Frozen Products such as BAGUZ
consumer the "best of two worlds" - the fast and non-crowded shopping,               sausages, Delicatessen, Pizza and Satay.
usually associated with convenience stores, plus the popular variety and better                                                                       Booth : C116
value associated with supermarkets.

The 99 SPEEDMART franchise caters to the growing convenience-conscious
customers who seem to have more things to do and less time to do them -
grocery shopping included.                                                           Cambridge Child
The Franchisor, 99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd, has been operating mini markets               Development Centre
under the name 99 Market as a sole proprietor since 1992, and currently has 8
                                                                                     CCDC the childcare arm of Informatics was established to provide total child
owned outlets in the Klang area.
                                                                                     development programmes for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.
                                                                    Booth : A26      Realising the importance of innovation and creativity as the two ingredients
                                                                                     that would help a child to gain a head-start in life, CCDC curriculum focuses
                                                                                     on Creative Learning using the Integrated and Thematic approach.

                                                                                     Informatics has a strategic partnership with University of Melbourne to
Brilliant Visionspec                                                                 establish the first research and development centre for pre-school children in
Corporation Sdn Bhd                                                                  Asia. This partnership will propagate the growth of quality childcare and
                                                                                     education programmes in CCDC. Informatics was conferred several awards
Brilliant Vision (formerly known as Brilliant Optical) was established in 1978.      such as Franchise Excellence Award and the ISO 9002. It is an affirmation that
Brilliant Vision is the pioneer in the retail optical chain concept. Presently, we   CCDC is dedicated to maintaining the highest international standards.
are the largest Bumiputra retail optical chain in the country and are an
associate company of Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS).                               We are the Malaysia Master Franchisee for CCDC. CCDC's first centre marks
                                                                                     the establishment of international standards of childcare and children's
We offer a wide range of optical products like frames, sunglasses, contact           development in the country.
lenses, ophthalmic lenses and other related optical products and accessories.
Being awarded a franchise license by the Ministry of Entrepreneur                    Year Company Established : 2001
Development in September 1999, we are embarking on a mission to be the               Year of First Franchise Established : 1994
leading optical group in the country.                                                No. of Company Owned Outlets : 2
                                                                                     No. of Franchise Outlets : 5
We intend to attract talented people in the industry to own their own business       Typical Initial Investment (including Franchise Fees, etc) : USD50,000 -
through a profitable and friendly franchise program. We believe that our             USD70,000
franchise program will be a profitable and progressive program benefiting all        Typical Monthly Working Capital Required : USD5,000
our franchisees.                                                                     Areas Available : Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, South Africa,
                                                                   Booth : C98       Brunei, Philippines, Nigeria, Bahrain and India
                                                                                     Preferable Qualification of Franchisees : Degree Holders or Equivalent
                                                                                     Product Category : Education and Training
                                                                                                                                                      Booth : G280

Cybervision Sdn Bhd                                                                  Computer Assisted Learning
                                                                                     (M) Sdn Bhd
                               COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS
                                                                                                                              CAL takes pride in being owned by
                               is a world leader in children's computer
                                                                                                                              Informatics Holdings Ltd, a public
                               learning. Since 1983, it has delivered more
                                                                                                                              listed company and in achieving itself
                               than 1 million computer classes at over 3,000
                                                                                                                              as the largest chain in Asia alone since
                               locations worldwide. COMPUTERTOTS/
                                                                                                                              1986, with some 15 franchised outlets
                               COMPUTER EXPLORERS currently has
                                                                                                                              in Malaysia. The relevant course
                               approximately 200 franchise units in countries
                                                                                                                              tutorial continuation leads children
such as USA., Canada, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea,
                                                                                                                              along the I.T. pathway towards the
Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. COMPUTERTOTS/
                                                                                     parent school, Informatics College. CAL has regular R & D curriculum updates
COMPUTER EXPLORERS programs are delivered through its designated
                                                                                     and practices state-of-the-art delivery methods.
learning centers and partner outreach sites such as kindergartens, child
enrichment centers, preschool and primary school.                                    Some plus points for CAL include :
                                                                                        1 PC per student
COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS started operation in Malaysia                           Both theory & practical taught. No games.
and Singapore in 1996. It currently operates 7 learning centers and more                Full children curriculum from 4-17 years old
than 50 outreach sites in these two countries. COMPUTERTOTS/                            Children & adult courses meeting industry standards
COMPUTER EXPLORERS offers investors in Malaysia and Singapore an                        Certificate attestation by NCC (UK) & Informatics College
opportunity to own and operate this unique business concept combining IT
                                                                                     CAL still remains as the only children computer training school worldwide to
and education for children. COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS has
                                                                                     be accredited by NCC (UK) education services.
the right formula to ensure the success of your business:-
                                                                                                                                                      Booth : G280
                                                                  Booth : E236
           Exhibitors                                                The ExhibitorsKurier Nasional Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                                Fastway Couriers (Malaysia) is offering Regional
                                                                                                                Franchisees and Courier Franchisees

Feta Freight System (M) Sdn Bhd                                                                                 opportunities - granting the rights to the Fastway
                                                                                                                system for exclusive territories throughout
A modern way of starting a freight forwarding business and get yourself                                         Malaysia. Fastway Couriers is a cost-effective
contacted internationally.                                                                                      system using prepaid satchels and labels.
                                                                                                                Fastway is an International company operating a
The principal activities of FETA Freight Systems are to provide services in        3-tiered franchise system, namely National Master Franchisee (8 countries),
forwarding and transportation in both air and sea cargo. FETA Freight Systems      Regional Franchisee (51 worldwide) and Courier Franchisee (1000
Sdn Bhd currently operates under FETA Freight Systems International                worldwide), with a turnover of RM270 million.
Networking. In airfreight, the company's operations are located at three (3)
airports, namely the KL International Airport, Sepang, Bayan Lepas Airport,                                                                         Booth : F252
Penang and Sultan Ismail International Airport, Johor Bahru. As for seafreight,
the operation office is situated at a strategic prime port at Port Klang.

FETA Freight Systems acts as a Carrier Agent, Custom Broker and
Transportation Logistic Consultant. FETA Freight Systems believes in speed         CTI Mobile World Sdn Bhd
and upgrading our IT systems to match current expectations in the IT arena.
The operations of FETA Freight Systems are supported by IBM AS400, along                                          CTI Mobile World (MW) had been engaged in
with network expansion from LAN to WAN to provide quicker online                                                  telecommunication retailing in Mobile Phones,
information and better customer services.                                                                         Accessories and Technical Repair & Services
                                                                 Booth : F270                                     since 1995. To-date, MW had established its
                                                                                                                  Own Manufacturing Products and Import, Nine
                                                                                                                  (9) One Stop Wholesales Distribution Centers
                                                                                                                  and Sixty-Eight (68) Franchise Retail Chain
                                                                                                                  outlets throughout Malaysia.
Franchising globally is playing an
increasingly important role in creating                                            Mr Terry Teow Wooi Huat who is the founder of Mobile World's Franchise
business friendships and understanding                                             Retail Chain System adopts the five best franchise Concepts which have
throughout the world.                                                              become our key success factors as follows:

        Mr N S Louw                                                                1)   Retailing Know-How.
        Franchise Association of Southern Africa                                   2)   Representative Value Chain System.
                                                                                   3)   Total Quality Management.
                                                                                   4)   Well-Educated Training System.
                                                                                   5)   Managerial Know-How.
                                                                                                                                                    Booth : F264
JF Beauty Group Sdn Bhd
                                  JF BEAUTY GROUP was established since
                                  1991, we provide a series of professional        Memory Lane (M) Sdn Bhd
                                  beauty & slimming treatments and beauty
                                  courses. We are the exclusive franchisor of JF   Memory Lane has the biggest chain of cards and gifts stores in Malaysia. Our
                                  BEAUTY. Presently, we have more than 60          key strategies in product quality, merchandising and space management are
                                  beauty salons throughout the whole of            primarily responsible for the success of our stores. The Memory Lane
                                  Malaysia, including those in Taiwan, Hong        Franchising Programme is designed for success, which introduces
                                  Kong and the Republic of China. JF BEAUTY, a     entrepreneurs to the business by sharing Memory Lane's proven success
phenomenally successful franchise chain, a well recognizable corporate             formula.
trademark, is a result of tried and tested methodology to success!
                                                                                   The presence of Memory lane outlets in so many prime areas has proven that
                                                                 Booth : F258      Memory Lane is a highly regarded franchise retail business.

                                                                                   For enquiries, please contact :
                                                                                   Ms Jessintha Daniels-Roch, Franchise Manager
                                                                                   Ms Michelle Sing, Division Manager - Gifts & Retail Operations

Printertape (M) Sdn Bhd                                                                                                                              Booth : B80

Printertape, the name of who first transferred to Italy a proven American idea:
to develop the remarkable activity allied with the regeneration of correctable
tape cartridges for all type of printers, faxes and photocopies. Regenerating
cartridges with Printertape, we guarantee is as good as new, cost saving,          Nineteen O One Sdn Bhd
excellent quality in printing and to create environmental awareness.
                                                                                   Nineteen O One Sdn Bhd is an American franchise concept. It offers a full
                                                                 Booth : F268      business format franchise of low start-up investment. Strategically located and
                                                                                   designed with strong corporate identity, it sells delicious, fresh hot dogs that
                                                                                   draw hungry crowds and which are certainly affordable to all people from all
                                                                                   walks of life. The 1901 hot dog franchise offers three different business
                Franchisors should play a more proactive role
                                                                                   concepts, namely the pushcart, kiosk and diner. In addition to the extensive
                in promoting the franchise industry…
                                                                                   and comprehensive training program, the license provides the exclusive right
                Datuk Mustapa Mohamed                                              to use 1901's trademarks and systems. Web site :
                Finance Ministry of Malaysia                                                                                                        Booth : C138
             The China Chainstore & Franchise Association wish to
             congratulate the Malaysian Franchise Association on
             the vibrant growth of franchise in Malaysia…
                                                                                     Durian Shoppe Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                                   Durian Shoppe is a unique café concept offering
                                                                                                                   durian lovers across the Klang Valley the
                                                                                                                   opportunity to savor remarkable pastries, cakes,
                                                                                                                   ice creams and desserts, which are tempting to
                         Ms Guo Geping
                         Chairperson,                                                                              any durian lover. Customers immediately
                         China Chainstore & Franchise Association                                                  recognize the concept of Durian Shoppe the
                                                                                                                   moment they step in because a giant replica of an
                                                                                                                   opened durian greets them at the door. Inside,
                                                                                     curious facts and nuggets of information are available about the "king of fruits".
                                                                                     The décor inside is consistent with the overall theme as custom-made durian

Mesra Baby Sdn Bhd                                                                   lighting can be found on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.

                                                                                     The main highlight here would be the seemingly endless variety of durian
                            The Safe 'n Sound retail concept was developed to        treats that are made with the freshest and finest of ingredients. Durian Shoppe
                            promote safety awareness and accident prevention         uses only the best quality durian meat and every pastry or dessert is prepared
                            measures that should be taken in and out of the          fresh everyday. In addition to that, we also offer to customers delicacies from
                            home and to encourage the purchase of baby-safe          age-old recipes which are hard to find and difficult to prepare.
                            products. We offer value-priced premium baby-
                            safe products, which meet international safety           Durian Shoppe is now offering franchise opportunities to prospective
                            standards.                                               entrepreneurs across Malaysia and around the globe.
                                                                                                                                                        Booth : B90
                             The Safe 'n Sound concept is a winning solution for
customers who increasingly realize the importance of having a baby-safe
home and are generally frustrated with the commonly retailed products which
are inferior in safety and quality. As well received as Safe 'n Sound has been to-
date, the future holds tremendous opportunities. Thus, no other business is as       Rangkaian Hotel Seri
well-positioned, as we are, to take advantage of this massive, new and rapidly       Malaysia Sdn Bhd
growing markets.
                                                                                     With 16 amazingly affordable hotels in every major city throughout Peninsular
                                                                    Booth : A28      Malaysia, Seri Malaysia Hotel is the country's largest hotel chain. We go the
                                                                                     extra mile to assure our guests are provided with all the comforts you'd expect
                                                                                     of a good family hotel.

                                                                                     We provide spacious accommodation in stylish furnished rooms equipped
Subway International BV                                                              with a colour TV, individually controlled air conditioning, telephone with IDD
                                                                                     access and coffee & tea making facilities. Apart from that, we also have a
                                                                                     convenience store and self-service laundry facilities on the premises.
The Subwayâ restaurant franchise is the world's largest submarine sandwich
and salad franchise. With over 14,000 locations in 73 countries, the system has      Discover affordable Seri Malaysia Hotels for yourself and enjoy the best of
been ranked the #1 submarine sandwich franchise for the past 12 years by             Malaysian hospitality.
Entrepreneur magazine. The Subwayâ menu appeals to the customer with an
                                                                                     Visit us online today!
appetite for fresh delicious fast food. Sandwiches are made right in front of the    Email :
customer allowing for fast, friendly service and a product that is often a           Homepage :
healthier alternative to greasy fast food. Simple operation, low investment,                                                                           Booth : E210
flexible floor plans and complete training and support make the Subwayâ
concept very appealing to entrepreneurs.

                                                                  Booth : C110
                                                                                     Sinma Franchise Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                                       From a small shop in Sungei Wang shopping
The Fish Shop Trading                                                                                                  complex, Kuala Lumpur in 1986, SINMA has
(M) Sdn Bhd                                                                                                            grown to become the largest costume jewelry
                                                                                                                       retail chain in Malaysia, with more than 36
                              THE FISH SHOP is a new concept of fast food                                              outlets scattered in various parts of the
                              Theme Restaurants developed for the Asian                                                Peninsular. Its dazzling array of products
                              market.                                                                                  include costume jewelry, accessories and
                                                                                                                       ornaments; as well as cosmetics and toiletries.
                              On the main menu are good old Traditional New
                                                                                                                       The main thrust behind the rapid growth of the
                              Zealand Fish & Chips, and other seafood
                                                                                     chain is its dedicated management and powerful sourcing and merchandising
                              specialties like Squid Rings, Oysters, Mussels,
                                                                                     capability. SINMA will share its vast experience in the costume jewelry
                              Seafood Chowder, etc.
                                                                                     business and its effective management system with its franchisees, enabling
Besides dishing out quality servings, The Fish Shop is gaining popularity in         them to avoid pitfalls, so as to grow steadily in an industry that flourishes with
Malaysia due to its hallmark underwater theme ambience.                              the increasing affluence of the region.

Details of Franchise :                                                               Length in business - 15 years
First restaurant opened in January 1997.                                             No. of franchise - 1 outlet in Miri, appointed another 6 franchisees (still
Total units in operation to date                    :   19                           sourcing for location)
No. of franchised units                             :   18                           No. of corporate outlet - 36
No. of self-owned units                             :   1                            Total Sinma outlet - 36
No. of restaurants under development stage          :   4                            Total franchisees - 7
                                                                  Booth : E238                                                                         Booth : D154
               Exhibitors                                               The Exhibitors         Tropical Mark Sdn Bhd

                                                                                               The tradition of the homemade Sunflower cake has been passed down through
                                                                                               family generations over the past 150 years. This age-old recipe is made with
                                                                                               100% pure butter, fresh milk, fresh eggs and preservatives-free ingredients.
    Smart ReaderTM                                                                             Besides layer cakes, Sunflower Homemade Cakes (SHC) has come up with a
    Worldwide Sdn Bhd                                                                          whole range of delicious homemade cakes, buns, pastries, cookies and
    Founded in 1998, it is recognised as a leader in
    providing early childhood education. Its philosophy is                                     SHC is a member of the Malaysian Franchise Association and is endorsed by
    that every child or individual has the capacity to develop                                 the Registrar of Franchise. It is also registered with PROSPER and the Franchise
    his or her potential to the maximum in becoming a creative, responsible,                   Development Program of the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development,
    caring and learning person.                                                                Malaysia. To date, it has 5 franchise outlets since launching its franchise
                                                                                               program in August 2000. SHC has 10 self-owned outlets all over Malaysia.
                             Smart Reader is the most widely utilised English
                             Language reading programme in Malaysia. It                        SHC is part of Malaysian life. It's exceptional taste and texture has earned it a
                             prepares children as young as toddlers to be                      place in Malaysia's history. We, at SHC pride ourselves on uncompromising
                             competent readers and cultivates a positive attitude              quality and the will to deliver the best value layer cake in the market.
                             towards reading through a fun and creative
                             phonetic approach. Smart Reader lays a strong                                                                                         Booth : E218
                             foundation in preparing children to speak, read and
                             write in English confidently and creatively. Smart
    Reader is a systematic and effective English Language programme that has

                                                                                               Vital Years Holdings
    benefited more than 100,000 children worldwide. Its tried and tested English
    Language programme, comprehensive teacher training and innovative
                                                                                               Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                                                                     EARLY READING & WRITING PROGRAMME CENTRE
    education programmes have gained wide acceptance in Malaysia as well as
    other Asian countries.
                                                                                                                               VITAL YEARS - An English reading and writing
    Smart Reader Kids is a franchise programme that creates an imaginative,                                                    centre for children aged 2-1/2 onwards. The
    creative and holistic educational experience for children ages 3 to 6. It is                                               specially designed programme covers Reading,
    formed after 15 years of research and development. It is the perfect school for                                            Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills. Teaching
    inquisitive and intelligent children and is created to translate every child's                                             is individualised and learning is stress-free and
    potential into achievement. It provides a specially designed environment,                                                  fun. Early bonding to books and creative writing
    which nurtures children's learning capabilities to the maximum. Smart Reader                                               are achieved in the process.
    Kids - a systematic, complete and fun programme is the educational concept
                                                                                               Established - April 1996
    for the 21st century.                                                                      No. of outlets - 11
                                                                                               New Franchisees (next 12 months) - 6
                                                                    Booth : F246               Territory offered - Local & International Business category - English literacy
                                                                                               Web site -
                                                                                                                                                                     Booth : F76

   Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
                                                                                               Worldsites (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
   The Spaghetti House Restaurant is a full service casual dining restaurant
   specializing in Spaghetti, Pasta and Pizza, with over 100 menu items. The                   Worldsites, described by Entrepreneur Magazine as the World's Number One
   flexible design in the form of a European bistro or a fashionable sidewalk café,            Internet Franchise Business, provides world-class web consulting and web
   all create a warm and cozy ambiance to customers. With 22 successful years                  development services that help clients succeed on the Internet. With 550
   behind us, we are Hong Kong's largest Spaghetti and Pasta restaurant chain                  franchisees in 76 countries, we are internationally renowned for delivering
   comprising 18 outlets and 4 franchises in Indonesia.                                        unique, high value web solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of every
                                                                     Booth : B92               business.

                                                                                               Those who venture into this exciting franchise opportunity will be provided
                                                                                               with the necessary training, technical and marketing support required to
                                                                                               succeed as an Internet Consultant. Worldsites Internet Consultants earn up to
                                                                                               70% profit margin.
The adoption of                                                                                For TOTAL e-business solutions or if you are interested in this exciting
franchising in Asia has                                                                        franchise opportunity please contact us. Tel: 6201 8101 Fax: 6201 8180 or
been rapid. Its success has                                                                    Email: Web site:
been built on the natural
entrepreneurial flair of
Asian business, with                                                                                                                                               Booth : E240
Malaysia at the forefront of

             Brian Smart                                    Franchising will continue to grow as a powerful part
             Chairman,                                      of the Malaysian economy contributing to the
             British Franchise Association                  upskilling of the workforce and the expansion of
                                                            business opportunities.

                                                                       Mr Win Robinson
                                                                       Franchise Association of New Zealand
               A catalyst to this (franchise) growth can be credited to the

                                                                                               Call for
               continuous organizing of professional franchising events
               such as Franchise International Malaysia 2001, providing

               a platform that brings international franchisors, potential
               franchisees and entrepreneurs together.
                           Mr Robert Leong
                           Singapore International Franchise Association (SiFA)

United Multimedia Sdn Bhd
                                                                                            The Franchise Conference Committee welcomes learned
What is e-Planet?                                                                           businessmen, consultants and analysts to submit
It's not just the next step in cybercafés, but the evolution of the cybercafé
business. E-planet is designed for changing times and changing needs. It will               conference papers to be presented during the Franchise
set the standard for offering the public the latest computing and IT needs - all in         International Malaysia 2001 Conference. Kindly contact
one facility.
                                                                                            the event manager and co-organizer, Interexpo (M) Sdn
e-Planet's main features mark a whole new dimension in the cybercafé
experience. In addition to the usual internet surfing, and computer gaming
                                                                                            Bhd at tel: +603.7710 3333, fax: +603 7710 3818 or
services available at most cybercafés today, e-Planet has incorporated the                  email

                                                                                            Opportunities Seminars
  Virtual Resource Café       Virtual Learning Club       The IT Shoppe

Virtual Resources Café
This is a winning combination that integrates an educational and recreational
                                                                                                                          who wish to conduct
environment for all ages. An attractive, clean and professional environment                 For exhibiting companies                               ir
                                                                                                                        presentation/brief to the
where patrons will find good food and good conversation. This will be the                   franchise opportunities                              in-
                                                                                                                        the 3-day event, several
                                                                                            targeted investors during
place for computer enthusiasts, a community center to socialise, learn, and
enhance IT capabilities and to do business.
                                                                                                                          ise Opportunities Seminars
                                                                                            conjuction Exhibitors Franch                           2,
Virtual Learning Club                                                                                                  . Seminars be held at Level
At the VLC, the public can enroll for short courses about the Internet and                   are available for bookings
computing. All e-Planet's coursewares will be on CDs or the Internet, giving                 in the exhibition venue.
learners the convenience to study at their own time, and pace. The
                                                                                                                                                               roo        ms
                                                                                                                             Sem     inar Spots today. Seminar
                                                                                                   Book your Opportunity
coursewares will be at par with that of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR),
the region's premier virtual university. For short courses, franchisees will
                                                                                                   start at RM315.00 per 45 minutes session.
organize training programs for trainers and trainees, with quality accreditation
from UNITAR and other established IT organizations.
                                                                                                                         333       3 for more information
                                                                                                   Call Casandra at 7710
IT Shoppe
Here, is a one-stop retail center where IT-related tools, accessories, hardware,
software as well as selected brands can be purchased. It's convenient and fun.
Additionally, the IT Shoppe will also offer after-sales IT services.

                                                                    Booth : B68
                                                                                      Yoontrade Sdn Bhd
                                                                                      Our mission is to recruit and train potential franchisees that wish to achieve
Lascito Coffee Company                                                                their personal dreams and goals to master their own profitable business in the
(M) Sdn Bhd                                                                           cafe industry within a short period. We are fully committed to continuously
                                                                                      support with our café shop partnership program and supply to our value
Lascito Coffee Company is an Italian Coffee Bistro. The interior and concept is       Franchisees and their final customers.
made to make one feel comfortable and relaxing. It offers a lot of choices for
                                                                                      The café shop partnership program from franchise development is based on
coffee drinkers to choose from. Coffee is a very universal item. It is in fact, a
                                                                                      belief, genuine honesty, integrity, understanding and excellent business ethics.
trend now in Malaysia to go to Cafes to meet friends whether for business or
pleasure.                                                                             The potential franchisees who invest in HOCA SPECIALTY COFFEE not only
                                                                                      believes in our reputation for product quality and service excellence, but also a
At Lascito, we try to capture the market by offering a variety of coffees. Our
                                                                                      personal commitment from the Franchisor to lead you into a successful
coffee recipes range from traditional coffee and for those who are adventurous
as well. Come and try our Espresso, Latte, Floating Icebergs, Wild Viva! And
we even cater for Slim, Smooth & Sultry. (These are the categories we put for
                                                                                                                                                       Booth : E206
our coffee in the menu). There are in fact, 111 coffee recipes to choose from,
whether hot or cold.

We also serve Pasta, Sandwiches, Soups and Pies. Our famous desert is
                                                                                      Since the monetary crisis in 1997, we have seen a
                                                                                      slowdown , or even a minus growth of the economy
Tiramisu, which should not be missed. For those who want fresh coffee, they
                                                                                      in the region. Some countries in the region has a
can get it from here too. We grind it for you and there are 19 blends to choose
                                                                                      faster recovery, but some have seen a slower process.
                                                                                      The drive and force for recovery have been initiated
We offer 3 concepts for Franchise. You can choose from Coffee Kiosk, Coffee           by entrepreneurial business people.
Station or Coffee Bistro. Come visit us at our booth.
                                                                                      ... out of difficult times, entrepreneurs are bred.
                                                                   Booth : E222                     Dr Anang Sukandar
                                                                                                    Indonesian Franchise Association
The Organisers
 The Organisers

                                                      Malaysian Franchise

 Ministry of Entrepreneur Development,
 Malaysia (KPUn)                                      Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)                          Interexpo (M) Sdn Bhd (160805-X)

 Ministry of Entrepreneur Development has a           MFA was formed in 1994 to support the                          Interexpo is an established event organiser in
 Franchise & Vendor Division, which implements        implementation of Government of Malaysia's                     Malaysia which comprises some of the most
 the policy to develop entrepreneurs through the      programme to promote entrepreneurship through                  experienced exhibition professionals in the
 franchise development programme. The                 franchising. It will serve as a resource centre to both        country with the management team's combined
 objective of the Division is to introduce the        current and prospective franchisors and franchisees,           experience totaling over 40 years. Interexpo is the
 franchise systems as a strategy towards              as well as for media and the public. For further               exclusive representative of Miller Freeman in
 developing the Bumiputeras to become a               i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t M FA , p l e a s e v i s i t   Malaysia. Miller Freeman is the leading trade
 resilient, industrial and commercial society. This                                                 show organiser with vast experience and
 is in line with the National Development Policy to                                                                  resources that builds the success links into your
 increase the number of Bumiputera entrepreneurs                                                                     business. The synergy of Interexpo's relationship
 i.e. either as franchisors, franchisees, or master                                                                  with Miller Freeman will keep you in touch with
 franchisees. For more information about KPUn,                                                                       over 370 trade shows and growing portfolio of
 please visit                                                                                        digital media products and publications,
                                                                                                                     including 270 magazines. More information can
                                                                                                                     be found at

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                     Franchise International Events?

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