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Residential Tenancy Agreement Form 24A


Residential Tenancy Agreement Form 24A document sample

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									Housing Directorate                                                                      Landlord Services

                         Please complete ALL sections of this form and sign below.
                               On completion please return to the Guildhall.

       As tenant of (Address):              _____________________________________
                       (Postcode):          _____________________________________

       I/We understand that, under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, it is a requirement to
       give at least ONE FULL WEEKS NOTICE ending on a Sunday in order to terminate
       my/our tenancy.

       Therefore, I/we confirm I/we wish to end my/our tenancy on Sunday ____/____/______
       (date: DD/MM/YYYY) and will have vacated the property by this date.

       Your tenancy will terminate on a Sunday; however, Northampton Borough Council will
       accept receipt of keys up until 12 noon on the Monday following this date.

       Note: If keys are returned after noon on Monday, rent will continue to be charged until the
             first Sunday after the keys have been returned.

       Reason for Leaving:

                                           Transfer to another Authority

                                           Transfer to an NBC Property

                                           Transfer to Wardened Property

                                           Transfer to Housing Association

                                           Gone into Residential Care

                                              (Please tick appropriate box)

                                                    PLEASE TURN OVER
       BSH 24a Terminate Tenancy – Transfer (Amended October 2009)
Forwarding Address:                  _____________________________________
                  Postcode:          _____________________________________

Note: If a check on your rent account indicates that we owe you a refund, we will rely on
      this information in order to make a payment.

I/We understand that items left in the property will be disposed of as the Council sees fit,
and full costs incurred will be recharged to me/us.

Note: You will remain liable for the rent up until the date of termination, even if you hand
in your keys prior to this date. If an extension to this notice period is required, a request in
writing, must be made to Northampton Borough Council.

If you also rent a Garage from the Council, a separate GARAGE TERMINATION form
must be completed.

Please sign and date below to confirm you wish to terminate your tenancy:

Name (PRINT) ___________________________ Signed                            ______________________

Date _____/_____/______

Sign below only if you are a Joint Tenant with the above person:

Name (PRINT) ___________________________ Signed                            ______________________

Date _____/_____/______

               If you wish to return this form by post please forward to:
         Northampton Borough Council, Housing Directorate, Landlord Services
                 The Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton NN1 1DE

                                               OFFICE USE ONLY:
 ACTION                                      DATE             INITIALS ACTION        DATE        INITIALS
 TENANCY REF                                                          KEYS RECD
                                                                      VOID STAGE
 LET DATE                                                             WARDEN LEVEL   N/A 1   2    3   4

BSH 24a Terminate Tenancy – Transfer (Amended October 2009)

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