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					                 Library Sources for Small Business Information
                          Compiled by Pierce County Library System

1) Books to check out
                    Browse these areas:

       Business (in general)         658
       Starting a business           658.1         (Subject heading: New business enterprises)
       Home-based businesses         658.041
       Finance                       658.15
       Marketing / Selling           658.8
       Management                    658.022; 658.041

2) Reference books (for use in the Library) (most available at larger branches)

       R 346.0652 LEGAL              Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business
       R 346.0652 STEIN              Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business
       R 346.797 OPERA               Operating a Business in Washington State
       R 346.797 VA                  Incorporation and Business Guide for Washington
       R 381.1302 BONDS              Bonds Franchise Guide
       R 658.022 SMALL BU            Small Business Sourcebook
                                      (profiles and resources for specific businesses)
       R 670 THOMAS                  Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

3) Electronic Resources for Small Business Information

       The following online databases are available through our website from home (with your
       library card.) You will find them in the drop-down menu on our homepage
       (htpp:// under Services, then Electronic Resources and
       additionally, from within our online catalog, as “E-Sources”.

Under Business category, several resources are available, including:

       ABI /INFORM – Trade & Industry
             Business-related news from trade periodicals and newsletters.

       Reference USA
             Business Directory, Residential Directory for U.S. and Canadian Directory.
                   With Custom Search, you can search by name, address, telephone,
                   business size, yellow page heading, SIC, ZIP, city, county, etc.

       Wall Street Journal
             Full text articles online.

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                    Library Sources for Small Business Information
                          Compiled by Pierce County Library System

4) Internet Sites

       Access Washington
       The State’s homepage. In the Doing Business section in the green bar, there are links to
       many business-related pages on this site, including Starting a Business, Licenses &
       Permits, Hire & Manage Employees, and Taxes and Reports.

       Business Licenses – Washington State
       Department of Licensing for Washington State offers information about licensing a

       Business Taxes – Washington State
       Department of Revenue for Washington State offers information and online services
       regarding business taxes.

       CTED (Washington Dept. of Community, Trade & Economic Development)
       The Dept. of Community, Trade and Economic Development provides ready access to
       state and local business assistance resources within Washington State, including Tools
       for Businesses, Resources for Communities and Local Governments, and
       International Trade Connections.

       Inc. Online
       News, trends, and tips for small businesses.
       Business tips, marketing strategies, news updates, calculators and more.

       SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)
       Billed as “Counselors to America’s Small Business”, SCORE is a volunteer resource
       partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. This site allows you to get in
       contact with a chapter near you, or to use e-mail for counseling. Also offers links to
       other business resources on the web.

       Small Business Administration
       A Federal administration, the SBA offers information, counseling, and loan programs to
       small business owners in setting up and operating a small business. Includes a library of
       small business forms online.

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