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									Key performance indicators

1. Definition of KPI

There are some tools in performance management such as KRA, KPA, KPI….

A KPI is a financial and non-financial measure used to measure progress towards a stated
organizational goal or objective.

2. The benefits of measuring Key Performance Indicators

• Can allow management to see the company or department performance in one place.
• A team can work together to a common set of measurable goals.
• It can be a very quick way of seeing the actual performance of a goal or strategic
• Decisions can be made much quicker when there are accurate and visible measures to
back them up.

3. Characteristics of KPI

• They are leading indicators of performance desired by the organization.
• Easy to understand.
• It should be balanced not undermine each other.
• Users can gauge their progress overtime.
• KPI is always connected with the corporate goals.
• A KPI is decided by the middle or top management.
• It belongs to an individual who is accountable for its outcome.
• A KPI leads to action.
• Few in number.
• KPI’s loses its value overtime so they must be periodically reviewed and refreshed.

4. Condition of KPI:

• Specific.
• Measurable.
• Achievable.
• Result-oriented or Relevant.
• Time-bound.

You can ref more KPI samples at:
 2. Training KPI They includes KPIs about training process. 3. Health and safety KPI They includes KPIs about health and safety. 4. Performance KPI They includes KPIs about performance management. 5. Employee loyalty KPI They includes KPIs about employee loyalty.

B/ Sales KPI
Sales KPI include KPIs as follows 1. Customer care KPI Customer care KPIs include KPIs such as frequency impact to customers, the rate of service charges / profits etc. 2. Customer appraisal KPI They are KPIs related to appraisal customer such as number of new customers, average sale per VIP customer etc. 3. Complaints of customer KPI They include KPIs such as Complaints are resolved in the first time, the rate of complaints by sector etc.

C/ Marketing KPI
Marketing KPI include KPIs:

1. Public relations KPI PR KPI include KPIs related to appraisal indicators of Public relations such as effective PR items, press releases, conducting survey, the level of awareness of the enterprise through the public relations did etc. 2. Promotion KPI Promotion KPI include KPIs related to appraisal indicators of promotion activities in marketing such as the rate of sales in promotion period and before the promotion, percentage of sales in promotion and after promotion etc. 3. Advertisement KPI Advertisement KPI include KPIs related to appraisal indicators of advertisement activities in marketing such as the cost of advertising on the 1000 target audiences, the level of awareness of the product etc.

D/ Manufacturing KPI
1. Material management KPI Material management are activities related to materials and accessories management of manufacturing. It includes all input of manufacturing. KPIs of material management include KPIs such as using norm of materials, using ratio of material allowed etc. 2. Order management KPI KPIs of order management include KPIs such as the value of the minimum order, average value of the order, average sales turnover / customer, profit rate / each order etc. 3. Productivity KPI KPIs of productivity include KPIs such as company productivity, order productivity by time, productivity by individuals, productivity by department etc. 4. Quality KPI Quality KPI includes compare rework to other departments, rework rate of entire company, the amount lost due to rework, the rate of defect goods, the rate of defect goods of individual, the rate of defect goods of department etc. 5. Maintenance KPI

KPIs of maintenance include KPIs such as time taken to answer maintenance calls, % of preventive maintenance cost, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), preventive maintenance hours etc. Source:

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