Arts Tasmania Application Tool Kit Low Interest Loans 2009 Released July 2009

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					               Arts Tasmania
             Application Tool Kit
                      Low Interest Loans 2009
                                      Released: July 2009

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Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       About Low Interest Loans
       Low-interest Loans provide assistance towards
       capital improvements, equipment purchases and
       other investments. Arts organisations, individual         Some common methods used to secure a Loan are
       artists and small museums are eligible to apply.          described as follows:
       There are no limitations on what Loan funds may
       be used for, provided there is an arts-related            Guarantee
       outcome.                                                  A guarantee is made when a third party, the
                                                                 guarantor, agrees to pay back debt if the borrower
       Some previous uses for which Loans have been              can't or won't. Before you can sign as a guarantor
       sought include:                                           you must be given a copy of the Loan agreement
          purchase of equipment, such as musical                and a document that explains your rights and
           instruments or artist’s tools;                        obligations.
          cash flow to increase production;
          purchase of plant or equipment;                       When a borrower falls behind with their repayments
          financing an event;                                   Arts Tasmania will send a written notice (a default
          publication of books; and                             notice) to both the borrower and the guarantor. If
          recording of music.                                   the borrower does nothing about the default notice
                                                                 then Arts Tasmania may initiate legal action to
       Processing                                                have the debt repaid. If this does not resolve the
                                                                 matter then Arts Tasmania can take legal action
       Potential applicants should note that the
                                                                 against the guarantor and they will have to repay
       processing time for a Low Interest Loan is at least
                                                                 the borrower's debt.
       six weeks (30 working days) from the date the
       application is submitted.
                                                                 Arts Tasmania requires that a guarantor complete
       Repayments                                                the same credit check documentation as the
                                                                 applicant. If you are likely to need personal
       Repayment of low-interest Loans must take place           guarantees for your Loan security you may wish to
       in monthly instalments that total a minimum of            use the time while your application is being
       $1,000 principal per annum plus interest. The             assessed to ask potential guarantors whether they
       lifetime of the Loan is determined by the nature of       would be interested in supporting your Loan in this
       the activity or the useful life of the items being        way.
       purchased. Arts Tasmania will not extend a Loan
       beyond the life of the item. The maximum Loan             Mortgage
       term is ten years and the Loan term can be varied         A mortgage is a legal agreement that protects a
       in line with your ability to repay. There is no penalty   lender by giving them the right to be paid out of the
       for early payout of the Loan.                             cash proceeds from the sale of the borrower's
                                                                 specific assets identified in the mortgage. If
                                                                 property is offered as security then a mortgage is
       Interest rates are variable and are subject to review     taken over it. The lender will register their interest
       on an annual basis. The interest rate at the time of      in the property. Property that is mortgaged stays
       printing is set at 2.16% p.a. (July 2009).                with the borrower but they do not have a clear title
                                                                 over it and cannot sell it without the lender's
       Security                                                  consent.
       Depending on the nature of the request, Loan
       applicants may be required to provide security for        A mortgage is drawn up and registered for Arts
       the Loan amount if requested by Arts Tasmania.            Tasmania by the Crown Solicitor. Charges for this
       Security is provided so that Arts Tasmania may            process are incurred by the applicant. They can
       recover the amount of the Loan in the event that          range from $200 to $500.
       the borrower is not able to repay. For all Loan
       requests over $10,000 the applicant must provide          Caveat
       security in order to take up the Loan. The form of        A caveat is a document any person with a
       security to be used is determined by Arts Tasmania        registrable interest can lodge with the titles office to
       in consultation with the applicant.                       ensure property is not sold without their knowledge.
                                                                 Should a borrower default on their Loan, this
       Some forms of Loan security are drawn up by               ensures a lender gets its money before the asset is
       Tasmania’s Crown Solicitor. As such, they incur a         disposed of (sold) and may be the basis for
       cost which must be met by the applicant. This cost        collection procedures. The Loan agreement
       usually ranges from $200 - $500. Applicants may           entered into with Arts Tasmania is a registrable
       discuss options for managing these costs with a           interest and a caveat can be lodged against
       Program Officer.                                          property to serve as security against that Loan. It is
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       not a mortgage; it is note on a certificate of title that   confirmation from an advisor or supervisor should
       indicates someone other than the owner has an               be provided, confirming that the proposed loan
       interest in the property which will prevent transfer in     activity will not form part of an assessment.
       title until any claim has been determined.
                                                                   Applications involving Aboriginal or Torres Strait
       A Caveat is drawn up and registered for Arts                Islanders (ATSI), ATSI content or should consult
       Tasmania by the Crown Solicitor. Charges for this           with representatives of a relevant cultural group
       process are incurred by the applicant. They can             before submission.
       range from $200 to $500.
                                                                   Only one Loan application per year per applicant is
       Conditional Bill of Sale                                    permitted. Loans are only available to applicants
       A Conditional Bill of Sale is a legal arrangement in        over the age of 18.
       which the right of ownership of an asset or property
       is conditionally conveyed by the owner-borrower to          What activities are not eligible or have
       the lender (Arts Tasmania) as security for a Loan.          restrictions?
       The owner-borrower retains possession of the                Loans are not available for:
       property and has the right to discharge it on
       repayment of the debt. The lender can apply to the           the employment of non-professional artists;
       courts for the property's possession only if the             fees relating to registration with print-on-
       borrower fails to meet the conditions of the Loan               demand publishing services by individuals;
       agreement.                                                   initial training in the arts, including formal
                                                                       training at government and private performing
       A Bill of Sale is drawn up and registered for Arts              arts schools both in Australia and overseas;
       Tasmania by the Crown Solicitor. Charges for this            study in formally accredited undergraduate
       process are incurred by the applicant. They can                 courses and postgraduate programs;
       range from $200 to $500.
                                                                    activities that are properly the responsibility of
                                                                       other funding bodies or Government agencies
       Eligibility                                                     at Federal, State or Local level;
       An organisation or an individual artist is eligible to       activities of national organisations, except
       apply where the project or purchase for which                   where there is direct benefit to Tasmania;
       funds are requested are based in Tasmania or                 competitions, prizes, fundraising events and
       have direct benefits for Tasmanian artists.                     award exhibitions;
                                                                    retrospective activity or losses resulting from
       Organisations must also be legally constituted or in            an activity or program except where a
       the process of becoming legally constituted. This               guarantee against loss has been granted in
       includes incorporated associations, companies                   advance. Similarly, the funded project cannot
       limited by guarantee, local government councils                 begin before receipt of formal written
       and other statutory bodies. Please note that Arts               notification of the Loan;
       Tasmania does not fund costs associated with                 film, television, video and multimedia-based
       incorporation.                                                  projects normally handled by Screen Tasmania
                                                                       under its programs. A small number of
       Applicants requesting in excess of $20,000 for an               multimedia projects related to other art forms
       appreciating asset must demonstrate that they                   (e.g. music videos) may be funded by Arts
       have approached a commercial lender and have                    Tasmania. If in doubt, please contact a
       been refused financial assistance before making an              Program Officer;
       application to Arts Tasmania.
                                                                    publishing of: educational books (primary,
       Arts Tasmania will consider applications for                    secondary and tertiary); university theses;
       projects from private companies but the outcomes                newsletters and catalogues (excluding
       of these projects should be focussed towards                    exhibition catalogues); dictionaries and
       benefits to the arts industry, rather than individual           encyclopaedias; bibliographies; books which
       commercial gains or subsidising an existing                     are primarily collections of interviews;
       business model.                                                 instruction manuals, gardening and cooking
                                                                       books; personal growth, lifestyle and hobby
       If an applicant has received a grant or Loan in the             books; guidebooks; specialist books focusing
       past, Arts Tasmania cannot consider a further                   on topics such as philosophy, theology,
       application until all outstanding grants and Loans              psychology, medicine, law, the physical and
       have been acquitted satisfactorily. This does not               natural sciences.
       include a project occurring in the current year of
       application where the acquittal is not yet due.             The Board may look at eligibility on a case-by-case
                                                                   basis to take into account circumstances particular
       Students or applications involving students are             to each application.
       eligible; however, Arts Tasmania can not fund any           Pro-am and Amateur Productions
       activity which will form part of a student’s
       assessment. Where a student is applying or the              The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board does not, in
       proposed activity involves students, written                general, provide financial assistance for pro-am

                                                                                                                         Page 3
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       and amateur productions. The Board will, however,       You should take each criterion into consideration
       consider applications from incorporated not-for-        when developing your application. The information
       profit bodies for specific professional arts            you provide in your application should help the
       components of a pro-am or amateur production –          Panel understand how your project or program
       but not for the whole project.                          aligns with the criteria but you do not need to
                                                               respond to them directly.
       If your application is for a pro-am or amateur
       production and you are unsure as to whether the         Your capacity to repay will be determined by a
       event will be eligible for funding under the            credit check that is conducted by the Department of
       programs listed in this handbook, you should            Economic Development. You will need to complete
       contact an Arts Tasmania Program Officer to             the Credit Check Form on page 14 to authorise this
       discuss your project’s eligibility.                     process.

                                                               The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) seeks
       How Your Loan Application is                            input to its assessment process from specialist
       Assessed                                                peers on Panels appointed by the Minister.
                                                               Depending on whether you are an individual artist
       An application for a Loan is assessed on both the       or an organisation your application will first be
       merit of the proposal and the applicant’s capacity to   assessed by either the Assistance to Individuals
       repay. The applicant will be required to articulate     Panel or the Assistance to Organisations Panel.
       their professional skills and needs, together with
       the way in which the Loan will assist with their        The Panel’s assessment will be taken to the TAAB
       development, self-sufficiency or additional             who make their recommendations to the Minister
       employment.                                             for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts
                                                               Michelle O’Byrne, who is responsible for final
       The merit of the proposal will be assessed by the       approval of all Arts Tasmania grant funding.
       relevant panel against the following criteria:

       1.   Quality of the proposal, including the strength    Note: If your application is in excess of $10,000 it
            of concept, creativity and innovative nature of    will need to be approved at a meeting of the TAAB.
            the work.                                          These meetings are held every two months — this
                                                               may affect the stated six week processing time. If
       2.   Capacity to manage and deliver the project,        this is the case you will be advised by a Program
            including the calibre of the personnel involved.   Officer.
       3.   Benefit of the project to the artists’ creative
            development, professional practice and/or to
            the Tasmanian Community.

       Advice to Applicants
       In order to evaluate your application, Arts             application. Arts Tasmania Program Officers are a
       Tasmania’s assessment panel needs to                    useful source of information and can be called
       understand you and your planned project or              upon to help you with your application. They are
       purchase. They will need to have confidence in the      always pleased to provide advice on any arts
       artistic merit of your work and in your capacity to     issues.
       manage your resources effectively.
                                                               Individual appointments, in person or by telephone,
       The application process is competitive and funding      can be made prior to submitting your application.
       can never be guaranteed for any project. The            Call Arts Tasmania on (03) 6233 7308 or toll-free
       information contained in this section will guide you    1800 247 308.
       through the development of your application. You
       will also find information about how to submit your     A full list of the Program Officers and their contact
       application and the things you will need to know if     details is available on the Arts Tasmania website:
       your application is successful.                Click on Arts Tasmania Staff
                                                               Contacts under the contact us button.
       Help With Your Application
       Although you are required to contact a Program          Arts Tasmania will provide services on request to
       Officer to obtain a Loan Quote (page 16) prior to       assist applicants in overcoming any special
       submitting your application, Program Officers are       difficulties in making an application. These may
       also able to assist with other aspects of your          take the form of interpretive services for applicants

                                                                                                                       Page 4
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       where English is not their first language or other
       services to ensure equity for all applicants.

                                                            Page 5
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       Preparing Your Proposal                                Where the funds will be used to purchase
                                                              equipment, the application should contain detailed
       All Low Interest Loan submissions should include:      information about the equipment. Brochures and
                                                              specification sheets assist those assessing the
       1.   the application cover page (page 8);              application to better understand the proposal.
                                                              An application can not be assessed without these
       2.   details of you project, including;
                a. Project Description (page 9);
                      “What you are going to do”
                 b.   Professional Details (page10)
                                                              Preparing Your Budget
                      “Who you are, what you have done”
                                                              Present a clear and concise budget that outlines
                 c.   Project Management (page 11)            the income and expenditure of your project.
                      “How you will deliver your project”
                                                              Applicants for larger projects are strongly
                 d.   Outcomes and Benefits (page12)
                                                              encouraged to seek co-funding from other sources.
                      “How this loan will help you”
                                                              Rather than detracting from the success of your
       3.   credit check authorisation form (page 14& 15)     Loan application, diversification of funding
            and your two most recent tax return               relationships is viewed favourably.
            statements (or audited financials for income
                                                              Do not forget to include all the support offered by
            tax exempt organisations);
                                                              other people or organisations in your budget. Non-
       4.   Loan quote (page 16)—this will require            financial support should be clearly noted as in-kind
            discussion with a Program Officer;                sponsorship. Anything that people give you for free
                                                              has a real value that is equivalent to what you
       5.   any other artistic support material or            would have to pay commercially. Be careful to base
            documentation, including:                         your claim of in-kind support on realistic or
                o one page CV                                 accepted rates.
                 o    recent images of your work
                                                              Remember not to inflate the size of your request in
                 o    product specifications and quotes       the hope that even if it is cut it will still meet your
                      (when applying for the purchase of      needs. All budgets should be accurate and
                      equipment or other assets);             completely justified otherwise it will appear that
                                                              thorough research has not been completed.
       When putting your final submission together, keep
       the following advice in mind:                          Preparing Support Material
           ensure the application is typed and will be
            easily readable when photocopied;                 The need to provide relevant, high quality material
                                                              to support an application cannot be over-
           it is the planning and the evidence you provide   emphasised. Relevant samples of work from all
            in your application which is by far the most      artists involved in the project are essential to the
            important element;                                assessment process.
           do not use abbreviations, jargon, clichés or
            terminology which may confuse someone             Appropriate support material includes examples of
            unfamiliar with the area you are writing about;   artistic practice, evidence of planning and
                                                              verification of project details. Support material
           keep it simple and concise;                       should accompany every application. Hand-
           provide sufficient details without waffling or    delivered material must be submitted to the Arts
            unnecessary padding;                              Tasmania office at 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

           avoid over-done formatting and mixing too         Support material (other than documents) will be
            many font sizes or styles – but do use bullets,   returned following the assessment process. While
            bold headings, and charts and graphs where        Arts Tasmania takes all possible care with artistic
            this will help your application;                  material, it is not responsible for loss or damage
           it is important that the artistic material and    that may occur. Please ensure that all support
            relevant documents are current, applicable to     material is a duplicate copy.
            the project and enhance your application;
                                                              All support material should be listed on the Support
           always have your draft submission read by         Material Cover Page (page 13) and each item must
            another person, preferably someone not            be clearly labelled with the applicant's name and
            involved in your project.                         project name.

       Essential Documents
       All applicants are required to authorise a credit
       check and submit their previous two Income Tax
       Return Statements. Organisations that are Income
       Tax Exempt should provide audited financial
       statements for the previous two years.

                                                                                                                        Page 6
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       Artistic Material                                       should be up-to-date and relevant to the proposed
       The artistic material you include should be recent      area of work. Up to one page for each person is
       and relevant. It should clearly support the             sufficient.
       application. Specific requirements vary from one art
       form to another. Use the following examples as a        Reviews
       guide:                                                  Reviews by peers in your field, published or
                                                               unpublished, can assist in demonstrating the
       Publishing                                              calibre of your work.
       Two copies of the proposed manuscript. Please
       check the eligibility section on page 3 to ensure       Sample Promotional Material
       your manuscript is eligible.                            Brochures, catalogues or other material that is
                                                               clearly related to your project can be included with
       Literature (other than Publishing)                      your application. Please provide two copies if it is
       Applications for assistance with writing a novel are    not suitable for photocopying.
       best supported by a sample chapter (approx 10
       pages) along with a synopsis. Only one copy is          Confirmation Letters
       required. When including examples of published          Confirmation letters substantiate significant
       works (i.e., books), however, two copies should be      financial or in-kind support, participation of a third
       provided, with ten sample pages marked.                 party, booking of venues, invitations to participate
                                                               and evidence of consultation. Confirmation letters
       Interactive Media                                       should demonstrate the writer's knowledge of the
       Two copies of a CD-ROM suitable for playing on          project, their role within it and their availability to
       both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.           undertake the project within the proposed
       Performing Arts (other than Music)
       Two copies of a good quality DVD that is up to 5        Letters of Support
       minutes in length. All video material must be clearly   Up to two written letters of support may be
       labelled, describing the performances and each          provided to comment specifically on the merits of
       performer – especially in the case where more than      the proposed project or program and the
       one performance is included.                            organisation’s ability to deliver. Referees need to
                                                               be shown an outline of the project prior to providing
       Music                                                   their reports. Referees should know the applicant's
       Two copies of good quality CDs. When submitting         work well and have appropriate status in the field
       whole albums, applicants should nominate two            that they are commenting on.
       tracks that best showcase the album. Composition
       applicants should provide two copies of an audio        Submitting Your Application
       recording of their compositions and are
       encouraged to include scores.                           You can submit your application:

       Visual Arts                                             By email – to
       No more than 10 good quality digital images that
       provide a good representation of the work. If you       By hand – to 146 Elizabeth St, Hobart, before 5pm
       are applying for a group show, include at least two
       images per artist to a maximum of 20 images in          By post – Arts Tasmania
       total. Files should be in a JPEG format with a                    GPO Box 771
       resolution of 72 dots per inch (standard monitor                  HOBART TAS 7001
       resolution) with a maximum width of 900 pixels and
       maximum height of 600 pixels (e.g. 800 X 600 is
       acceptable). Only one copy of each image is             Emailing Your Application
       required. Please provide the images as separate         Only send ONE email per application. If it is lager
       files and not in a display presentation. Installation   than 10mb you will have to submit it on CD or hard
       view images may help the Panel to get a sense of        copy. Support material can be posted separately to
       the work.                                               an emailed application.
       Supporting Documentation                                Once your emailed application has been received
       Relevant supporting documentation could include         you will receive an automated reply within the hour.
       confirmation letters, references, reviews, sample       If you do not receive this reply your email has not
       promotional materials or other appendices. Include      been sent correctly and you should contact Arts
       only those documents that enhance the application,      Tasmania on (03) 6233 7308 during office hours.
       that demonstrate a point in the application or that
       confirm specific details of your project. Only one      Computers are available at Online Access Centres
       copy of each document is required. Use the              around Tasmania for applicants that do not
       following examples as a guide:                          otherwise have access to such facilities. For details
                                                               of the location of the nearest Online Access Centre
       Biographies or Curricula Vitae (CVs)                    phone (03) 6233 2802.
       A biography or CV should be included in your
       application for all key personnel in your project. It

                                                                                                                         Page 7
Application Tool Kit – Low Interest Loans 2009

       Emailed applications do not require a signature. By       Terms of Loan
       emailing an application, the applicant automatically
       certifies that all details supplied are correct and, if   Payment of any Loan is dependent on the applicant
       successful, agrees to abide by the Terms of Loan.         receiving approval of their ability to repay a Loan
                                                                 and applications for a Loan require evidence of
       Format                                                    income and expenditure and financial position.
       Your documents should not be bound or submitted           Principal must be repaid at a minimum $1,000 per
       in a folder. Paper clips are preferable, not staples,     annum and the repayment amount can be varied
       as pages will be separated for copying. All               after consideration of ability to repay. Please note
       documents should be suitable for easy                     that Loan funds will not be lent for a period greater
       photocopying in a one-sided A4 format.                    than the useful life of the items being purchased.

       Completeness of Applications                              The monthly repayment includes the monthly
                                                                 interest component plus principal. The initial
       It is your responsibility to provide sufficient
                                                                 monthly instalment will fall due on the 1st of the
       information for your application to be assessed fully
                                                                 second month following the Loan drawdown. For
       and fairly. Always supply enough information to
                                                                 example, if the Loan drawdown occurs on 15
       ensure that the application fully represents your
                                                                 January, your first instalment will be due on 1
       case for a grant. You are encouraged to consult
       with a Program Officer prior to submitting your
       application, to ensure it is complete.
                                                                 All Deed documents and EFT forms should be
                                                                 returned to Arts Tasmania. The repayment of your
       Information for Successful                                Loan, however, will be managed by the
       Applicants                                                Department of Economic Development.

       If your application is successful, there are some         It is a requirement that all Loan repayments are by
       things that you need to know and that you will need       direct payment authority from your bank. The
       to do before payment is made and once your                Department of Economic development will contact
       funded activity has been completed.                       you directly and arrange this in consultation with
       Payment of Loans
       Payment of the Loan amount via electronic funds           The applicable interest rate is variable from time to
       transfer (EFT) will occur after all paperwork             time, and payment in full not received by the
       returned by the recipient has been processed and          specified due date on the respective monthly
       all Conditions of Loan have been met.                     instalment notice will incur additional interest costs
                                                                 and penalty charges.
       This paperwork includes:
                                                                 Where Loan recipients leave Tasmania
        an original, signed copy of the deed; and               permanently, they are required to repay the Loan in
        an Electronic Funds Transfer Form (EFT                  full. In the event of the Loan recipient leaving the
           Form)                                                 arts industry, the interest charged will be adjusted
                                                                 to a commercial rate instead of the assisted rate
       Processing of payment normally takes two to three         charged to artists.
       weeks for most Loans without security, four to five
       weeks where security instruments such as a Bill of        Loans of $7,500 and over require security by way
       Sale are required.                                        of a Bill of Sale, a mortgage and/or Guarantors.
                                                                 The costs associated with this security (including,
       Acquitting your Loan                                      but not limited to, documentation fees and stamp
       An Acquittal is the process of evaluation and             duty) are the responsibility of the borrower. Bills of
       reporting that must be done once your Loan activity       Sale are required to be re-registered every four
       and repayments are complete.                              years that there is a balance outstanding on the
                                                                 Loan, at the borrower’s cost.
       It should be noted that further applications cannot
       be considered from an applicant who has                   Other conditions of Loans include:
       outstanding acquittal reports.                             to keep the items purchased with the Loan
                                                                     proceeds in good repair and condition and not
       A standard Acquittal Form, will accompany the                 to dispose of them without the written consent
       notification to a successful applicant.                       of the Minister whilst the Loan is still current;
                                                                  to keep the items purchased with the Loan
                                                                     proceeds insured;
                                                                  to allow access to Arts Tasmania to inspect
                                                                     the goods upon reasonable notice; and
                                                                  to notify of any change of address within seven
                                                                     (7) working days.

                                                                                                                          Page 8
Application Cover Page: Low Interest Loans 2009
1 Applicant’s Details                                                                                           !    Submitting
Name of Applicant:                                                                                              Submitting your Application

Contact Person (if different from above):                                                                       Choose one of 3 options:
Applicant’s Date of Birth:                                                                            
Street address:                                                                                                 POST
                                                                                                                Arts Tasmania
City / Suburb:                                              Postcode:                                           146 Elizabeth Street
Postal address:                                                                                                 HOBART, TAS 7000
                                                                                                                IN PERSON
City / Suburb:                                              Postcode:                                           146 Elizabeth St, Hobart. by 5pm
Work ph:                                                    Mobile:                                                 PERSONAL INFORMATION
                                                                                                                    PROTECTION STATEMENT
Email:                                                      Website:
                                                                                                                Personal information collected
2 Partnerships and Collaborations                                                                               in applications to Arts Tasmania
                                                                                                                will be used by the Tasmanian
Person 1:                                                                                                       Arts Advisory Board and the
                                                                                                                Minister for the purpose of
Person 2:                                                                                                       managing, assessing, advising
                                                                                                                upon and determining the
Person 3:                                                                                                       relevant application and may be
                                                                                                                used for other purposes
Person 4:                                                  (*attach a full listing if more space is required)
                                                                                                                permitted by the Tasmanian
                                                                                                                Arts Advisory Board Act 1975
3 Amount Requested from Arts Tasmania                                                                           and regulations made under
Loan Request:         $                                                                                         that Act. Failure to provide the
                                                                                                                information may result in the
4 Project Details                                                                                               application       not      being
                                                                                                                All personal information will be
Outline:                                                                                                        managed in accordance with
                                                                                                                the     Personal    Information
                                                                                                                Protection Act 2004 and may be
                                                                                                                accessed by the individual to
                                                                                                                whom it relates on request to
Start Date:                                               Finish Date:                                          the Board.
5 Category (tick one only)                                                                                      6     Region
            Administration & Education                      Community Cultural Development                                          North
                                  Dance                                                      Drama                     West / North West
                 Literature & Print Media                             Museums & Art Galleries                                          East
                                   Music                                Music Theatre & Opera                                      South
                             New Media                                     Other Performing Arts                          Greater Hobart
               Performing Arts Venues                             Visual Arts, Craft and Design                                Interstate
7 Cultural Content
    This application involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural content.
    This application involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.
    This application involves people from a non-English speaking background. Please specify:
8 Student Participants
    This application involves students
    Written confirmation that this project will not be assessed as part of the students course work is attached
9 Certification
I certify that all details supplied in this application form are correct
and, if successful, agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of              Sign:                                   Date:
Loan. (See Page 7)

 You must include this page with your application.                                                                             Page 9
Section 1 – Project Description
In this section you should provide a detailed description of the proposed project including:
                      o an artist’s rational / artist statement,
                      o an outline of the project’s strengths, and
                      o an outline of its relevance to your creative / professional development

    You must include this page with your application.                                             Page 10
Section 2 – Professional Details
In this section you should include:
        details of your relevant experience;
          the relevant experiences of others who may also be involved in the project; and
       if you are applying for equipment, specific information about the equipment and why it is essential to the advancement of
        your creative development or your professional practise.
Checklist of documents for inclusion:
    a one page CV,
    recent examples of your work (see Support Material form); and
    detailed product specifications, if applying for equipment or other assets.

        You must include this page with your application.                                                            Page 11
Section 3 – Project Management
Please provide the following information:
     a timeline and/or milestones of your planned activities,
     a budget showing income and expenditure.
     a risk management plan
     You should include written confirmation from all individuals, organisations and venues involved in your project
     If you are working with people of multi-cultural background you need to show that you have consulted with the relevant

1 Timeline
Key Date        Activity or Milestone

2 Budget
    If the following budget template is not sufficient for your needs, please provide a more detailed budget as an attachment.

Income                                                               Expenditure
List all sources of income including the Loan             $                                                                   $
                                                                     List all costs associated with the project.
requested from Arts Tasmania

Arts Tasmania Loan:

Your Own Funds:



TOTAL:                                                               TOTAL:
3 Risk Management
  Identify the major obstacles to achieving the intended outcome of the Loan. Consider what could go wrong and whether you are
  making assumptions that could be proven to be incorrect. State what you will do to manage or reduce risk.

             Risk                           Consequence                    Probability                             Controls
  What and how can it happen                                                                           What you will do / have done.

                                    Loss of income
                                                                                                     Ensure piano is insured for
New piano damaged in transit        Inability to repay Loan                  Medium
                                    Legal action instigated

    You must include this page with your application.                                                                   Page 12
Section 4 – Outcomes and Benefits
  This section will describe the artistic, social and/or economic benefits of the project to yourself as an individual (professional
  development) and/or the environment in which you work (industry / audience development). Possible benefits could include:
          developing your skills,
          creating a new repertoire,
          developing your reputation,
          raising your profile – both to audiences and to the arts community, and
          earning money.
          You can also talk about wider benefits to the community, such as your brining new skills back to the state.

 You must include this page with your application.                                                                      Page 13
Support Material Cover Page: Low Interest Loans 2009
Name of Applicant:


   Please consult page 5 for information on the kind of support materials you should consider including.
   While all due care will be taken, Arts Tasmania takes no responsibility for damage or loss that may occur to support material.
    Do not send original material.
   TWO COPIES of your artistic material, such as CDs, videos, books, brochures & booklets must be provided.
   Only ONE COPY of slides, electronic images, letters, résumés, sample writing or other A4 paper material is required.
   If you want your artistic support material returned, tick the relevant items in the return column, supporting documents (ie,
    letters and resumes etc.) will not be returned.
   Where appropriate, it is recommended that you provide some brief information about the context of artworks – so the panel
    can understand why you are submitting these examples. (Eg: ―This is an example of my experimentation and the new
    direction I wish to develop through my application.‖)

Full details about the submission of support material are available on page seven of this Application Tool Kit.

                                    Type                                              Description                         Return
                               For example:             Include details such as:
                               CD ROM,                  author and title,
                               resume,                  CD and artist listing,                                            Only artistic
                               brochure, book,          image listing and descriptions, or                                materials.
                               letter.                  other information as required.

         Attachment 1

         Attachment 2

         Attachment 3

         Attachment 4

         Attachment 5

                                                                                                    Insert new rows above as required.

    You must include this page with your application.                                                                  Page 14
Credit Check: Low Interest Loans 2009
This form must be completed by all applicants seeking Loans. These applicants need prior approval of their ability to repay a Loan,
and the next two pages allow you to provide evidence of your income and expenditure and your financial position.
Loans recommended by the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board will be conditional on the credit-worthiness of the applicant being
The credit check itself will be conducted by the Department of Economic Development.




       POSTCODE:                                                                 BIRTHDATE:

    D/LICENCE No:                                               SPOUSE/PARTNER NAME:

    OCCUPATION:                                                                    STARTED:



       (not living with you)


        PHONE No:                                                 RELATIONSHIP TO YOU:


INCOME (Average Monthly)                          $                 COMMITMENTS (Average Monthly)                $

Business Income Sales                                               House repayments/rent/board

(Do not include above figure in Total monthly income below)         This Loan (contact Arts Tas for amount)

                               Net Profit                           Other Loans

Salary (Net after tax)         Self                                 Credit Cards

                               Spouse                               Lease/H.P.      (terminating    /   /    )

Dividends & Commission                                              House/contents insurance premium

Rent received                                                       Life assurance premiums

Other (provide details)                                             Car reg. ins. and running expenses

                                                                    Rates - Council and Water

                                                                    Fuel, light and power

                                                                    Education and fares

                                                                    Living expenses (food, clothing, etc.)

                                                                    Other (eg medical benefits, telephone)

Total monthly income                                                Total monthly outgoings

Less total monthly outgoings

Uncommitted monthly income

     You must include this page with your application.                                                               Page 15
Credit Check: Low Interest Loans 2009 (pg2)
                                                    STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT:                           ____ / ____ / ____

                      ASSETS                             $ Value                             LIABILITIES                            $ Owing

Cash at Bank:                                                            Overdraft

House property                                                           Home Loan

Govt Valuation Date:                      /    /                         Other Loans

In name of                                                               Credit Card               Limit $

Address:                                                                 Other Outstanding accounts

Furniture & Household effects                                            Hire Purchase / Lease

Other property (provide details)                                         Company                   Asset concerned.

1.                                                                       1.

2.                                                                       2.

Motor Vehicles                                                           Other Liabilities (provide details)

Other assets (provide details)                                           1.

1.                                                                       2.

2.                                                                       3.

Total Assets                                                             Total Liabilities

Less Total Liabilities

Surplus (deficit)

     I/we declare that the information given on this form is true and correct.

     I/we have attached copies of my/our last two tax returns.

     I/we hereby give permission for Arts Tasmania and the Department of Economic Development to obtain
     consumer or commercial information permitted by the Privacy Act from a credit reporting agency and to
     use such information in order to assess my/our capacity to repay a Loan. The permission remains in
     force for the duration of my/our approved Loan.


     (please print)

                                                         FREEDOM OF INFORMATION (FOI)
         The provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1991, as amended, apply to documents in the possession of Arts Tasmania.
         Under some circumstances documents held by Arts Tasmania may be released subject to the deletion of exempt material in
         response to a request made in accordance with the Act. Information on exempt material is available by phoning the FOI officer on
         6233 5512.

     You must include this page with your application.                                                                            Page 16
2009 Arts Tasmania Low Interest Loan Quote
Office Use Only
You must have an Arts Tasmania Program Officer complete this section before submitting your
application for assessment.

Purpose of Loan:
Interest Rate:
Term:                               years

Monthly Repayment:

Quoted by:                                                                    Date:

Repayments and Interest Charges:
The above Loan term has been calculated on the basis of the rules of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board which state that
principal must be repaid at a minimum $1,000 per annum, the term of the Loan cannot exceed 10 years, and Loan funds
will not be lent for a period greater than the useful life of the items being purchased.

The Interest Rate shown above is variable from time to time. Any amendments to the interest rate will be applied to the
very last Loan repayment. Should you cease working within the arts industry the interest rate will be varied to a commercial
rate of interest rather than the assisted rate charged to artists.

The initial monthly instalment will fall due on the 1st of the month following the Loan drawdown. Payment in full not
received by the specified due date on the respective monthly instalment notice will incur additional interest costs. Should
you leave Tasmania permanently, the Loan must be repaid in full including unpaid principal and outstanding interest.

Loans of $10,000 and over require security by way of a Bill of Sale and/or Guarantors. The costs associated with this
security (including, but not limited to, documentation fees and stamp duty) are the responsibility of the borrower. These
fees will be estimated by the Program Officer - such estimate does not represent a quote. Bills of Sale are required to be
re-registered every four years that there is a balance outstanding on the Loan at a cost of $72.60 statutory charges plus
$75.00 administration fee (increased annually by CPI in accordance with the Fees Units Act 1997).

I acknowledge that this quote is an estimate of monthly repayments and that final repayments and the length of the Loan may
vary upon advice from Economic Development during the assessment process or in line with interest rate changes from year to

  Signed:                                                   Date:

    You must include this page with your application.                                                                 Page 17

Description: Download Free Template Bill of Sale Forms document sample