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					1. Josephine Law is the receptionist of Packard Publishers.

(a) Why is it necessary for Josephine to keep a Reception Register 1KU It is necessary to keep a register incase there is a fire in the office and you need to account for everyone in the office. (b) Josephine is also responsible for making/updating appointments using an electronic diary. Describe 2 benefits of an electronic diary. 2KU

 More than 1 person can view the e-diary at the same time.  It is much faster to access the appointments in the e-diary.  You can add tasks for multiple dates at the same time making it faster to include these tasks.  You can have a backup copy of the e-diary incase the original is lost. (c) Packard Publishers has experienced the following security problems. Suggest a different solution to each of the problems identified. 3PS (i) The reception area is often left unattended.

Appoint a receptionist and make sure the person is always present in the reception area. (ii) An unauthorised member of staff was found in a restricted area. Fit keypad locks so that unauthorised people cannot gain access to these restricted areas. (iii) A visitor was still in the building after hours. Have a visitor sign in/out book so you can keep track of who is in the building at a certain time. 2. Suggest an appropriate method of sending the following mail. Give a different method for each. 3KU (a) A legal contract required by our solicitors in London tomorrow Send the legal contract by fax machine (b) An order for replacement parts for the printer which are required urgently Send by courier where the receiver needs to sign for it. (c) The details of the next training course to all relevant staff Send this information by email 3. Describe one task which would be carried out by each of the following. 2KU (a) IT Support Technician  Maintain and fix computer systems and printers  Install new computer systems

(b) Sales Manager  Present sales figures to sales director  Monitor sales assistant’s sales figures 4. Describe 2 advantages of using the Internet as a source of information.


 You can access the information 24/7 and are not restricted by library open times etc  You can access the information from the comfort of your home  You can copy the information and send this via email 5. Recently, the following problems were experienced by Galbraith Manufacturing. Suggest one way in which each of these problems could be solved. Give a different solution for each. 4PS

(a) A manager could not be contacted whilst travelling to a meeting. Issue the manager with a mobile phone so you can contact him. (b) Customers are unable to place orders when the office is closed. Have an e-commerce system where customers can place orders 24/7. (c) Some members of staff have experienced difficulties locating electronic files previously saved. Have shortcuts on the desktop where you can store the shortcut to the file. (d) All staff can access each other’s e-mails.

Issue users with usernames and passwords where each user must login to access their emails. 6. Explain the following terms. Videoconferencing This is where you have a webcam and communication software and can hold a conference with people in different countries and still see them. E-commerce This is the buying or selling of goods over the internet. 7. Describe 2 advantages of using a spreadsheet when calculating employee wages. 2KU  You are less likely to make errors as you can create a formula and copy them down a row.  It is much faster to calculate the wages than manually having to use a calculator and work out wages. 8. (a) Suggest 3 health and safety problems which may arise when using ICT equipment. 3KU  Repetitive Strain Injury  Eye problems from monitor glare  Head aches from over using ICT equipment (b) Suggest how each of the above problems could be solved. Solution 1 must match Problem 1 and so on.  Repetitive Strain Injury = issue an adjustable chair and table to minimise RSI  Eye problems from monitor glare = provide screen guards to reduce glare from the monitor 3PS 2KU

 Head aches from over using ICT equipment = give employees regular breaks and rotate the different tasks they will be completing 9. Customer details of Morgan Ltd are stored on an electronic database. An extract from the database is shown below.

Study the above and then answer the following questions. (a) Give the appropriate field type when formatting the field “Credit Limit”. 1KU Currency (b) Staff using this database have difficulty in searching for customers in particular towns. How can the database be changed to solve this problem? 1PS Split the Address filed up into Address, Street and Town. (c) Suggest another appropriate field that may be added to this database. 1KU  Telephone Number  Email address

(d) Name the department which would use this database. Sales Department 10. Fleming Insurance has recently introduced flexible working. (a) (i) Suggest one advantage to an employee of flexitime.



 They can arrange their private life around their job i.e. child care etc.  They are less likely to be stuck in traffic, coming in early or late. (ii) Suggest one advantage to an employer of flexitime. 1KU

They could have employees in work for a longer period of time e.g. 7am-7pm rather than just 9-5. Employees will probably be happier making them easier to work with. (b) Describe the following work areas found within a flexible office space. 2KU Hot room A room that needs to be booked for a meeting etc Touchdown area An area in the office that does not need to be booked, but where employees can relax etc. It will have couches and other furniture to make the area relaxing.

(c) The following problems have been identified at Fleming Insurance. Suggest one way in which Fleming Insurance could solve each of the problems. Give a different solution for each. 4PS (i) Homeworkers are not being informed about decisions made at meetings. These decisions should be emailed to homeworkers. (ii) Employee absence rates have increased because employees do not have the necessary skills to keep up-to-date with the changes in technology. All employees should be sent on training courses to improve their technological skills. (iii) Members of staff are preparing letters and memos in different styles. The company should develop a house style that is used by all employees. (iv) Postage costs are high due to the large number of claim forms sent to customers. Sent the claim forms via email or charge the customer for sending the claim forms. 11. The following problems have recently been experienced at Brand & Hanlon. Explain how these problems could be avoided in future. 3PS

(a) A computer virus has infected the organisation’s network. Install antivirus software on the network. (b) A confidential file has been deleted by an unauthorised member of staff. Put this confidential file in a secure folder where users need a password to access. (c) Some members of staff did not leave the building during last week’s fire drill. Have a staff in/out book to record staff in the building and record who is outside during a fire drill. Discipline staff who are not following fire procedures. 12. You are the Administrative Assistant to Gael Higgins, Human Resources Manager of Rosebank plc. She will be attending a conference at Head Office in Bristol from Wednesday 18 June to Friday 20 June 2008. She e-mails you the following information.

(a) Advise Gael on how to pay for dinner on 19 June. 1PS     Credit Card Debit Card Cheque Cash

You access the following flight information.

(b) Using all of the information given, complete the following Travel and Accommodation Order Form to send to the Travel Agent. 5PS

18 June


20 June Flight Business class flight Royal Hotel 78 Exeter Road


2 Dinner reservation 7:30 Mr Arthur 12 June 2008

13. Heather Bell is the Sales Manager of Cameron & Son. Heather presents these sales figures to the employees in the Sales Department.

Suggest 2 ways in which Heather could improve her presentation (your answer should refer to equipment/software). 2PS  She could use a laptop, projector and Powerpoint software  She could use a Spreadsheet package and put the information into a chart 14. Mark Andrews, a student at Hythe College, wishes to produce a College magazine. Mark is unsure how to complete this task. 4PS

Suggest and describe the use of one item of software and one item of equipment which Mark could use. Item of software = Desktop Publishing software, this software is suitable as it has templates that you can pick from with the layout given. You then just need to add your text and images.

Item of equipment  Binder, this item could be used to attach all the pages together in a professional manner.  Laminator, this item could be used to put a film of plastic over the first page to make the document look very professional.  Colour laser printer, this piece of hardware will print the document out in high quality. 15. Describe a task that could be carried out by the Human Resources Department using the following software applications. Each task described must be different and specific to the Human Resources Department. 3KU Spreadsheet = Calculating staff wages Database = Keeping a record of staff contact details Word Processing = Writing a letter to staff informing them of changes in working conditions. 16.

(a) Using the above organisation chart, identify 2 promoted members of staff who have the same level of responsibility. 1KU Sales Manager Mr R Hall and Finance Manager Mrs T Zaheer (b) Using this organisation chart, give an example of 2 members of staff who have a line relationship. 1KU Sales Manager Mr R Hall and Sales Assistant Mr R Stevens (c) What is meant by the term “span of control”? 1KU

Span of Control is the number of people who directly report to that manager


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