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					Training a German Shepherd – My Story
I will write about my experience with the German Shepherd Dog.

I have three decades of experience with them, since I was very very boyish, spanning three dogs.
One of them were interbred Shepherd/Collie who were super well-behaved and dedicated pets who
defended the home and were avid companions and friends.

The second one, however, was so very special. She was a White German Shepherd and at nearly
eleven years old, she pass the way a few years ago.
She was a ten-week-old ball of peeing fur when I brought her home. She was so frightened I was
unsure she would last. Boy, was I wrong! She grew up into the smartest, best-trained, most loving
and protective dog I have ever seen.

Training German Shepherd is really easy...

The best advice I could recommend for anyone contemplating this breed is to take the puppy to
basic training and then review the training with the dog on a daily basis until they get it down pat.
She was my constant companion. She also was very vocal, not barking, but "talking" hehehe.

She also learned the alphabet as my release command from "stay" was "OK" and I used to test her by
saying "OA," "OB," etc., and until I got to K, this dog would not move!

I am now in a new location and have a new dog, this time having gone with a male dog. We have
had her for about six months and I have him on hand signals for sit and stay. In any event, a
Shepherd, in any form, either pure or crossbred, will be the best companion and protector you could
Take the time to learn about the breed and take time to teach and play with them. You will never
regret it!

They take to training and like to work. They need room to run and require a lot of interaction and
attention. You will get back ten times what you give. Need smart owners as these dogs are smarter
than a lot of people I know.
Although they require a lot of attention and a lot of training and exercise, they are well worth the

Training never ends. DON'T jump to the conclusion that your dog is dumb. He may differ with you
believing that the trainer should know more than the dog.

To end: enjoy training german shepherd...

and most importantly have lots of fun along the way!

See you...!

ALL about German Shepherd breed: HERE

Description: My story and three decades experience training a german shepherd. Dog training is something that anyone can do and for any dog.
Max Max
About Three decades in training a german shepherd and my experience with my own friends: my dogs :)