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					                       TEACHERS PENSION SCHEME

For the purposes of the Teachers’ Pensions Regulations 1997,
Croydon Council is the employer for all teaching staff in
Croydon schools.

We have set up a new dedicated team within Corporate Financial Services to deal with all
aspects of TP administration. The team will be your focal point for TP and will liaise with
schools, TP and 3rd party providers as necessary to resolve or progress TP issues or

Your new central contacts are:

             Diane Whyte
             Senior Teachers' Pensions Officer
             Treasury & Teachers Pensions
             8th floor Northside
             Taberner House
             Tel: 020 8604 7058
             Email: diane.whyte@croydon.gov.uk

             Vicki Langston
             Teachers' Pensions Officer
             Treasury & Teachers Pensions
             8th floor Northside
             Taberner House
             Tel: 020 8604 7190
             Email: Vicki.langston@croydon.gov.uk

Schools and establishments being paid through CHRIS will have all their TP administration
including starters and leavers and the Teachers’ Annual Return of Service covered by
Diane and Vicki.

For schools not buying into Croydon Council’s payroll, we require receipt of your
teachers’ information as follows (which is separate to the annual return):

      All starters (NQTs and new appointments to your school) by way of completed TR6
      Changes to personal details (change of name on marriage, divorce or by deed poll)
       on form PERDETCHANGE
      Change from full time to part time employment on Notification of Change to Part
       Time Contract form
      Notifications of leavers by way of completed TR8 forms, including salary details
       provided by your 3rd party providers
      Teachers opting out of the scheme by completing Opt Out Forms with the effective
       date of opting out clearly stated
      Teachers buying Additional Pension Benefits (“added years”) or Additional
       Voluntary Contributions by completing the appropriate forms

You can download these forms from the teachers’ pensions website but they must be
completed by hand with an original signature.

Please note that ALL forms must be sent into Diane and Vicki to endorse as the LA
employer and not be sent direct to TP. Please ensure your 3rd party provider is aware of
this instruction as forms sent to TP without the LA’s endorsement will not be actioned.

Contracts of Employment
To comply with the Regulations, all contracts of employment for new appointments must
include a copy of the TP booklet ”Your Guide to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme”. This
booklet is enclosed with all contracts issued by Croydon HR.

For non-SLA schools, you should check that whoever issues your contracts to staff is
including this booklet as it referred to in the body of the contract: if you need them, copies
are available free of charge from TP by ringing their Call Centre on 0845 6066166.


When a teacher leaves your school, you should write to them confirming their last day of
service with you. As you may not know if they are leaving teaching altogether, you should
include with your letter a copy of the TP leaflet “Leaving Pensionable Employment” which
can be downloaded from the TP website. This explains their position if they give up
teaching or choose later to opt out of the scheme and will discharge your duty to inform
them of their rights.


If you or your staff have any questions or queries relating to teachers pensions please
contact Diane or Vicki initially on the above contact details. Other useful sources of
information are:

      Teachers Pensions: 0845 6066166
       Website: www.teacherspensions.co.uk

      Croydon HR Schools Team, through the “Who to Contact” page of the HR website

Diane Whyte/Vicki Langston
Croydon Teachers Pensions Team
June 2009