No Second Chances For Terrorists?

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					No Second Chances for Terrorists?
J.A. Clark –
Post Date: 2-15-08

A few days ago, I was organizing some books and found an old Bible that I used when I was
in elementary school and subsequently given to my, then, ten year old daughter. I was
looking through it and noticed some handwriting that was not mine. I realized after reading
the scribbles (unfortunately, my daughter definitely gets her handwriting skills from me)
that it was my daughter's writing. On the very back page, she wrote:

Question to God Someday

1. When you are thinking in your mind, can Satan hear it or know what you saying or
thinking about?

2. Why is he so evil?

3. Why does there have to be a stupid devil?

I laughed and then showed it to my, now, 15 year old daughter. We both got a big kick out
of what my daughter was thinking about when she was ten.

I later started to think about those questions to myself and realized, 'Ya know, those are
some very insightful questions for a ten year old to ask.' Then I realized, 'Ya know, those
are great questions for an adult to ask.'

So I have decided to tackle the first of these three intriguing questions. I'll save the other
two for another Layman's View post. I promise!

Now, lets establish some facts.

      Satan is not omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) or omnipresent (can
       be in more then one place at a time).
      Satan is an Angel, albeit, a fallen Angel. (Isaiah 14:12-14)
      Satan (Prince of Tyre) was booted from Heaven when he got too big for his britches.
       (Ezekiel 28:12-17)
      Satan took with him one third of all angels in Heaven. (Revelation 12:7-9)
      Satan has been around for a long, long time; 6000 years plus. He had to be, he
       tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1)
The Bible does not specifically state Satan can or can not read minds or know anyones
thoughts, however, knowing the above listed facts can help us determine the truth with a
little investigative work.

Here are some facts about Jesus related to this subject:

      Jesus IS omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. (Matthew 19:26)
      Jesus CAN read minds and thoughts. (Matthew 9:4, 12:25; Luke 9:47, 11:17)
      All angels fall under God's rule. (Colossians 1:15)

Notice I only gave three facts above related to Jesus Christ. In reality, the first fact in the
list above should be enough to determine if Satan can read minds, however a little overkill
is in order to make double sure.

Satan has over 6000 years experience in human behavior. He knows exactly how to
influence mankind.

We have established that Satan is not omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent. He can't be.
It's impossible because he was defeated by the archangel Michael (with the help of God)
and removed from Heaven. Because he is not omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent (O.K.,
I'm done typing those words for a while), Satan dispatches his demons to do his evil work
and they, in-turn, report back to him because he can not be in more then one place at one
time (omnipresent. Hey, I only typed one of the three omni's. Give me a break). If he was
one of the three O's, he would not need his demons to report back to him, therefore if he
must have his demons report back to him, he can not read peoples minds. If he could, then
he would not need the millions of demons (formerly angels) he took with him to do his dirty

In Matthew 2:13-18, Satan did everything he could using King Herod to find the Baby Jesus
and kill Him. Satan obviously failed because he could not read minds to determine where
the Baby Jesus was located.

So let's huddle up here and finalize what we have discovered about Satan's ability to read

   * Satan can NOT read minds because he is NOT omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent.
   * Satan has buku experience in human behavior. Thus, he knows what it takes to tempt
   * Satan uses his demon flunkies, those who he took with him when God gave him the big
boot out of Heaven, to tempt mankind in doing his evil work and deeds.
   * Only God and his Son Jesus Christ can read minds and the hearts of mankind.

Now that I've done the research about Satan NOT being able to read minds, I better get
with my daughter and answer her question. It took me over five years to answer the first
question! I'll hop on the other two pronto. Be watching for another post about the remaining
two questions. Until then, keep looking up - Christ is coming soon!!

   Copyright © 2008,

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